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Daily News Archive for October


Weeks of October 1-15

FirstCom Music Adds New Acoustic Underscores Category

FirstCom Music Inc. (Dallas), a provider of production music via CDand the Web, announced OneMusic Library’s exclusive, long-termagreement with Solid Air Records that adds recordings from Solid AirRecords’ award-winning group of guitarist/composers to the OneMusicproduction library. Artists such as Grammy winner Laurence Juber, DougSmith, David Cullen, William Coulter and 20 others will contribute to anew production-music category called Acoustic Underscores, which willinclude a series of releases titled “Naked Guitar.”

Nine titles are currently in development for release in the “NakedGuitar” series; each title features 20 to 25 tracks of varying temposin a specific style or mood for such applications as voice-over andaudio/visual productions. Current “Naked Guitar” titles in productioninclude Positive, Positive 2, Determination,Emotions, Novelty, Blues, Country andChristmas.

Additionally, the Acoustic Underscores category will featuremulti-instrument acoustic releases by Michael Davis, Danny Pelfry,Nickoley & Dunlap and others for background usage.

For more, visit

Ocean Way Hollywood New Studio Features Neve

Ocean Way Hollywood, a longtime favorite recording venue for topartists ranging from Frank Sinatra to Bob Dylan to Michael

Jackson to Beck, has chosen an 84-input Neve 88R analog console tobe installed later this month in its new Studio D of its SunsetBoulevard complex.

Ocean Way owner Allen Sides was amazed with the all-new Neve: “As anengineer, I’m known as a bit of a sonic perfectionist and somewhatdifficult to please. And as a studio owner, I’m even moreparticular in that I can’t pitch anything that I don’tpersonally think is great. When I pulled up my first mix on thisconsole, I was simply amazed at how great it sounded.”

Sides said that he was also impressed with the abundant features.”On a functional level, having an automated moving small fader, as wellas a larger fader, and full 5.1 monitoring facilities made this consolean easy choice.”

For more, visit AMS Neve online at Check out Ocean Way Hollywood

Mars Music Files Bankruptcy, Announces Liquidation

Last week, Mars Music announced that it had filed Chapter 11bankruptcy. The company announced today that four 30,000-square-footsuperstores are being shuttered and sold to the bare walls byFlorida-based Stampler Auctions.

Each stores contain about $1 million in inventory, at cost, as wellas state-of-the-art retail fixtures and equipment.

The schedule for sale is:
• Memphis on Monday, October 7 at 10 a.m.
• Somerville (Boston) on Monday, October 14 at 10 a.m.
• Southfield (Detroit) on Thursday, October 10 at 10 a.m.
• Natick (Boston) on Wednesday, October 16 at 10 a.m.

Contact Harry Stampler/Martin Claire of Stampler Auctions at800/330-BIDS or online at

Portnow Selected President of Recording Academy

The Board of Trustees of the National Academy of Recording Arts& Sciences Inc. (the Recording Academy) has chosen Neil Portnow aspresident of the Recording Academy. Former president of the RecordingAcademy Michael Greene resigned from the post this past April. Visitthe Mix Daily News Archive for April 2002 for more on thatstory.

Portnow, whose specific start date will be announced shortly, hasserved the Academy as a volunteer leader in a variety of roles for 20years. He recently served as the treasurer and secretary of theAcademy’s National Board of Trustees during the past two years.

Portnow currently serves as senior VP of West Coast operations forthe Zomba Group of Companies. Before that, he was VP of A&R at EMIAmerica Records, VP/general manager West Coast Arista Records andpresident of Twentieth Century Fox Records.

“Neil comes to us with superb credentials and a unique skill setthat perfectly matches what we were looking for in a new president,”said Garth Fundis, chairman of the Board. “His background in music andentertainment and his extensive experience with our organization as avolunteer leader will play a key role in enhancing the Academy’sprofile as we continue to increase the scope of our programs andinitiatives nationally.”

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RealTraps Debuts New Line of Bass Traps

Brand-new company RealTraps (New Milford, Conn.) has introduced aline of acoustic treatment based on wood panel-membrane absorbers.Pricing starts at less than $3,000 per room.

The centerpiece is a pair of broadband bass traps that greatlyreduce low-frequency standing waves. They also feature angled frontpanels that serve as diffusers to minimize flutter echoes and ringing.The bass traps are complemented by absorbers based on rigid Fiberglasthat tame midrange and high frequencies.

All traps are offered in two different heights. Models LB7 and HB7are 2×71/2 feet (WxH), and together absorb the entire bass rangestarting below 20 Hz. Models LB6 and HB6 are six feet high and operatedown to 24 Hz.

According to RealTraps co-owner Ethan Winer, “We see a real need forproper acoustic treatment. Large recording studios have the resourcesto hire acoustic consultants and carpenters to design and build custombass traps for them. Others cover their walls with foam rubber,believing that’s good enough. But foam has very little effect at lowfrequencies, and you don’t want your rooms to be totally dead.

“Adding proper acoustic treatment to a recording or listening roomwill probably do more to improve audio quality than anything else youcan buy. Video-editing suites, home theaters, churches and auditoriumswill also benefit greatly from RealTraps.”

Complete information is available at,including a detailed explanation of room acoustics and the issuesinvolved in treating common problems.

WaveFrame Software Group Announces New Hires, Discount

WaveFrame Software Group announced that it has joined up with RobertBerke Sound (San Francisco) and the staff at Newton Bard Inc.(Portland, Ore.).

Bob Berke will be the development advisor and tester for theWaveFrame platform and his staff will take care of day-to-dayoperations, sales and coordination of technical support.

