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L-Acoustics Self-Powered P Series

L-Acoustics announced the debut of its new self-powered P Series at the recent AES show in New York City.

L-Acoustics announced the debut of its new self-powered P Series at the recent AES show in New York City. Comprising the 108P and 112P, the new two-way loudspeaker enclosures combine the advantages of L-Acoustics coaxial point-source technology with the self-powered performance and power of digital signal processing.

The 108P is a bi-amplified, digitally processed, full-range loudspeaker containing a 1-inch exit HF compression driver coaxially loaded into an 8-inch LF transducer. Advantages of the 108P’s coaxial approach include coherent point-source radiation and 100-degree axi-symmetric directivity (identical horizontal, vertical and axial coverage). Coaxial design also provides superimposed LF/HF dispersion characteristics that are free of the polar-lobing effects typical of traditional horn and woofer combinations.

For live sound reinforcement, the 108P provides optimum speech intelligibility for applications such as classical music and opera. The compact enclosure format also provides a visually discrete solution for floor monitoring, front-fill or underbalcony use. The 108P is further suitable for small- to mid-sized FOH applications.

In addition to proximity fill or monitoring, the 108P has been designed for portable distributed sound reinforcement in theater, concert hall, houses of worship, congress center, club, restaurant, retail, corporate boardroom or television environments.

Designed for professional high-power use, the 108P sports an integral high-efficiency, 2-channel power amplifier module capable of delivering 450 W continuous (1 kHz, 0.5% THD) into four ohms and 260W continuous (1 kHz, 0.5% THD) into eight ohms for powering the low- and high-frequency transducers, respectively. The system’s LF transducer features a long-term power handling of 250W RMS at four ohms with the HF transducer rated for 50W RMS at eight ohms. As a full-range system, the 108P has a frequency response of 65 to 20k Hz (±2 dB) and a usable bandwidth of 50 to 22k Hz (-10 dB).

A polemount socket is included as standard, and the 108P is omnimount-ready. An adjustable U-bracket is available as an optional rigging accessory for ceiling, wall, scaffold or truss mounting. The rear panel features two parallel XLR connectors, a rotary gain pot and a PowerCon slider switch for 115V or 220V operation.

The 112P features four application-engineered presets (Front, Fill, Monitor, X-Over), and this flexibility is complemented by remote mute control capability and network monitoring of voltage, current and temperature. Featuring a 1.4-inch exit compression driver with pattern control loading provided by the 12-inch transducer, the 112P provides coherent point-source radiation with 90-degree axi-symmetric directivity. Due to the coaxial component configuration, the 112P’s power response is free of polar lobing effects.

The 112P’s high-efficiency mono-bridged power amplifier module provides 1,000W continuous (1 kHz, 0.5% THD) into 8 ohms, complete with thermal protection, short-circuit/overload output protection, clip and RMS signal limiting. Long-term system power handling on the 112P is 290W RMS at an 8-ohm nominal impedance. As a full-range system, the frequency response is rated at 60 to 18k Hz (±3 dB) with a usable bandwidth of 50 to 20k Hz (-10 dB).

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