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Cycling ’74, Octiv Octirama

Cycling ’74 and Octiv have announced Octirama, a surround dynamics processor for Digidesign Pro Tools systems.

Octirama is a full-featured, multiband dynamics processor for 5.1 mastering for the Digidesign TDM environment. Octirama incorporates 4- and 5-band processing for each five channels, plus sophisticated bass management for control of peaks and loudness.

Octirama was developed by Octiv using patented techniques to provide DSP efficiencies allowing a full-featured dynamic processor to run on a single 56000 chip. Features for each of the five surround channels include an input AGC, 4- or 5-band dynamics processor, five in-band peak limiters, band mixing and a final peak limiter. More than 40 simultaneous meters provide detailed information on gain reduction, downward expansion and output levels. Unlike other multichannel dynamics processors, Octirama’s processing algorithm preserves the surround image.

Octirama will be available from Cycling ’74 distributors worldwide and directly online from Cycling ’74 in the fourth quarter of 2004. Price: TBA.

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