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Apogee Now Shipping Mini-DAC

Apogee's portable D/A converter, Mini-DAC, is now available worldwide through authorized dealers and distributors

Apogee’s portable D/A converter, Mini-DAC, is now availableworldwide through authorized dealers and distributors. Mini-DACaugments the Apogee Mini-Series and offers Apogee’s D/A conversion for reference monitoring in professional recording studios,in the field, and as an upgrade to premium home and car audiosystems.

The Mini-DAC features Digital-thru mode, which gives Mini-DAC usersthe option of connecting any 2-channel digital device (Rosetta AD,Trak2, Mini-Me) to their computer/DAW via Mini-DAC’s optionalUSB. For Mac OS X users, the Mini-DAC offers true plug-and-play setupwith no driver required and ultralow latency. Other features availableare analog output level control, up to 192kHz sampling rates, andmultiple input and output options such as AES, optical and S/PDIF.

Additional features include: compact and portable 5.5×10 inches(1/3-rack width with a 1U rackmount kit available); inputs include AES(single and double wide), optical (ADAT, S/MUX and S/PDIF), S/PDIF coaxand optional USB; and support for OS X Core Audio and USB driversavailable for Windows XP and Mac OS 9.x. Pricing: $995 without USB and$1,295 with USB.

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