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M-Audio IE-40 Reference Earphones

M-Audio announces its IE-40 ($499.95) professional reference earphones. Featuring Ultimate Ears’ patented triple-driver technology, the IE-40 reference earphones make Ultimate Ears’ technology accessible to a wider audience.

The IE-40 earphones use three separate high-definition, precision-balanced armature drivers for high, mid- and low frequencies. The IE-40 reference earphones’ audio crossover network routes each frequency to the appropriate high, mid- or low driver.

The IE-40’s also incorporate Ultimate Ears’ proprietary dual-bore design to deliver a wider soundstage through separate acoustic canals for high and low channels—thus allowing the sound to mix naturally in the ear itself.

The IE-40 earphones provide 26 dB of sound isolation. The included universal fit kit features an assortment of foam and silicone tips, allowing users to customize the fit. The replaceable 46-inch cable features shapeable over-ear loops that help prevent cable snags. The IE-40 package includes a ¼-inch adapter, protective metal carrying case, flexible attenuator/limiter, cleaning tool and user guide.

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