In addition to this announcement, WaveFrame is offering currentusers a $3,500 discount when upgrading from any older system to the newSystem 7 software. This one-time offer will end on October 31, 2002.WaveFrame is also offering a $2,500 discount to users of anycompetitive DAW software as credit toward the purchase of WaveFrameSystem 7 software. This offer also expires on October 31, 2002.

For more, visit WaveFrame online at

Hartwell Joins Doyle Technology Consultants

Doyle Technology Consultants (Renton, Wash.), which specializes indesign and systems integration for the broadcast, multimedia andinformation technology industries, has added John Hartwell to its teamin the dual role of managing the company’s advanced-system developmentand directing system backlogs.

Hartwell will also supervise the workflow and creative efforts ofDoyle’s engineering design team, as well as help guide the company’soverall direction as a member of its executive team.

“John’s experience, creativity and vast knowledge of systemsintegration and design will strengthen our capabilities even furtherand help provide our customers with a deeper pool of resources,” saidGreg Doyle, president of the company. Prior to this position, Hartwellheld several positions in Sony Electronic’s Business ProfessionalGroup, most recently as a senior application engineer.

For more, visit Doyle Technology Consultants online at

P&E Wing’s Pacific Northwest Branch Finds New Home

The Pacific Northwest Branch of the Recording Academy’s Producers& Engineer’s Wing will host an open house to showcase its newfacilities in Belltown, Wash., on Wednesday, October 16. Members andcommunity friends are welcome to attend and enjoy lightrefreshments.

Doors open at 5:30 p.m. and will last until 7 p.m. The new office islocated at 159 Western Avenue W, Suite 485, Seattle, WA 98119.

For more, visit its site at

Counterfeit Shure Microphones Destroyed

Shure Incorporated ( announced that Chinese authoritiesrecently destroyed a large quantity of counterfeit Shure microphonesalong with a number of knock-off accessories and parts.

In total, 730 counterfeit Shure microphones were destroyed alongsidenumerous parts and accessories that included 15,000 microphonecartridges, 7,000 microphone grilles, 5,300 microphone handles, and anassortment of cables, packaging and even fake user’s guides.

“This action sends a clear message to counterfeiters everywhere,”said Rob Ascough, managing director of Shure Asia Ltd. “We’re not onlywatching, but actively working to rid the marketplace from anysub-standard products that trade on the Shure name and reputation.”

Apogee Founder, President Leaves Company

Apogee Sound International (Petaluma, Calif.) announced that KenDeLoria, president and founder of Apogee Sound Inc., has left thecompany on good terms to pursue other interests. Steven Walker is nowmanaging director at Apogee Sound.

After 18 years of designing and providing cutting-edge loudspeakers,amplifiers and other products for the pro audio industry, DeLoria willnow turn his attention to consulting, commissioning, tuning andoperating sound reinforcement systems for installs and eventsworldwide. “I am delighted to focus on the branch of the audio industrywhere the rubber meets the road,” commented DeLoria. “I enjoy liveperformances and the challenges associated with providing top-notchsound reinforcement, especially in difficult acousticenvironments.”

Past events that DeLoria has worked on include six Grammy Awardshows, seven Academy Award shows, two Super Bowls, numerous Broadwayand West End musicals, political conventions, the 1996 Summer Olympicsand many more large-scale installs.

DeLoria can be reached at 707/217-5531. Visit Apogee online at

Public Review Begins for Speaker Rigging Standard

ESTA (Entertainment Services & Technology Association) announcedthat BSR E1.8, Entertainment Technology — Loudspeaker EnclosuresIntended for Overhead Suspension — Classification, Manufacture andStructural Testing is now available for public review until December10, 2002.

Structural requirements for loudspeaker enclosures intended foroverhead suspension include enclosure construction, component partsecurity, enclosure suspension hardware, manufacturing control systems,structural testing and product representation. The document, accordingto ESTA, is intended to enhance the safety of speaker rigging at musicconcerts and other public performances.

The draft standard can be found on the ESTA Website( or via mail/fax/e-mail to: Karl G. Ruling, TechnicalStandards Manager, ESTA, 875 Sixth Ave., Suite 1005, New York, NY10001; fax 212/244-1502; [email protected].

Stanton Acquires Cerwin-Vega

On Wednesday, September 25, 2002, the Stanton Group acquired theassets and brand name of loudspeaker manufacturer Cerwin-Vega.

According to Stanton president and CEO Gerard Cohen, “We clearlyrecognize the value of the existing customer base and are committed tomaintaining strong business partners going forward. Stanton will standstrong behind the Cerwin-Vega product and brand name.”

For more, visit the Stanton Group online at

China Conservatory Educates With Nord Modular Synth

Clavia Digital (Stockholm, Sweden) announced that the ChinaConservatory of Music in Beijing has chosen the Nord Modularsynthesizer platform for its synthesis education. China Conservatory ofMusic is one of nine pro music conservatories in China and educatesmore than 1,000 students each year.

The China Conservatory of Music began its electronic music educationin the late ’80s and recently invested in a large digital musiceducation laboratory and computer music classrooms, eventually addingthe Nord Modular synth platform to teach synthesis technology.

Other pro audio schools that use the Nord Modular synth platforminclude Berklee College of Music and the Centre for Art and Culture(The Netherlands).

For more, visit

SAE Institute to Launch Roundtable With Audio Pros

SAE announced at AES the SAE Institute Platinum Series World Tour,an education-oriented panel discussion featuring leading engineers,producers, artists and songwriters who will gather to discuss thecurrent and future direction of the recording industry.

Along with the Platinum Series events, SAE also announced severalnewly established scholarships that will be awarded in the name of eachPlatinum Series panelist.

