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New Gear from NAMM

A Sampling of Some of the New Products Shown in Anaheim


Solid State Logic SSL 2, 2+ Audio Interface

Solid State Logic (SSL) has launched its first-ever dedicated audio interfaces as part of its new personal studio range: the SSL 2 and SSL 2+. Designed to be at the heart of a project or personal recording set up, the SSL 2 personal studio is designed for individual singers, songwriters or media producers, while the SSL 2+ collaborative studio provides expanded I/O for musicians working and recording together. Both are USB powered. The 2-In/2-Out SSL 2 packs in two classic analog mic preamps together with pristine 24-bit/192kHz conversion to capture and hear every detail, a single high-grade headphone output, easy-to-use monitor mix control for critical low-latency monitoring tasks and balanced monitor outputs with an impressive dynamic range. In addition, the Legacy 4K mode–inspired by the SSL 4000 series-gives you the ability to add extra analog character and sparkle to input sources. The included SSL Production Pack software bundle, which includes some of SSL’s own studio-grade Native plug-ins, offers an impressive arsenal of tools for refining recordings. The SSL 2+ feature set builds in a production hub for those wanting to collaborate, with an additional headphone output with independent monitor mix, MIDI I/O and additional un-balanced outputs for DJ Mixers.

AMS Neve RMX16 Digital Reverb

Nearly 40 years since making its debut on the professional recording scene, the iconic AMS RMX16 Digital Reverberation System is being relaunched in hardware format as part of AMS Neve’s rack mounted 500 Series. On exhibit for the first time at NAMM 2020, the RMX16 500 Digital Reverb Module delivers all the musicality of its famous predecessor, but at a fraction of the price. Furthermore, this new unit incorporates the nine programs that came as standard with the original AMS RMX16, as well as the nine rare aftermarket programs that were only available to users via a remote control with bar code reader input. The new RMX16 500 comes in a three-slot-wide format and is simple to operate with 18 factory programs including Ambience, Nonlin and Reverse, simulating different reverberant environments, with the ability to control all parameters. In keeping with its predecessor, the new RMX16 500 Digital Reverb Module is designed to be musical rather than simply implementing mathematical algorithms. Great care has also been taken to replicate the complex sonic characteristics of the original unit’s analog and converter circuitry, which played a big part in the overall sound. The RMX16 500 Digital Reverb Module employs sophisticated micro-programmed parallel processing of 16-bit data. Its new OLED display also continuously displays all data, including variables (pre-delay, decay time, high-frequency decay profile and low-frequency decay profile) on the reverb front panel so that users can see at a glance how the unit is currently programmed.

Earthworks Gravity Series Instrument Mounted Microphones

Earthworks Audio is launching the new Gravity Series instrument mounted microphones for stage, studio and broadcast. Over the next 18 months, the company will release a variety of capsules and instrument clips that can be mixed and matched to record and amplify any analog source. The most prominent feature of the Gravity Series is the exceptionally low self-noise. No additional gain is necessary because of the placement right on the source, making the microphones sound even quieter than they are. Each microphone in the Gravity Series represents Earthworks’ commitment to extended frequency response, clarity, natural detail and to preserving time. The first microphone of the series is the omnidirectional G339, and the first interchangeable instrument mount is designed for saxophones and brass instruments. Gravity Series microphones are neither miniature microphones nor compromised versions of existing products. G339 features the largest diaphragm of any Earthworks omni.

Focusrite ISA 828 MkII, ISA ADN2 and ISA ADN8

Focusrite is expanding the ISA range with three new products that bring the classic Focusrite sound to Dante Audioover- IP networks. The eight-channel ISA 828 MkII features the same transformer-based input stage, complete with the Lundahl LL1538 transformer, as its predecessor. New, however, is compatibility with Dante Audio-over-IP networks, facilitated by the optional ISA ADN8 A-D card. Also new is an updated power supply that allows for more efficient power consumption, a reduction in heat generation and extremely reliable operation. The front panel remains unchanged, with six-step metering on each channel, and front-panel instrument inputs for channels 1-4. The Focusrite ISA ADN8 is an optional A-D card for the ISA 828 MkII and ISA 428 MkII. It provides ADAT Optical, AES3 and Dante connectivity at rates up to 24-bit/192kHz. The card offers primary and secondary RJ45 Dante output ports, an AES59-configured DB25 connector for AES3 output and a pair of TOSLINK connectors for ADAT output. Word Clock I/O on BNC connectors allows synchronization with many external devices. The final new introduction is the ISA ADN2, an optional two-channel 24-bit/192kHz A-D card that provides high-quality analogue-to-digital conversion for the ISA One mic preamp and DI. The card offers primary and secondary RJ45 Dante output ports, an XLR connector for AES3 output, a TOSLINK connector for ADAT output and RCA connector for S/PDIF output. Word Clock I/O on BNC connectors allows synchronization with many external devices.

