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Mix LA Apogee Afterparty to Serve Up Food, Drinks and More Atmos Music!

Bob Clearmountain, Alan Meyerson, Dennis ‘ROC.AM’ Jones and Jesse Ernster to play back tracks in three immersive studios, plus live music from the stage!

Bob Clearmountain inside the control room of Apogee Studios, site of the Mix LA after party this weekend!
Bob Clearmountain inside the control room of Apogee Studios, site of the Mix LA afterparty this weekend!

Santa Monica, CA (February 29, 2024)—What’s a Mix event without an awesome afterparty? The world will never know, because we’ve teamed up with the folks at Apogee for a great one at Mix LA: Immersive Music Production, taking place this weekend—March 2, 2024.

After a full day of events at UMG’s 21fifteen Studios in Santa Monica, attendees of Mix LA: Immersive Music Production will be heading a half-mile down Colorado Avenue for a fun-filled afterparty at Apogee Studio, a multi-room facility next door to Apogee headquarters that includes a live performance stage with Dolby Atmos control room, a separate Atmos mix room, and a Green Room outfitted with living-room style Atmos playback.

“The daytime is all about education and new technologies, but at night we thought it would be nice to kick back and just listen to some incredible immersive music, while hanging out with friends,” says Tom Kenny, co-editor of Mix. “Most people don’t know it, but Apogee has a world-class studio on-site, run by Bob Clearmountain, attached to a live performance space. Plus, a full 7.1.4 room with Genelecs. Plus, a Green Room that’s more than a Green Room. And each of them will feature a top engineer playing back tracks. How often do you get to do that? Betty, Bob, Marlene and the whole Apogee team have been such great partners. It’s going to be a real fun night.”

Throughout the night, each of the studios will feature:

Control Room: Bob Clearmountain will play back Atmos tracks in his Neve 8068- and Neumann KH310-based control room.

Genelec Room: Scoring mixer Alan Meyerson will play tracks from his recent work in the 7.1.4 open-space Atmos mix/listening room.

Green Room: Producer/engineers Jesse Ray Ernster and Dennis ROC.AM Jones will cue up recent tracks and audience selections in an Atmos Home living room-style environment.

Performance Stage: Live music!

In addition to the afterparty, of course, there’s all the fantastic offerings throughout the day at Universal Music Group’s 21fifteen Studios in Santa Monica, CA. There’ll be demos, the keynote conversation with legends Jimmy Jam and Manny Marroquin, a series of previously announced expert panel sessions, featuring top mixing engineers, and visit the facility’s multiple recording studios and lounges, and the must-see “Breaking It Down” sessions. Visit the event website for more details and for registration information.