SAE has teamed up with sponsors, including Lexicon, Mixmagazine, Quantegy and Steinberg, for an Internet-streamed, worldwideinteractive discussion of current and relevant recording engineeringtopics on December 6, 2002, at its Miami location. This event and thefirst installment of this series is entitled “Recording Practices andTechniques: The Current and Future Direction of Making Records.” Thisevent will bring together industry pros such as Desmond Child, DJMuggs, Roger Nichols, Alan Parsons and Eric Schilling. The panel,moderated by Dan Daley (media journalist/author/former recording studioowner), will concentrate on media requirements, proper professionaltools vs. consumer equipment and the myriad formats in current digitalworkstations, along with a few of their own practical tips for everydaysuccess in the studio environment. This Webcast is free to members ofpro audio and other leading industry organizations, such as AES.

For more information on the Webcast and other Platinum Series WorldTour events, contact Mark Martin at SAE at [email protected].

Community Pro Now Offers Ulysses Software

According to an agreement reached with IFBSoft (Germany), CommunityProfessional Loudspeakers is now serving as the authorized sales anddistribution outlet for Ulysses sound system design/simulation softwarethroughout North America and the Caribbean.

Ulysses creates quick and precise simulations of room acoustics andelectroacoustic performance, as well as detailed predictions of how aproposed sound system will function in any given environment.

With the software, SPL and reverberation times are calculated withinseven octave bands from 125 to 8,000 Hz. Arrival times,intelligibility, ray-tracing and cluster calculations are made rapidly,while an Auralization feature allows users to hear a reasonableapproximation of what a proposed design will sound like using thecomputer’s sound card. The card is priced at $995, which also provides”workgroup” licensing of up to three computers.

A demo copy is available on Community’s Website, A free demo CD is alsoavailable to potential customers, which comes with all of the samefeatures as the licensed software but cannot save files, printinformation or import/export EASE files.

Alford Media Adds JBL VerTec Speaker System to Inventory

Nationwide staging company Alford Media Services (Coppell, Texas)recently added a JBL VerTec Speaker System to its rental inventory,comprising 24 VerTec Elements and six custom amplifier/processorracks.

“In addition to being a great-sounding reinforcement solution, wechose JBL VerTec over other line array offerings due to clientrequests, the weight and flexibility of the speakers, and the serviceand support given to us by JBL,” said Gary Scott, director of projectdevelopment and senior audio engineer. “Our system features QSCPowerLight 6.0 and PL 236 amplifiers and is processed with XTA DP 226s.In keeping with Alford’s proven practice of designing modular systems,our JBL VerTec amplifier and processing plan gives us ultimate controland flexibility, as well as redundancy on show site.”

For additional information, visit Alford Media’s Website at or call 972/538-9400.

Weeks of October 16-31

American Technology Ships HyperSonic Sound System

American Technology Corp. is now shipping its revolutionaryHyperSonic® Sound (HSS) system–the first highly directive beamloudspeaker system available for commercial installations.

Initial HSS applications include point-of-purchase displays, vendingmachines, kiosks, in-store advertising, museum guides and trade showexhibits. For more information, visit

New England College Installs Oram-Designed Console

When the audio-production students returned to class at The NewEngland Institute of Art & Communications (Brookline, Mass.) lastmonth, they found in the studio a new custom-designed and ready-to-goanalog 48-channel console, designed and installed by John Oram.

“It’s only the second of its kind in the United States,” said Oram.”Half the modules are tried-and-true Tridents; the other half are newOram modules, with automated, motorized faders and completerecall.”

The Trident half of the board is the Series 80 5.1, based on the1975 design. The Oram modules, making up the right-hand side of theconsole, are based on “21st-century requirements, but both the Tridentand Orams produce the highest-quality analog sound,” Oram commented.”Sound is a feeling, and analog is just better.”

From an educational standpoint, “this is the perfect choice,” addsstaff audio systems engineer Andrew Lypps. “The console is infinitelyflexible in all of the routes and it is logical. A student can look atit and find everything clearly labeled, and it’s really easy to use.Our instructors can teach many methods with this piece. Also, becauseit can be put in so many different configurations, it can interfacewith equipment anywhere in our entire facility, from our live musicstudio to our television production studios to our Internet radiostation.”

For more, visit Visit Trident Audio

SSL Announces Console Enhancements

At AES, Solid State Logic introduced new enhancements to its XL,Avant Plus, MT Production and Aysis Air Plus consoles. The improvementsinclude a new scoring system for the XL 9000 K Series, the new AvantPlus SP designed specifically for short-form post applications, arevamped MT Production console for mobile studio applications, andDolby DP570 control integration for its Aysis Air Plus and MTProduction consoles.

Other benefits to the XL 9000 K Series include enhancements to theperformance and display of the regional Fader Trim function and newTotal Recall and faders display features.

The new Avant Plus SP is a compact configuration Avant consolepackage, designed specifically for short-form post applications. Newcontrol surface features allow up to 192 mix inputs to be controlledfrom a 16-fader console. New interface options allow the mixer tocontrol and edit external workstations without leaving the surroundlistening sweet spot. The SP comes with integrated nonlinear automationand comprehensive surround monitoring.

The MT Production console adds virtual bays, which allow very smallcontrol surfaces to access all 96 in-line channels from the surroundlistening sweet spot, while new third-party integration tools permitcontrol and viewing of external workstations from the console’scenter section.

Finally, Solid State Logic announced that it joined the Dolby EPartner Program and introduced Dolby DP570 control integration for itsAysis Air Plus and MT Production consoles. The Dolby DP570 MultichannelAudio Tool offers a method to monitor the effects of metadata onprogram content produced for Dolby Digital transmission. Dolby Eenables broadcasters to distribute multichannel and multilanguage audioaround their facilities using existing infrastructures.

For more on these updates, visit Solid State Logic online at

Jim Mack Assumes Responsibility Over Tascam

Effective immediately, Jim Mack has assumed leadership of Tascam.Mack’s promotion follows the recent resignation of Gene Joly, who leftto accept a new career opportunity. Prior to joining Tascam, Mack spentseven years at Alesis as VP of sales and marketing.

