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Maryland Sound Brings in More JBL

Celebrating its 40th year in business, Maryland Sound International (MSI) recently purchased an additional 36 JBL VerTec VT4888DP-AN midsize powered line array loudspeakers. MSI was one of the first top-tier rental companies to adopt JBL VerTec systems, and is now one of the world’s largest owners.

MSI founder and owner Bob Goldstein

“Over the years, we have found that there is nothing that the VerTec system hasn’t done that we’ve needed it to do,” says MSI founder and owner Bob Goldstein. “In deciding to offer new options for our broad client base, we’ve now added the new powered VerTec DP Series.”

Since purchasing the VT4888DP-AN, Maryland Sound crews have deployed the new system for a number of concerts and civic and corporate events. “We like the VT4888DP-AN system for many reasons, particularly for its flexibility,” Goldstein says. “We’ve used them in several different applications, and they have performed extremely well.” Senior engineer Art Isaacs observes that the new VerTec DP Series system is the perfect solution for the increasing number of corporate events being handled by the company. “Clients in that market don’t want to see the sound, they just want to hear it,” he said. “The integrated, self-powered solution is ideal in those situations. And regarding how the system sounds, our event clients are always happy.”

MSI continually upgrades its rental systems, and in addition to the new VerTec DP system the company has added 18 of JBL’s new VRX915M stage monitors to its inventory.

“MSI has a rich history in the global touring sound business,” comments David Scheirman, VP of JBL Professional. “As this veteran firm continues to evolve and develop new business opportunities in a broad range of rental sound applications, we’re pleased that our new VerTec DP Series powered line array has been selected as the newest addition to MSI’s systems inventory. VerTec’s premium audio fidelity, light weight and high-output power capabilities will enable MSI crews to serve their clients well for many upcoming high-profile special events.”

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