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Digidesign VENUE D-Show 1.1

Digidesign recently introduced the VENUE D-Show 1.1 software package. A free update for registered D-Show console owners, D-Show 1.1 adds new software features and support for a variety of hardware options.

The D-Show 1.1 introduces the Variable Groups mode, which allows VENUE operators to configure 24 discrete mix buses in addition to the main left/tight and center/mono buses, improving overall routing flexibility and usability for monitor mixing and front-of-house applications. Buses can be mono or stereo-linked in any combination for a maximum of 12 stereo mixes. All 24 buses are easily accessible from the D-Show console or the software interface, and no hardware changes to the console are required.

D-Show 1.1 includes a host of additional new features that improve ease of use, particularly for monitor mixing. New features include 12 dB of gain for channel aux and variable group sends; Aux/Variable Group Follows AFL mode for simplified monitor mixing; MMC Locate command added to snapshot MIDI command list; enhanced hardware monitoring and reporting; improved global patchbay numbering; and added onscreen controls for talkback, oscillator and 2-track inputs.

Support for the HDx TDM Option card allows users to link VENUE’s digital engine directly to a full Pro Tools|HD system, providing up to 128 tracks of simultaneous recording and playback with the maximum of two HDx cards. VENUE operators can conduct “virtual” soundchecks (without performers), mix 48 live instruments with up to 80 pre-recorded tracks and produce high-quality live recordings without additional peripherals or interfaces.

With D-Show 1.1 and a second FOH Snake Card (sold separately), two remotely positioned Stage Racks can be connected to a single FOH rack, expanding the total I/O from 48 to 96 remote-controlled, fully recallable mic preamps. With I/O available on the FOH Rack I/O, a total of 128 inputs are available to mix.

Newly added support for the ECx Ethernet Option card allows users to control the D-Show console remotely from a laptop or tablet PC—even wirelessly—with exact mirroring of console functions.

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