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Carvin Concert Series Interface Options

Carvin’s Concert Series mixers have added USB and S/PDIF capability on select models. Available in all configurations with the exception of the C1644P powered mixer and the C3244 32-channel version of the mixer, the new capability enables live sound engineers to interface these consoles with computers and external recorders such as CD-R.

Key features include multiple channel configurations, four sub-groups, six bus sends, four balanced monitor sends, dual 24-bit signal processors (each with 256 effects, including lush reverbs, rich chorusing, thick, textured flanging and pristine echoes with fully adjustable parameters for damping), dual 9-band graphic EQs and more.

Carvin’s Concert Series mixers range in price from $399 to $1,049, depending upon the model. All Carvin Concert Series mixers are available.

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