Austrian Audio OC818, OC18 Large Diaphragm Microphones

Austrian Audio is introducing the OC818 and OC18 large diaphragm microphones. Handmade in Vienna, the OC818 is a multi-pattern dual-output condenser microphone equipped with optional wireless control, while its OC18 sibling is a cardioid pattern precision microphone. A unique design and outstanding sonics combine with new wireless control technologies to offer highly optimized workflows. The OC818 also features a second output that allows the engineer, producer or musician to record the rear-facing capsule independently of the forward-facing capsule. At the heart of the range is the patent-pending, handmade CKR12 ceramic capsule, made to the same critical dimensions as the acclaimed CK12 capsules.

McDSP Moo X Mixer APB-16 Plug-in

McDSP’s Moo X Mixer plug-in is a fully automated hybrid mixing console under total software control. Session recall is instant and all mixer controls can be automated or saved as a preset. Features include equalization, analog compression and saturation, and a master section with auxiliary input and stereo analog compression and saturation. The Moo X Mixer is available only with the purchase of an APB-16 Analog Processing Box (APB), which combines the flexibility of software with the fidelity of premium analog processing. Each channel can be controlled by an APB plug-in giving true digital workflow with genuine analog performance. Processing options include not only the Moo-X Mixer but also several other unique plug-ins. The Moo-X Mixer plug-in showcases the programmability of the APB-16 hardware and how it can be integrated into a hybrid mixing solution providing optimal workflow.

Ocean Way HR5 Monitor

Ocean Way Audio is introducing its new HR5 reference monitor system. One of the most attractive qualities of the HR5 is its ability to provide a perfect 100 degrees of horizontal dispersion, according to the company. No matter where the listener stands, the speaker sounds the same. If the engineer is sitting in the perfect position in front of the speakers, everyone in the room will hear the same balance and tonal qualities. Ocean Way’s exclusive technology utilizes patented twin constant directivity HF and low-band horns with exceptional driving elements. This gives the listener superb imaging and the ability to position and set the level of every instrument and vocal in a mix with complete confidence, knowing that it will translate no matter where the mix is played. Another important aspect to the HR5’s exceptional performance is the ability of each of its HF and LF components to all produce excellent performance well above and below their respective crossover points. This and the fact that the HF and LF band components are in exact physical time alignment and have horns with identical flare rates provides a virtually perfect transition between all ranges. Also available soon is a small companion Ocean Way Audio subwoofer, transforming the HR5s into a three-way monitor system and extending the bass response to 25Hz.

Sound Particles 2.1

Sound Particles is an immersive 3D CGI-like application for film, TV, VR and game audio production. Introduced in 2015, Sound Particles offers unique and efficient workflows, increasing creativity and reducing the time needed to create and record complex sounds in virtual 3D environments. Following the release of 2.0 earlier in 2019 Sound Particles 2.1 adds a completely rewritten audio engine, batch processing and increased track-based functionality, along with many more feature updates. This major release is available to download now, from or via your local professional audio reseller. Features include batch processing (render hundreds of variations of your session with just a few clicks. You can use different audio files for each render and several variations of the random parameters), track presets (create and save an infinite number of track or microphone settings and recall whenever you want. With just two mouse clicks quickly save or apply any track preset.) and user templates (save sessions as templates. Include any number of tracks or microphones that you wish to reuse frequently.).

MXL Revelation II Variable Pattern Tube Microphone

MXL Microphones is introducing the Revelation II microphone, the successor to the company’s acclaimed MXL Revelation model. The MXL Revelation II offers the warmth and intimacy of a quality tube microphone, but with extended clarity and punch for balanced recording. A dual gold-sputtered, six-micron diaphragm and hand-selected EF86 pentode tube provide warm, rich and transparent sound. The Revelation II’s polar pattern selection is virtually limitless, controllable by a variable pattern control knob. The new microphone captures the performance and versatility of the original Revelation, but at a lower price point, making it more accessible to artists.

