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Yellow Box Studios Installs ATC SCM300ASL PROs

British loudspeaker drive unit and complete sound reproduction system manufacturer ATC announces that Yellow Box Studios, an audio post-production facility in Singapore, has installed a pair of SCM300ASL PRO three-way active series loudspeakers in its new music production and recording facility.

“The installation went very well,” says Yellow Box Studios Managing Director Rennie Gomes. “It was basically a case of set up and go, with not many tweaks needed as the system suits the room so well.

“The music production and recording facility is also meant to cover our post-production needs as we do quite a lot of music recording and ADR for our films and commercials. Singapore was already a hub for post-production back in the ’90s, and even before setting up Yellow Box, I already had a good pool of clients from around the region. So setting up in Singapore was a natural choice, given its strong infrastructure and economy.”

Yellow Box Studios set about producing soundtracks for feature films, television drama series, and television commercials, eventually expanding its base of operations to include a new music production and recording facility housing a dub stage and one of Singapore’s largest recording rooms in a light industrial unit within a stone’s throw of Changi International Airport.

“You can’t hear a thing in any of the rooms, so all credit to the designer—who, coincidentally, created one of the rooms at Abbey Road—and an amazing building contractor,” Gomes says. “We were all aware of the challenging times the music industry is going through, but we knew we could make it work if we diversified the use of the room. Singapore doesn’t have many large recording rooms anymore, which puts us in a good position to record 30-piece string arrangements or a 60-strong choir, both of which we’ve already achieved since opening.”

Both studio and control rooms are suspended on floating floors with fully-ducted, acoustically-dampened, ultra-quiet air-conditioning.

“Engineers and musicians are bringing in their favorite mic pre’s, amps, and other gizmos to test in our room, and they’re amazed at the results,” Gomes says. “We’re finally able to do large-format recording, helped by having the SCM300s in a room that best compliments their sound, because being able to hear an accurate bottom end matters so much when you’re doing large string sessions and band recordings. In a sense, we are bringing back the romance of a great recording experience without any compromise—sort of a dying art, really.”

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