“We are very excited about Jim’s new role at Tascam,” said JimmyYamaguchi, president of TEAC America. “He has already made strongcontributions to the Tascam product development process, and hiswide-ranging experience in sales, marketing and product developmentmakes him the ideal person to take the helm of Tascam at an importanttime in our history. Of course, we thank Gene Joly for his tremendousstrategic vision and efforts over the past four-and-a-half years atTascam, and wish him the best of luck in his new endeavors.”

“This is certainly the most exhilarating challenge of myprofessional career, and I am thrilled to have the opportunity toprovide strategic direction for Tascam at this exciting time,”commented Mack.

For more, visit Tascam online at

Sterling Rewards for DMOD

DMOD Inc., the Boston-based provider of secure digital mediaworkflow and distribution solutions for the media and communicationsindustry, has inked deals with New York City mastering studio SterlingSound, which licensed DMOD’s WorkSpace software to share and distributedigital music tracks over the Internet.

“For several years, we have been searching for a solution that’seasier to use and more secure than FTP for our eMastering service,”said Murat Aktar, president of Sterling Sound. “DMOD customized itssoftware for eMastering, enabling our clients to send and receiveuncompressed digital audio files, protected by sophisticatedencryption, using a simple, intuitive software interface. Powered byDMOD, eMastering provides instant access to our entire mastering teamin New York from anywhere in the world.”

For more information on DMOD’s WorkSpace software, visit

AMS Neve Libra Live Series II Goes on the Road

Philadelphia-based Comcast SportsNet, the 24-hour regional sportstelevision network for the Philadelphia and Baltimore/Washingtontelevision markets, has selected an AMS Neve Libra Live Series IIbroadcast audio console to produce 5.1 surround mixes in its newhigh-definition truck, scheduled to debut in early 2003. The truck willbe on hand to cover the Philadelphia 76ers, Philadelphia Flyers,Philadelphia Phillies, Washington Wizards, Washington Capitals andBaltimore Orioles.

Steve Weber, director of engineering at Comcast SportsNet, said, “Welike the feel of the Libra Live Series II. The intuitive way it is laidout and its overall flexibility spoke to our needs. You can quicklyconfigure the console for a variety of shows with ease. We needed aconsole with many outputs, but one that could also be easilyreconfigured for mono, stereo or 5.1, which will be offered on ourhigh-definition telecasts.”

Weber said that he particularly appreciates the board’s ergonomics:”Unlike the SSL and some other boards, where you have to touch thefader with your skin, the Series II faders can be pushed with a pencil,eraser, piece of paper, anything. The board’s design and ease ofuse is very important to us.”

For more on the Libra Live Series II, visit

Enter to Win a Roland MC-909 Sampling Groovebox

Roland Corporation U.S. is giving away one free MC-909 SamplingGroovebox. To enter to win, simply visit on or beforeNovember 1st. The winner will be selected at random from the databaseand notified via e-mail.

Based on a new-generation XV synth engine with up to 272 MB ofonboard sampling, the MC-909 provides hundreds of new sounds andpatterns and endless sonic manipulation via real-time controls andvelocity-sensitive pads. An optional SRX-Series Wave Expansion Boardcan be added, and samples can be used on their own or as a waveform inthe synth engine.

The MC-909 also features a beefed-up effects section with dedicatedreverb, compressor and two M-FX including COSM Amp Modeling. A separateMastering processor allows the user to create finished-sounding tracks,while the onboard USB port makes for easy exchange of .WAV/.AIFF/MIDIfiles. Performance controllers include twin D Beams and a turntableemulation slider, which now works for MIDI and audio. When paired withan optional Roland DV-7PR digital video workstation, the MC-909 cantrigger live video with its V-LINK feature.

Kenton MIDI Products Discontinued

After 16 years, Kenton has ceased production of MIDI retrofit kitsfor pre-MIDI gear, and will discontinue stocking the products oncecurrent supplies of circuit boards and components have been exhausted.Products still available include kits for vintage synths, keyboards,organs and drum machines from ARP, Korg, Linn, Moog, Oberheim, Oscar,Roland, Sequential Circuits and Yamaha.

For more info, visit

M-Audio Releases New Reference Monitors

M-Audio (Arcadia, Calif.) announced the new Studiophile BX8reference monitors, the latest in the Studiophile Series.

The BX8s’ Acoustic Space control section allows users tooptimize the monitors’ performance–no matter whether theyneed to go on stands, on a bookshelf or in the corners. Users can alsoadjust the high-frequency response to compensate for reflectivesurfaces like glass. The Presence control provides an automaticmid-range boost for added flexibility. The BX8s even include variablelow-frequency roll-off to optimize response at crossover points whenadding a subwoofer like the Studiophile SP-8S.

The BX8 specs include:

  • Two-way, near-field studio reference monitors
  • Low-frequency driver: 8-inch polypropylene curved cone
  • High-frequency driver: 1-inch natural silk dome
  • LF amplifier power: 65 watts (EIA RS-490 dynamic power)
  • HF amplifier power: 65 watts (EIA RS-490 dynamic power)
  • Crossovers: fourth-order Linkwitz Riley for smooth frequencyresponse
  • Crossover frequency: 1.25 kHz
  • Low-frequency roll-off: sixth-order filter optimizes maximum driverexcursion
  • Input connectors: XLR balanced, TRS balanced/unbalanced
  • Input sensitivity: 85 mV pink-noise input produces 90dBA output SPLat 1 meter with volume control at maximum
  • Input Impedance: 20k ohms balanced, 10k ohms unbalanced
  • Protection: RF interference, output current limiting, overtemperature, transient on/off, subsonic filter, external main fuse
  • S/N ratio: > 100 dB below full output, A weighted
  • Frequency response: 37-20k Hz
  • Power indicator: Power on/off indicator on front panel
  • Power Requirements: 115 volts/~60 Hz or 230 volts/~50 Hz(selectable); power via detachable 3-conductor line cord
  • Dimensions: 14.97×9.85×11.82 inches (HxWxD)
  • Weight: 20.32 pounds (without packing)

