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Soundcraft GB2

The Soundcraft GB Series has now gained a new member, the GB2, which is geared for use in smaller performance venue and church installations, as well as with modest touring sound systems.

Available in frame sizes from 16 to 32 channels, each with two full-function stereo channels, the GB2 is equipped with four group buses configured as two stereo subgroups, along with six auxiliary sends. The Soundcraft GB2 inherits both the GB30 mic preamplifier and GB30 EQ designs from the GB4 and GB8, while the layout is clear and well labeled for clarity.

The stereo subgroup operation is simplified by the addition of Width controls, which variably adjust the stereo image of the group sent to the main stereo mix from full stereo separation to full mono.

On the stereo inputs, connectors are provided for both mic and line inputs. With mic signals routed to the local channel, the line inputs are available as stereo returns to the main mix bus, while when line is selected to the local channel, the mic inputs are overridden and the returns are inactive.

The console also features an output matrix with six feeds to two outputs being fed from the four group (two stereo) buses and main left and right outputs.

The GB2 has the same mechanical features as its brothers. The rugged steel chassis has a sloping rear connector panel so that it is easier to configure from the front of the desk, while the integral power supply has a link option for an external backup PSU.

Shipping in June, U.S. list pricing on the new GB2 is as follows: 16 mono + two stereo channels, $2,199; 24 mono + two stereo channels, $2,899; and 32 mono + two stereo channels,$3,629.

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