Mackie CR Series Multimedia Monitors

Mackie is expanding its CR Series Multimedia Monitors with new models and a subwoofer joining the compact nearfields line. New to the CR Series is the CR3-X three-inch, CR4-X four-inch, and CR5-X five-inch, as well as the Bluetooth enabled CR3-XBT three-inch, CR4-XBT four-inch, CR5-XBT five-inch and CR8- XBT eight-inch models. Adding new bottom end punch to the line is the new CR8S-XBT Bluetooth enabled subwoofer. Ideal for home studios, multimedia content creation, AV post-production, gaming, broadcast and more, CR Series monitors offer studio-quality sound in a compact, well-designed package that’s equally at home in a high-end project room or your bookshelf. CR Series monitors deliver clean, articulate sound, with the CR3-X and CR4-X offering 50W of power and the CR5-X pumping 80W. The new CR8S-XBT subwoofer delivers a full 200W. All models boast all-wood cabinets, polypropylene-coated woofers, .75-inch ferrofluid-cooled silk-dome tweeters, and specially designed waveguides for unmatched sonic clarity and consistent sound dispersion across all frequencies at all levels. The new CR8S-XBT subwoofer is the ideal addition to any CR Series monitor setup, delivering 200W of dedicated bass reinforcement. Its sleek design makes it a perfect match for any CR Series monitors, and its flexible rear panel inputs and outputs include quarter-inch TRS and RCA connectors, as well as convenient Bluetooth connectivity and streaming. Dial in your sound just right with Input and Output level controls plus a variable crossover and polarity switch.


Clear Tune CE320 In-Ears Monitors

Clear Tune is showcasing the CE320, its first entry-level in-ear monitor. The CE320 is a triple-driver earphone, which carries the same technology, components and engineering as the company’s top of the line models such as the AS-7 and award-nominated Da Vinci X. It offers extremely clear and accurate sound with an enhanced presence of low frequencies, making it a smart choice for musicians as well as music lovers. Features include: 119dB @ 1Khz input sensitivity; 20 Hz t 20 kHz frequency response; 46.8 ohm @ 1 kHz impedance; noise isolation of -26dB. The CE320 Universal Fit Eaerphone ships with a standard 50-inch cable; CTM soft case; 1/4-inch to 1/8-inch adapter and S, M, L rubber and foam tips.

d&b audiotechnik KSL-SUB

d&b audiotechnik is launching the KSLSUB, a new addition to its SL-Series line array family, in both flown and ground stack (G) versions. The KSL-SUB provides a small, lightweight format that extends the frequency response of a KSL System down to 36Hz with exceptional dispersion control, impressive low frequency headroom and outstanding performance for its size. This powerful, directivity-controlled, smaller format sub enclosure allows venues of all size to experience very accurate, smooth and punchy bass response. The KSL-SUB and KSL-GSUB subwoofers operate with two forward-facing 15-inch drivers and a single, rear-facing 15-inch driver which, driven with two-way active amplification, provide uncompromised cardioid directivity control. Measuring 100 x 90 x 45 cm (39.4 x 35.4 x 17.7 inches) in size, and with a sheer weight of 82 kg (181 pounds), the KSL-SUB delivers an output of 139dB driven by d&b D80 amplifiers. The KSL-GSUB has a streamlined form. It stands at a diminutive height of just about 45cm, easily allowing for under stage deployment. Using a new KSL-SUB adapter frame the KSLSUB can be deployed above KSL-Tops as part of a flown array. Completing the comprehensive System package–and designed to fit within standard sized shipping container and trucks–the KSL-SUB is available in touring carts with protective covers. The “hybrid” KSL-SUB touring cart allows users to leave the KSL flying frame on top of the KSL-SUB adapter frame below the subwoofers during transportation if they choose.

