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Now Shipping: Moog MuRF

Moog Music is now shipping MuRF, a new analog effects module designed by Bob Moog in the Moogerfoogers line.

The heart of MuRF’s processing is an array of eight resonant, tuned bandpass filters laid similarly to a graphic EQ, each with a slider controlling the gain of that frequency band. However, the MuRF’s filter array adds warm, musical resonances to the input signal rather than a flat frequency response.

Each filter’s gain is also controlled by the Animator, a pattern generator that supplies envelopes to the eight filters, adjusting their levels in 24 rhythmic patterns; 12 of these feature additional LFO modulation of the filters’ frequencies. Adjustments to the filters’ sliders can add further rhythmic and timbral variation. The MuRF is the first Moogerfooger with a tap-tempo input for synching the Animation to the beat of the music with a Moog FS-1 footswitch.

Manipulation of the envelope and rate controls create a range of effects from gentle, slow-moving sound clouds, to rhythmic grooves, to wild tone transmutations. Sequence selection, sequencing rate, envelope shape and direct mix may be played in real time.

All audio processing is 100-percent analog module, featuring wide-ranging player parameters that may be controlled from the panel knobs and from expression pedals or analog synthesis instruments. The MuRF is housed in the Moogerfooger “double-wedge” enclosure that can be used on the floor, a table or in Moog’s Moogerfooger rackmount kit.

The MuRF is available through Moog’s Website at