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Smart AV Smart Console

Smart AV recently showed at Tonmeistertagung (November 5-8, 2004, in Leipzig, Germany) its Smart Console, its new audio mixing console control surface. The Smart Console incorporates patented ARC technology, which uses a physical arc located above the controls to represent all of the channels on a traditional long console.

By touching the arc at any location, the desired channel and the channels surrounding it immediately appear in front of the sound engineer. With this single touch, 800 previously out-of-reach controls snap to within reach. The hand-written channel description is transferred to the digital scribble strip in front of the user.

The Smart Console’s control surface is designed as an open platform and is initially available for use with Logic Pro 6, VADIS System from Klotz Digital, Pyramix Virtual Studio from Merging Technologies, QDC engine from Fairlight and Yamaha’s DME64N and DME24N.

Smart AV also reached an agreement with SADiE for the development of an interface with its new PCM-H64 large-scale multiformat platform.

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