The Studiophile BX8s are shipping and retail for $599.95/pair MSRP.For more, visit

Cakewalk Release Sonar 2.1

Cakewalk released Version 2.1 for its award-winning SONAR digitalmultitrack recording system. Registered SONAR customers can downloadthe free update at

SONAR 2.1 highlights include:

  • OMFI and Broadcast Wave (BWF) support, providing sample-accurateimport and export of OMF and Broadcast .WAV audio files and sequencesdirectly into SONAR projects without launching a separate application.Support for OMFI and Broadcast Wave files provides cross-platformcompatibility with OMF host applications such as Pro Tools, Avid andLogic systems.
  • Windows Media 9 Series audio export support, providing audio qualitywith streaming technology available to save and distribute music overthe Internet.
  • Mackie Control surface hardware support, allowing musicians andproducers to use the new Mackie surface hardware to control SONARrecording, editing and mixing operations.

SONAR MSRP: $479; SONAR XL is $599 MSRP.

New Art Sound Installs SSL Avant Plus

New Art Sound Studio, part of New Art Digital in Mexico, recentlyinstalled Solid State Logic’s Avant Plus Digital Console for filmand post in the facility.

“The Avant is very flexible, reliable and intuitive,” said RodrigoOrtiz-Parraga at New Art Sound. “Everyone that has seen the room hasbeen very impressed. The acoustics and sound are excellent, and theAvant console is a pleasure to work with.”

The compact size of the Avant has also been an advantage to thestudio. “The configuration of the Avant console is ideal for a one-manshow,” he said. “We have the Fairlight MFX 3.48 control surfaceintegrated into the console so everything is always within reach. Theconsole may be small, but it’s huge inside.”

Check out the SSL Avant Plus Digital Console at

TerraSonde Intros Audio Toolbox, TerraLink

TerraSonde (Boulder, Colo.), manufacturer of audio testing andanalysis hardware, introduced two new products at this year’s AESconvention: the Digital Audio Toolbox and TerraLink.

The Digital Audio Toolbox is an all-in-one testing and measurementdevice for the digital domain. Similar to the original Audio Toolbox,the portable DATB includes a variety of test and measurement tools fordigital tests such as transparency test, jitter meter, latency test;analysis tools such as the bitstream analyzer, the digital watchdog andthe bitscope; various tools including a digital test signal generator,a sample-rate converter and DSP algorithms; and utilities, including aSony 9-pin tester, a high-quality digital headphone monitor and a levelmeter.

The Digital Audio Toolbox is expected to retail for $2,500.00, whichincludes a rechargeable SLA battery system, a foam-lined hard-shellcase and all necessary computer-interface cables.

TerraSonde also revealed its first software application for theAudio Toolbox line, TerraLink. Designed as a laptop or desktop tool,TerraLink allows Mac and PC users with a Toolbox to view their testresults in real time on their computer screen. Users can also organizetheir Toolbox memories into project files, display and print them, andstore them on the computer’s hard disk. They can even be e-mailedto other Toolbox owners and stored back into a Toolbox.

For more information, please visit

UAD-1 Powered Plug-Ins Version 2.3 Released

Mackie Designs Inc. and Universal Audio released Version 2.3Macintosh software for the UAD-1 Powered Plug-Ins, whichprovides support for dual-processor mode for MAS format (used byMark of the Unicorn) and VST format (used by Steinberg and others).Version 2.3 is available as a free update from both and

“We’ve supported dual processors on the Windows 2K/XP-Pro platformsince our first Windows 2K/XP drivers became available,” said UniversalAudio VP of engineering Joe Bryan. “The combination of Apple’s focus ondual-processor Macs, with the desire by users to run lots of nativeplugs along with the UAD-1, made dual-processor Mac support critical.There a lot of Mac folks out there who have been waiting for thisrelease.”

Elton John to Perform at Winter NAMM 2003

On Friday, January 17, 2003, Yamaha Corporation of America and NAMMwill present “The 2003 NAMM Concert Honoring Sir Elton John: A Benefitfor Music Education,” at the Arrowhead Pond in Anaheim, Calif. Duringthe concert, John will receive The 2003 Lifetime Achievement in MusicalExcellence Award from Yamaha.

The concert is not open to the public; only participants in theWinter NAMM trade show and their guests will be able to attend.Ticketing for the event will be handled by NAMM; for more information,interested parties may visit

Yamaha’s Chris Gero, corporate director of artist affairs, willproduce the show. Net proceeds will benefit NAMM’s music educationcharities: The American Music Conference, The International Foundationfor Music Research and The Museum of Making Music.

“Sir Elton John is the marquee performer of our generation, andYamaha is thrilled to bring him together with so many other greatartists and appreciative fans in a setting like this,” said YamahaCorporation of America senior VP Terry Lewis. “This will be anunforgettable and historic evening.” Information on additional artistswill be released on NAMM’s Website in the coming weeks.

Mars Music to Be Liquidated

The Mars Music superstore chain has decided to not reorganize underits current ownership and will instead liquidate its assets. Abankruptcy auction will be held this Thursday in Florida.

Liquidator Great American Group has entered an opening bid for allthe assets, with plans to liquidate Mars’ substantial inventory thisfall in “going-out-of-business” sales at the Mars store locations if nohigher bids come in. Other potential bidders, however, are reportedlyconsidering buying the assets in order to keep at least some of thestores open under new ownership. According to the bankruptcy filing,several interested parties have already signed non-disclosureagreements and are reviewing both Mars’ operations and potentialbusiness plans. Aside from liquidators, potential bidders could includeinvestment groups, as well as other MI retailers looking to expandtheir geographic reach.

