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Allen & Heath Xone:V6

Allen & Heath recently launched a valve option card for the Xone:V6 rotary mixer

Allen & Heath recently launched a valve option card for theXone:V6 rotary mixer and has now developed two add-on modules: the EQIsolator and the V6 Crossfader unit.

The EQ module is a dual, 3-band stereo isolator to provide variableattenuation of low, mid and high frequencies. The module, a 1-rackunitwith six stereo inputs/outputs, connects to the Xone:V6 channel insertpoints and shares the V6 power supply. The unit allows any two channelsto be assigned to the filters simultaneously. It can seamlessly blendtwo tracks or create an “audio montage,” such as mixing the bass lineof one track with the vocal of another. With the isolator controlsfully clockwise, filter stages are completely bypassed, resulting in aflat frequency response and minimal phase shift.

The Crossfader rack module adds crossfading capability to theXone:V6, allowing the user to select any input to either side of thecrossfader when required. Utilizing a Penny & Giles conductiveplastic crossfader and high-performance voltage-controlled attenuators,the module interfaces with the Xone:V6 via channel insert points.

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