Earthworks SR331, SR5314 Vocal Capsules


Earthworks Audio is releasing the SR3314 and the SR5314 wireless vocal microphone capsules. These wireless capsules are designed to bring studio clarity to the stage. The sound is achieved by coupling the studio-quality small diaphragm cardioid condenser capsule with a Class A amplifier circuit that leverages Earthworks patented and proprietary technologies. The extended flat frequency response and a focus on clean impulse response also sets these capsules apart. But it’s their tight cardioid polar pattern, their consistent low frequency response across a wide range of distances, and their extreme attenuation of sound sources located beyond 90 degrees–with maximum rejection at 180 degrees–that makes them ideal for live performances. The SR3314 is designed to work with any handheld wireless transmitter that utilizes a standard three-ring concentric connector. This includes wireless microphone models made by Shure, Lectrosonics, Sony, Line 6, Audio-Technica and others with a compatible three-ring connector. The SR5314 is designed to work with the following from Sennheiser: Digital 9000 Series, Digital 6000 Series, 2000 Series, Evolution G4 500 Series, Evolution G4 300 Series and Evolution G4 100 Series.

IsoAcoustics STAGE 1 Board and ISO-PUCK 76 Isolator

IsoAcoustics is launching its new STAGE 1 Board portable isolation platform for music amps and ISO-PUCK 76 isolator for large studio monitors. An updated edition of the STAGE 1 Board, the new STAGE 1 Board comes with STAGE 1 isolators integrated (previously, buyers would have to purchase the board and isolators separately). The New STAGE 1 Board provides a ready-to-go and easily portable isolation platform for guitar/bass combo amps, keyboard amps, stage monitors and subwoofers. With their patented isolation design, the four integrated STAGE 1 isolators ensure the new STAGE 1 Board reduces resonance through support surfaces (i.e. the floor or stage) as well as internal reflections from returning back up the speaker or amp cabinet. The board can accommodate a speaker or amp up to 100 pounds in weight, minimizing the vibrational variables of the stage environment and ensuring the performer’s sound remains consistent night after night, as well as adding extra clarity and bass punch. The latest addition to IsoAcoustics’ popular ISO-PUCK isolator series, the ISO-PUCK 76 is the largest model in the range so far, designed for heavier studio monitors, speakers and subwoofers. Boasting IsoAcoustics’ patented sound isolation, ISO-PUCK isolators are designed to sit between the piece of audio equipment and its supporting surface.

Mackie SRM-Flex Portable Column PA System

Mackie is showing its latest entry into the portable PA market, the all-new SRM-Flex Portable Column PA System. Featuring an ultra-lightweight design, legendary SRM Series sound quality, a full-featured six-channel digital mixer, and complete wireless control and streaming, SRM-Flex is ideal for solo acts, small bands, presentations, events, DJs and more. The modular design of SRM-Flex features a 10-inch LF woofer in the molded cabinet base module, which also contains the 1300W amplifier and built-in digital mixer. The three-piece tower houses a wide-dispersion array with 6 x 2-inch high-performance HF drivers for clear, whole room coverage. This modular tower design allows the user to easily change the height of the mid and high frequencies to match the ear level of the audience. The SRM-Flex has been meticulously tuned, utilizing the latest in acoustic measurement technology for crystal clear sound that is balanced and punchy. The built-in six-channel digital mixer provides everything you need to get your sound and mix just right. Two flexible Mic/Line inputs accept microphones, instruments, and more.

NEXO P+ Series Loudspeakers

NEXO, a Yamaha company, is unveiling two new compact point-source loudspeakers in its P+ Series. The new P8 and P10 models are designed to deliver an exceptional performance-to-size ratio, precise polar control and outstanding sonic quality, as well as the same innovative features seen in the company’s first P+ Series model, the P12, launched in mid-2019. NEXO has invested in new tooling and assembly capabilities to produce the curvy, modern enclosures that are the signature of its new P+ Series. nside custom birch and poplar plywood shells, the P8 features a coaxial eight-inch LF driver with a 1.5-inch diaphragm HF driver. The P10 has a coaxial 10-inch Neodymium LF driver and 1.7-inch diaphragm HF driver. The horn driver can rotate in both cabinets, a NEXO hallmark since its introduction in the PS Series. Custom-designed coaxial drivers pave the way for a reported 129 dB Peak for the P8 and 136 dB Peak for the P10.

Solid State Logic Live V4.10

Solid State Logic (SSL) is featuring its latest Live V4.10 update for the entire range of SSL Live consoles including L100, L200, L300, L350, L550 (including L500 and L500 Plus) as well as its SOLSA software. The new release provides live engineers with a host of beneficial features that expands their workflow and control. The new Event Manager allows live engineers to create Events that can perform one or more actions when one or more input states are met. This means that a single trigger can activate multiple output actions, or multiple triggers can activate a single output action. This makes workflow setup for live events more flexible and intuitive for the engineer.