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Danley Sound Labs TH-215

The TH-215 subwoofer is the latest addition to Danley Sound Labs’ TH line of compact subwoofers. The TH-215 ($3,335, nonpowered; $4,995, self-powered) uses Danley’s patent-pending tapped-horn technology to deliver honest sub-30Hz performance in a lightweight, tour-friendly cabinet. It is intended for use in houses of worship, performing-arts centers and music venues ranging in capacity from clubs to arenas.

The 22-by-30-by-42-inch TH-215 is designed to cover the 29 to 125Hz range (±3 dB) with a sensitivity of 99dB SPL at 39 Hz (measured as 20V input 1/2 space at 10M distance). The TH-215 takes up to 1,400 continuous watts and 2,800 program watts and will produce a generous 133dB SPL at 36 Hz and 138dB SPL in the range of 102 to 113Hz. Relative to its output, the TH-215 weighs in at 190 lb and is outfitted with intelligently placed handholds and castors to ease truck-packing and maneuvering.

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