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Cadac S-Digital

Cadac’s S-Digital mixing console was designed from the ground up for theater sound applications. Conceived to reflect the surface architecture of Cadac’s J-Type analog console, the new board combines J-Type’s hallmark audio quality, tools and features with the operational benefits of audio manipulation and control in the digital domain.

In its basic configuration, S-Digital offers a minimum specification of 72 input channels, 66 mix buses and three stereo listen buses, and is scheduled to enter production in next month.

Features include single- or multi-operator control with multiple listen systems provided as standard, enabling shorter setups and show design times. Extra console surfaces can be used for tech and then relocated/removed. It also offers the ability to configure multiple control surfaces within a single mixing system, allowing control over all console parameters from multiple locations (such as control room and front-of-house pit, or FOH and monitor).

A proprietary high-speed communications protocol links the core elements (control surface, multiple audio I/O racks and processor rack). All input and output modules are hot-swappable. In addition, the onboard CCM computer is only used in system configuration and Sound Manager Automation (SAM) operation. The Cadac design philosophy ensures that any loss of the onboard CCM does not affect the console operation, and an optional CCM backup computer can be used to mirror the onboard unit for added redundancy.

The control surface comprises three components: input frame, output frame and a central control module. A single input frame can control 144 input channels, and a single output frame has control over all 72 output and listen buses. Additional frames can be used to give physical control of every channel input and bus output, mirroring a multiple-frame J-Type.

Cadac also announced its 19-inch Digital Series range, with the spotlight on the Digital Series Stage Rack. Combining the M16 remote-controlled microphone amplifier and the X16 MADI merge unit, the Digital Series Stage Rack provides a unique solution to applications requiring a comprehensive multichannel audio distribution system, across both analog and digital domains, for live sound, TV and radio broadcast, fixed installations and recording applications.

The M16/X16 provides an alternative front-end option for remote and fixed recording systems. The X16 can also operate independently to provide up to four 1-in/2-out distribution amplifiers. This feature enables four independent optical MADI streams (of up to 64 channels each) available on both an optical and coaxial output connector, and is an ideal choice for any installation that requires multiple MADI interface conversions or additional routing capability.

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