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Soundcraft GigRac 1000st

The GigRac family of powered mixers for bands and presentation systems has been joined by the stereo GigRac 1000st, which delivers 1,000 watts of output power (500 watts per channel into 4 ohms).

The new unit is styled similar to the GigRac 300 and 600, but is a more powerful full-stereo version, featuring expanded 3-band EQ on the inputs, two 7-band graphic equalizers and 10 high-quality preset digital effects. At 5RU, the 1000st is taller than previous iterations.

The1000st features two output signal paths, one for the main front-of-house output and one for stage monitors. In normal stereo use, the two power amps deliver a full 500W of power (@ 4 ohms) to the main (FOH) output, but the 1000st can be switched to provide 500W to the main output and 500W to the monitor outputs.

Additional features include pan controls for the inputs to the stereo bus, a stereo graphic EQ on the main output and a 7-band mono graphic EQ on the monitor output, 12-segment bar graph meters for main and monitor outputs, a stereo playback input (for CD playback) and a stereo submix input. In Standby mode, all channels are muted until the band is ready to play, while the playback input remains active for interval music.

The1000st features a lightweigh,t switched-mode power supply unit, derived from Soundcraft and BSS switched-mode design.

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