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Mix Nashville: SSL and ATC to Team Up at Starstruck Studios

The exciting offerings at Mix Nashville: Immersive Music Production continue to expand as SSL and ATC team up at Starstruck Studios for listening sessions and informal immersive music mixing tutorials.

Mix Nashville: SSL and ATC to Team Up at Starstruck

Nashville, TN (May 8, 2023)—Solid State Logic was the first sponsor to sign up for the upcoming  Mix Nashville: Immersive Music Production event, followed soon after by monitor manufacturer ATC. The in-person event, taking place in Music Row on Saturday, May 20, is bringing together leaders in the field, from top mixers and engineers to the cutting-edge companies creating the audio gear bringing spatial audio to life. But there’s other reasons, too, why SSL is a part of Mix Nashville.


SSL has a long association with Starstruck Studios, dating back to the facility’s opening in the early 1990s, and Phil Wagner, the head of SSL in the U.S., was one of the early supporters of immersive audio, dating back to 2013 when the format first appeared in high-end post-production.

On Saturday, May 20, SSL and ATC will host listening sessions and informal immersive music mixing tutorials at the all-day event, leading attendees through Starstruck’s new 7.1.4 Dolby Atmos mix room that centers around an SSL System T S500 console and ATC monitoring system that includes (3) ATC SCM110 for the left-center-right, (4) SCM45i for the surrounds, (4) ATC SCM25i for the heights, and (2) SCM0.1/15sl for LFE.

“When Starstruck opened, it was immediately one of the top studios in the country, and I can remember when Don Wersheba sold them the two 9000 J Series boards for the Pond and the Gallery,” Wagner says. “They’re still there, and they’re working fine. So it only made sense that when Starstruck wanted to build a world-class immersive music studio, they would come back to SSL. It’s a great relationship we’ve developed.”

Mix Nashville: Immersive Music Production is produced in conjunction with Host Partners Curb Studios, Belmont University and Blackbird Studio. During the day, Host Partner Curb Studios, along with Black River Entertainment, Columbia Studio A and Starstruck Studios, will feature a series of expert panels, project profiles, technology exhibitions and demonstrations, interviews with top engineers and producers, immersive listening sessions, and much more. At night, the event moves to the nearby Berry Hill neighborhood for a party at Blackbird Studio, in conjunction with a Studio Crawl featuring immersive music Listening Sessions at a number of nearby studios, including Imogen Sound, Sputnik Sound, Addiction Sound Studios, Westlake Pro and the ADAM Audio showroom.

Full programming and exhibition details continue to be announced, so visit the event website for the most up-to-date information.