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Accusonus ERA Bundle – A Real-World Review

Engineer Fela Davis puts the Accusonus ERA Bundle of audio repair tools to the test in this Real-World Review.

Accusonus ERA Bundle
Accusonus ERA Bundle

Accusonus, a Greece-based audio software company started by three entrepreneurs in 2014 (two of them in the music industry and one with a tech startup background), was created to give tools to engineers in three sectors of audio post-production: Video & Film, Podcasts & Voice Overs and Music Production.

Here, we’re concentrating on the Podcasts & Voice Overs section, and in particular the Audio Repair ERA Bundle, which includes Noise Remover, Voice Deepener, Mouth De-Clicker, Voice AutoEQ, Voice Leveler, Reverb Remover, De-Esser, De-Clipper, Plosive Remover, and Audio Clean-Up Assistant.

AutoEQ is a fun plug-in to play with, especially if you’re a novice, with useful presets to get you started and plenty of room to tweak further. It’s especially effective on muddy vocals where you may want to add Clarity, Body, or Air.

The Reverb Remover solves half the battle of poorly recorded audio in an untreated room. Recordings in a kitchen or living room with high ceilings inevitably come with unwanted echo, so this plug-in alone is a great value for any first-time podcaster.

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Plosive Remover suppresses “spitting” B, P and T sounds—recording quirks that can be super distracting and a major turn-off for listeners— and instantly improves dialog recordings when a pop filter wasn’t used at the source. Noise Remover is great for a loud fan or air conditioning in the background, as well as all forms of white noise. It really locks in on that background audio, takes it out and leaves the source.

Mouth De-Clicker highlights all mouth sounds, lip smacks and saliva crackles in your track. De-Esser gets rid of harsh sibilance that can be very annoying, both in dialog and vocal recordings. De-Clipper instantly repairs distorted and over-saturated audio that would otherwise be unusable. It doesn’t completely get rid of the noise, but it does make it more tolerable than just a digitized, crazy distorted podcast.

Audio Clean-up Assistant allows you to curate your own audio bundle by stacking all of these different plug-ins together in one. Then save the preset plug-in chains for future recordings that may be in the same room or vocal style that you need for a future project.

The Standard ERA Bundle comes with all 10 of these plug-ins that are meant for audio repair. For those audio professionals who require more powerful audio tools, the Pro Edition adds Reverb Remover Pro, Noise Remover Pro and De-Esser Pro for a total of 13 plug-ins.

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When we used the Noise Remover on a recent podcast episode of Holding Court with Eboni K. Williams and co-host Dustin, the latter was in Mexico, recording in a large untreated room with a loud air conditioner, using his laptop’s internal microphone and speakers—and picking up a lot of background audio. The raw audio files needed help, so it was perfect timing to try out these plug-ins.

I simply opened a preset on the Noise Remover plug-in, and tweaked a little. The background noise was removed and the vocal had more space in the mix.

The ERA Bundle works with all major DAWs. Each plug-in has a sleek look and a friendly GUI, with simple buttons and knobs for novice podcasters. With so many people starting podcasts, this is one of the easier routes to repair badly recorded audio full of background noises.

The ERA Bundle is a lifesaver if you’re new to audio production, but it’s also a great starting point for audio veterans. Monthly subscriptions for the Standard bundle are $7.99/month; the Pro bundle is $24.99/month.