Mars founder and CEO Mark Begelman has resigned from the company andthe Mars board, but it is not known whether he is working with any ofthe potential bidder groups.

The liquidation could mean bad news for many in the pro audioindustry, both because many manufacturers may not be paid in full–orat all–for goods sold to Mars, and because massive liquidation salesthis fall in several major markets could depress sales for otherretailers.

As of October 6, 2002, Mars had $63.7 million of inventory at cost,plus another $1.1 million of inventory in a rental pool, according tothe bankruptcy document. This inventory has declined since that date asinventory was sold without new goods coming in. The liquidator hasagreed to pay roughly 74% of the “at cost” value of the new inventoryif its bid is approved, and roughly 26% of the “at cost” value of therental pool inventory.

Congress Financial, Mars’ primary lender, is owed about $33 millionin secured loans. Unsecured creditors generally receive payment onlyafter and if secured creditors are paid. Certain other expenses,including attorneys’ fees and costs incurred after the start ofbankruptcy, also enjoy preference over unsecured creditors.

Nineteen of the 20 top unsecured Mars creditors are musicalinstrument accessories vendors, with claims totaling over $13.6million, according to the bankruptcy filings. They include: RolandCorporation, $1,923,424.51; JBL Consumer Products, $1,748,796.78;Fender Musical Instruments, $1,722,773.43; Gibson Nashville,$908,838.99; Kaman Music Corporation, $882,181.78; Korg USA Inc.,$878,166.09; Pearl Corporation, $700,769.44; Mackie Designs,$649,881.98; Washburn International, $631,551.17; Jupiter BandInstruments $552,225.98; Crown International, $520,462.37; ShureBrothers Inc., $506.988.43; Audio Technica, $345,768.88; Zildjian,$326,012.29; Line 6 Inc., $323,830.12; Taylor Guitars, $299,105.82;American DJ Supply Inc., $258,650.48; Gemini Sound Products,$256,760.70; and Warner Brothers Publications, $219,940.09.

Creditors with claims too small to put them in the top 20 are notdisclosed in the current filings, but it is certain that other musicalinstrument companies are among those with smaller–but stillsignificant–unsecured claims.

Mars bankruptcy attorney Paul Battista said that there is still hopethat unsecured creditors might receive some payment, but that it isuncertain. “The Debtor and the Committee are hopeful that monies willbe available for unsecured creditors. We will not know for sure untilseveral other matters get resolved.”

For more information, visit Mars Music’s Website at

Enter to Win Free DPA Mic

DPA Microphones will be giving away a free 4006-AE microphone eachmonth in October, November and December 2002. To enter the contest,visit, answer a few questions andsubmit the form.

AMD Supplies DAWs to Top Producers

AMD (Sunnyvale, Calif.) has teamed up with Steinberg to provide itsAthlon MP processor-based digital audio workstations for SteinbergProducer Group members, including top producers Rory Kaplan, GregLadanyi, Fred Maher and Elliot Scheiner. For background information onthe Steinberg Producer’s Group, read “Taking Aim at the High End” inJanuary 2002 Mix or online at

The Athlon MP allows users to perform pre- and post-production workon one workstation for high-resolution audio for CD or DVD release.

“Recently, I remixed R.E.M.’s Document and Roy Orbison’sLive atAustin City Limits for surround 5.1 using AMDAthlon MP processor-based Studio Pro Elite digital audio workstationhosting Steinberg Nuendo software, “said Scheiner. “The performance andstability of Nuendo running on the AMD processor-based digital audioworkstation allowed these two fantastic records to be remixed andremastered for re-release as DVD-A titles. I’m extremely happy with theAMD/Steinberg combination.”

“Fred Maher and I worked together on the Jackson Browne Runningon Empty re-release in surround sound for Warner Bros. and TheMidnight Oil surround 6.1 release Capricornia for DTS, allproduced on AMD Athlon MP processor-based systems,” said Ladanyi. “TheAMD processor-based systems with Steinberg Nuendo software have beensolid workhorses for us. They provide what we need from a digital audioworkstation: speed, stability and dependability.”

For more, visit AMD online at

Mackie Extends Soundscape Upgrade Offer

Mackie Designs (Woodinville, Wash.) extended its special upgradeprogram to let Soundscape SSHDR-1 and E-Mu Ensoniq Paris users make theswitch to Soundscape 32. The upgrade program, announced last April, wasoriginally scheduled to run through September, but has now beenextended until April 30, 2003.

Through this offer, Mackie will offer a rebate of $2,499 USD to newSoundscape 32 customers who trade-in one SSHDR-1 or Paris system to anauthorized Mackie distributor or dealer. To be eligible, the tradedequipment must be fully functional and include the terms listedbelow:

Eligible SSHDR-1 must include interface card, interface cable andthe unit’s serial number. Eligible Paris systems must include Interface2, 442 or MEC (minus the MEC interface cards), EDS-1000, interfacecable and the unit’s serial number.

In addition, Mackie recently announced Version 3.7 software andConsole Manager Version 1.5 for Soundscape 32. Version 3.7 softwarehosts improved user-interface capabilities including real-timecrossfades, real-time punch in/out and real-time record track-arming.Console Manager Version 1.5 implements support for MackieControl/Mackie Control Extender and Baby HUI control surfaces.

For more details on the program, as well as a complete list ofworldwide Mackie Broadcast Professional dealers and distributors,

M-Audio Releases Free Guidebooks

M-Audio (Arcadia, Calif.) announced the Record Now Series of freeguidebooks, which are designed to help musicians make informed choiceson music technology, as well as provide tips and techniques on how toget the most out of today’s gear.

