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Cube-Tec DeClipper

Cube-Tec added the DeClipper sound restoration tool to its family of AudioCube VPIs for Pro Tools. DeClipper recovers lost peak signals from clipped waveforms. The AudioCube version of DeClipper has been used by respected mastering facilities, including Bernie Grundman Mastering, Capitol Studios, Universal Music and Smithsonian Folkways, and is now available to Pro Tools users on the Mac platform in RTAS and Audio Suite plug-in formats.

In addition to reconstructing the dynamic range of the original recording, DeClipper also eliminates distortion components and any resulting aliasing spectrum that might appear in clipped program material, which often has square-wave characteristics.

A level histogram and a de-clipping LED reveal the clipped program, and a value field displays how much additional headroom would be required to restore the missing peaks. Using the Level fader, the user can create the headroom needed. The algorithm will automatically calculate the shape that the waveform would have had if no clipping had occurred.

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