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Carvin AC120S

Carvin’s AC120S ($149.99) power conditioner/switcher is housed in a compact, single-rackspace form factor and uses all-steel construction. The unit offers 10 grounded power outlets, and provides the ability to power up the outlets sequentially in addition to allowing the user to enable/disable individual outlets as necessary.

To protect against sudden power drains when powering equipment on, the AC120S provides sequential power on with adjustable timing. The AC120S can be programmed to power each unit sequentially in 1, 2, 3 or 4-second intervals via successive presses of the front panel Time button.

For each of the 10 grounded power outlets, the AC120 provides front panel LED status indicators and a button underneath each LED to enable/disable that particular outlet. Similarly, adjacent to the Time button, are All and SEQuence buttons. The All button enables the user to enable/disable all currently active outlets (those with lit LED indicators), while the SEQuence button enables the user to enable/disable the power-on sequence capability. If the power-on sequence is disabled, the AC120S functions much like a conventional AC power strip.

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