The first title, Choosing and Using Microphones, focuses onmic technology and techniques. Technology topics includes types ofmicrophones (with an emphasis on condenser mics), design attributes ofcapsules and electronics, polar pattern characteristics, specs,manufacturing standards, etc.; techniques include basic mikingprinciples, close vs. distance miking, stereo-miking arrangements,etc.

Commenting on why they chose to highlight microphones for the firstinstallment of the new series, Adam Castillo, marketing director atM-Audio, said, “Microphones were a logical choice for a first titlebecause the new series of Groove Tubes microphones M-Audio distributesputs world-class mics within the reach of just about any seriousrecordist. Our affordable matched pairs also introduce stereo recordingto a whole new strata of musicians and engineers.”

ChoosingandUsingMicrophones is free,and is available from any M-Audio dealer or download at

Kirkland Media to Build Entertainment Complex

Atlanta-based Kirkland Media ( announced plansto create a $35 million entertainment complex in the Southeast.

According to Kirkland, the concept of the project is to have aone-stop-shop for entertainment production, including four recordingstudios, three video/film sound stages, a dance studio, guest rooms andan outdoor theater. The complex will also have a CD/DVD pressingplant.

KM has teamed up with Thacker Operating Company (TOC) andComprehensive Technical Group (CTG), whereby TOC and CTG will conduct amarket search over the next month to find a suitable site.

For more information, visit Thacker Operating Company at or visit Comprehensive Technical Group

Sennheiser, William Demant Holding Announce Joint Venture

Danish company William Demant Holding A/S, a supplier of audiologyproducts, and Sennheiser have entered into a joint venture in thetelecommunication headset industry.

The William Demant Holding Group will transfer its current headsetbusiness to the joint venture, and Sennheiser will complement this withits newly established telecom business unit and global distributionnetwork.

The newly established joint venture, Sennheiser Communications A/S,will be based in Copenhagen, Denmark, and plans to provide leading-edgeacoustic and electronic headset products. These, along with matchingcommunication interfaces, will be sold in the expanding global marketfor use in call centers, small offices, home workplaces and PC-basedapplications.

The new product range of Sennheiser Communications A/S will beintroduced at the CeBit 2003 fair in Hanover, Germany, March 12,2003.

For more, visit Sennheiser online at

38 Greene Opens in Manhattan

38 Greene, a new 10,000-square-foot sound studio, opened this monthat 38 Greene Street in Manhattan’s SoHo District.

According to Gary Moskowitz, a production engineer, co-partner inthe enterprise with Oink Ink Radio founders Dan and Jim Price, as wellas owner of Baker Sound Studio in Philadelphia, said, “The controlrooms at 38 Greene are large–very spacious. You don’t feel confined,and clients can relax in a big, comfortable lounge. It’s a homey,laid-back environment.”

Highlights include Pro Tools|HD 5.1, surround sound A/V option forvideo, and sound design and mix-to-picture studios, as well as a hostof veteran staffers and award-winning talent, including Joe Gauci(former production engineer at Nutmeg Recording in New York City) andEmily Frankfurt (a one-time executive music producer for McHaleBarone).

38 Greene will operate as a separate company from Oink Ink Radio,although because of the facility’s size, it will house the new officesof Oink Ink.

For more, contact 38 Greene at 212/226-6222.

Genelec Intros Multichannel Monitoring System

Genelec (Natick, Mass.) is showing a new comprehensive multichannelmonitoring system, the 1029.LSE PowerPak, specifically designed forpost-production suites and recording studios with control roomsmeasuring less than 3,000 cubic feet. Existing stereo-monitoringenvironments can also be upgraded to 5.1 surround.

The 1029.LSE PowerPak system consists of five Genelec 1029A two-way,biamplified active monitors, one Genelec 7060A LSE Series ActiveSubwoofer and a Genelec Acousti/Tape frequency/wavelength measuringtape. Additionally, a Genelec 1029.LSE PowerPak setup guide is includedfor accurate speaker placement, wiring and fine-tuning. MSRP for thecomplete system: $3,999.00.

For more information and technical specs, visit Genelec online at

Mackie HDR24/96 Compatible With Pro Tools

Mackie Designs Inc. announced today the release of HDR Pro, ahardware and software upgrade package for the Mackie HDR24/96 thatprovides an in-depth level of file compatibility with any Mac-basedDigidesign Pro Tools digital audio workstation (Versions 3.x through5.x). The HDR Pro package includes a copy of HDR Pro software, as wellas an outboard Mackie Media M90 drive bay that can be connected to anyMac-based Pro Tools workstation via an onboard FireWire interface.

The new HDR Pro software lets users export all audio files in agiven HDR Project as Sound Designer II (.sd2) files and also creates aPro Tools EDL (Edit Decision List) file based on edits that used theHDR’s graphical user interface. This newly created Pro Tools sessioncan then be exported directly to a Mackie Media M90 (inserted in theHDR) and transferred to a Pro Tools system via the outboard FireWiredrive bay. HDR Pro also allows a Pro Tools session to be imported intoan HDR Project by using the same transfer method.

“In introducing HDR Pro, we have significantly bolstered theversatility of the HDR24/96 for both new and existing HDR users,”commented Keith Olsen, corporate director of global recording marketand product development at Mackie Designs. “Now, users can easily movefiles recorded and edited on the road with the HDR into their Pro Toolsworkstation and back again without losing crucial session data.”

The HDR Pro package is currently shipping and will be available for$399 MSRP at Mackie dealers. Mackie Media M90 drives are soldseparately. Check it out online at

CTS Merges With Declan Weir Productions

CTS Audio (Nashville) and Declan Weir Productions (DWP) joinedforces last month with expanded services to be offered by the newcombined entity, Q.

