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Disc Makers ReflexMax, ReflexUltra

The ReflexMax line of duplicators

Disc Makers has introduced its newest line of Reflex duplicators, the ReflexMax1™, ReflexMax4™, ReflexMax7™ and ReflexUltra™.

Starting with an all-new design, the ReflexMax and ReflexUltra towers are enclosed in silver cases suitable for the office, church, studio or school environment. Cooling vents on the front and side panels and a system of cooling fans inside keep drive temperatures as much as 30 degrees cooler than other units, which helps prevent drives from overheating and shutting down.

The towers are built with the latest 52x CD-R and16x DVD±R/48x CD-R Plextor drives. An optional USB connection package, available for $139, allows users to send disc images directly from their PC or Mac to the Reflex duplicator.

The ReflexMax line is available with one, four or seven drives.

The seven-drive ReflexUltra tower offers the same features as the ReflexMax, but is optimized to burn only Disc Makers Ultra blank CD-Rs and DVD-Rs.

All Reflex duplicators come with 100 free Disc Makers Ultra 52x CD-Rs or 15 8x DVD-Rs, a one-year bumper-to-bumper warranty, Disc Makers’ Perfect Fit Guarantee, free lifetime technical support and discounted pricing on future blank media purchases.

MSRPs: ReflexMax1, $299 for CD-R and $490 for DVD±R/CD-R; ReflexMax4, $790 for CD-R and $1,290 for DVD±R/CD-R; and ReflexMax7, $990 for CD-R and $1,790 for DVD±R/CD-R. The ReflexUltra starts at $690 for 52x CD-R and $1,290 for 16x DVD±R/48x CD-R.

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