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Rat Sound Systems Supplies Warped Tour With V-DOSC and Rat Trap 5s

After 10 years, Rat Sound Systems has returned to the Van’s Warped Tour with matching and combinable flown V-DOSC rigs on both main stages. In addition to the main stages, Rat is providing a 16-box Rat Trap 5 system to each of the two smaller stages: four Rat Trap 5s and four Rat subs per side. In some venues, the main or side stages combine into a single, larger stage and the bands play at alternating times from each half of the stage.

The two main stages are each loaded with identically flown V-DOSC systems (sic V-DOSC per side), plus six arcs and 12 Rat subs. Yamaha 4K consoles are being used for stage monitors and FOH. On the third stage, a pair of Ramsa 840s do front and back and Midas Venice consoles cover the fourth system’s house and monitor control.

The main stages are processed by XTAs and powered by Crown for the V-DOSC, with Crest amps driving the Rat Subs. Rat’s tri-amped dual 15/10/2-inch L-Wedges handle the main stage monitoring volumes, while on the smaller stages, Rat’s smaller version, the tri-amped M-Wedges are used.

The 11-person Rat crew that set up, operate and maintain the gear is divided to give three Rat personnel to each of the main stages, two to each of the small stages and one for crew chief and “roamer.” “The Warped Tour is unlike any other tour on earth and may be one of the most challenging large-scale rock tours, as far as harsh environments, minimal days off and tough conditions,” Dave Rat, company founder, said. “The crew, the gear and the bands all take beating from doing outdoor daytime gigs in desert heat, torrential downpours and the show density of non-stop bands. It’s not for everyone, but there is something truly magical about this event and the camaraderie that forms, which keeps drawing many people back, year after year for another marathon run.”

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