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Plugin Alliance, Brainworx Debut bx_console Plug-In

bx_console Introduces Tolerance Modeling Technology, Which Models Individual Component Tolerances

Plugin Alliance and Brainworx will demonstrate the new bx_console plug-in ($299 MSRP) at this week’s 139th AES Convention in New York City’s Javits Center, in Avid booth #718. bx_console will run on various systems and controllers, and map to various Avid console controllers, such as the Pro Tools | S6 and Pro Tools | S6L.

An emulation of Brainworx founder Dirk Ulrich’s personal Neve VXS 72 desk, bx_console offers Brainworx’s new patent-pending Tolerance Modeling Technology (TMT), which models the components in a circuit, as well as individual component tolerance differences, which cause the unit-to-unit differences between analog equipment of the same make and model.

TMT provides bx_console with 72 different channels, which effectively emulate the nuanced sonic differences of the original desk.

The plug-in also has a comprehensive dynamics section, including a compressor/limiter and expander/gate, 4-band EQ, and highpass and lowpass filters.

The emulation features several Brainworx “mods” to the original Neve design, including a Noise control that lets users mimic the noise of the original console, dial out the noise entirely, or add more noise to capture a certain vibe.

The Analog Stereo Mode enables the user to use two slightly different modules for Left and Right channels, introducing the realistic imperfections of a large-format mixing desk in a DAW.

TMT emulates the component tolerances of an individual piece of analog gear. bx_console models all of the components in a circuit. To emulate this circuitry, Brainworx cataloged the tolerances of more than 150 individual components, along with all the variations within their realistic specs, as provided by the component manufacturers.

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