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Family Nightclub Adds A&H Down Under

Family Nightclub in Brisbane, Australia, recently overhauled its sound system, installing Allen & Heath mixers—including the audiophile Xone:V6, the MIDI-enabled Xone:92 and the Xone:62—in all rooms.

Family installed the full V6 package, including additional EQ Isolator and Crossfader units, in its main dance arena, along with a Xone:92 (for DJs who require sliding channel faders and MIDI capability) and four Allen & Heath VF-1 filter units, one for each turntable and CD audio source. The Xone:V6 is a rotary mixer with valves on every input channel, discrete circuitry, precise filters, and oil-damped rotary faders. Elsewhere, a Xone:62 now resides in the Ice Bar on the second level, and a second Xone:92 was the choice for Unkle, the main dance arena on the second level.

“The Xone:92 in Unkle has completely changed the dynamic of the room,” says resident DJ Matt Stafford of the Stafford Brothers. “The sound is now full and clear; it feels like there is a completely new sound system in there.”

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