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Abbey Road Studio Wins Big for Film Scoring

Abbey Road is celebrating unprecedented success in film scoring, having dominated the Best Score category this film awards season with projects recorded

Abbey Road is celebrating unprecedented success in film scoring,having dominated the Best Score category this film awards season withprojects recorded and mixed at the studios, winning a Grammy, a BAFTA,an Oscar and a Golden Globe.

In addition, at least two other Best Score nominations at each ofthe award ceremonies were also for Abbey Road projects. A total ofseven Abbey Road projects received at least one Best Score nomination,including The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King andThe Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, Cold Mountain,Harry Potter & The Chamber of Secrets, The Hours,House of Sand and Fog and Girl With a Pearl Earring.

The Oscar for Best Score and the Golden Globe Award for BestScore/Soundtrack were awarded to Howard Shore for the final installmentin the The Lord of the Rings trilogy, The Return of theKing. The project was an immense undertaking at Abbey Road,requiring a team of engineers to record, edit and mix the film score,as well as master the soundtrack album. The film score was recorded byJohn Kurlander and mixed by Abbey Road’s senior engineer Peter Cobbin.The Grammy Award for Best Score/Soundtrack also went to Shore for thesecond film The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, which wasalso recorded by Kurlander and mixed by Cobbin. Abbey Road engineersalso recorded the award-winning “Into the West,” which picked up theOscar and Golden Globe for Best Original Song.

The Anthony Asquith BAFTA award for achievement in film music wentto composer Gabriel Yared for Cold Mountain, which was recordedin Abbey Road’s Studio One last September before being mixed in StudioThree.

David Holley, managing director of Abbey Road Studios, said, “TheOscars ceremony concluded a remarkable run of success for Abbey Roadfilm scoring projects, probably unprecedented for any recording studioever. It is a significant achievement by our team of recordingengineers at Abbey Road. The huge efforts they make on behalf of all oftheir clients are matched only by the skill they bring to their work.They thoroughly deserve this success.”

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