CTS Audio has provided audio equipment rentals and engineeringservices for concerts, touring and special events for the past 18years. DWP, based in Philadelphia, is a 10-year provider of corporateand special-event productions with an emphasis on scenic staging,lighting and video services.

“We are going to be here for the long haul,” says Declan Weir,president of the event production and scenic staging division. “And theonly way we will accomplish this is by working very hard to achieve ourclearly defined objective of getting it!”

For further information about the merger and other related stories,visit Q on the Web at

Claudius Bruese Strings, Wizoo Drum Sessions Available

The online portal now offers fully fledgedClaudius Bruese Orchestra string sections separately (double bass,cellos, violas, violins) or in bundles for HALion, EXS-24 andGigaSampler. Further styles such as tremolo, spiccato and pizzicato areslated to debut in the coming weeks.

The multitrack drum grooves of Steinberg’s best-selling VSTDrum Sessions are now available online in Cubase VST and SX formats.Like in a pro studio, every instrument can be processed and mixedseparately, arrangements are freely editable, and tempo and groovequantization are variable.

Information, demos and downloads for both series are available at

Le Mobile Tracks Dixie Chicks Live

Almost two weeks before the Dixie Chicks released their newHome CD, they performed all of the album’s songs for two nightsof sold-out shows at the Kodak Theater in Hollywood. Le Mobile was onhand to record the music for an NBC-TV special to air in December and apossible future DVD release.

The Dixie Chicks studio engineer, Gary Paczosa, took charge of thetracking through Le Mobile’s Neve 8058 console, assisted by thetruck’s chief engineer Charlie Bouis. The live concertarrangements of the songs closely followed those in the studio, withthe focus on vocals and acoustic instruments–guitars, banjo, dobroand fiddle–with minimal drums and percussion.

“We wanted the best possible tone,” said Bouis, “so we put our goodcondensers all over the stage, along with some of Gary’s ownfavorites that he brought along. We had to work closely with the P.A.mixers to keep a good house level without too much leakage into ourmics.”

Paczosa said, “This truck, with its vintage Neve board, was theperfect choice for this recording. It gave me everything I wanted.Also, I could hear everything clearly. In some other trucks, I’vehad problems knowing what I was getting, but what I heard in Le Mobileis exactly what I heard when I took it back to the studio formixing.”

Working the stage end of the recording were Le Mobile techs IanCharbonneau and Ted Barela, who along with Bouis, also earned kudosfrom Paczosa. “Those guys were right on top of it all the time,” saidPaczosa. “They were quick and met all of my needs, no questions asked.Everything was set up and ready to rock by the time I got there.”

Audio tracks were recorded on Le Mobile’s Studer D827 DASHmachines and twin Tascam MX-2424 Pro Tools-compatible hard diskrecorders. The overall video production was directed by Joel Gallen andproduced by Tenth Planet Productions. Video facilities were provided bythe Denali/NEP Supershooter truck.

More information is available at

Mix Rooms Purchases SSL XL 9000

Ben Grosse, owner of West Coast recording facility The Mix Room, hasjust purchased a Solid State Logic XL 9000 K Series SuperAnalogueconsole, which will be installed this December.

“I really like the ‘J,’ and I’ve been successful withit,” Grosse said. “In fact, I’m keeping my J, so the facility willhave two 9000 Series consoles. For me, the XL is a logical progression,because it offers all of the features of the J and adds powerfulsurround options. The XL will give me the ability to easily switchbetween regular stereo mixing and 5.1 for DVD, DVD-Audio and SACD. Thiswill allow us to stay ahead of the curve in terms of current and futuretechnology. Best of all, the XL is so similar to a J, in terms ofinterface and functionality, that it will integrate seamlessly into ourenvironment.”

In anticipation of the XL’s arrival, Grosse has been workingwith renowned designer Vincent Van Haaff to update all three of thestudio’s rooms, including Studio A, which will be home to the newconsole.

Visit SSL online at

Planet-Z Recording Adds Lucid Gear

Chris Harris (Hadley, Mass.), who played guitar in heavy metal bandssuch as Doom Nation, has moved from behind the mic to behind the mixingboard in his full-fledged sound production/engineering company,Planet-Z Recording.

The studio has recently added a Lucid ADA8824 converter and a LucidGENx6 wordclock generator to its growing equipment list. For recordingand producing in a digital format, Harris (or Zeuss, his industrymoniker) uses two Mackie D8Bs, as well as Mackie HDR 24/96 recorders,Great River mic preamps, Empirical Labs distressors and a UniversalAudio 1176 limiter, among others.

“There’s more inputs and outputs available with the 8824, making iteasier to get things into and out of the recorders and the mixingconsole,” Harris said. “I also like this unit because it can transformthe signal in both directions–from analog to digital or viceversa.

“The 8824 was more expensive than some competing models, and lessthan others,” Harris continued, “but I feel it really captures thesound I want without having to spend a very high dollar amount. I likeit because it’s very clean, open-sounding and less grainy, and the topend that’s produced is very smooth. That’s key to me because I want themusic to sound like how I hear it in analog format, and that sound canchange because of converter circuitry. Essentially, I really likeanalog sound, and this converter captures that sound for me.”

According to Harris, the GENx6 has allowed him to more accuratelyalign and synchronize his console, converter and recorders. “It makeseverything in my digital system run in the same timing. If theequipment is not running at a good solid speed, snapshots are not beingtaken accurately and pieces of the audio are missing. The GENx6 is verystable, more so than the one in the console’s converter.”

For more information, visit Lucid online at

Dolby Tech Staffer Received SMPTE Award

Dolby Laboratories Inc.’s Craig Todd, senior member of the technicalstaff at Dolby Laboratories Inc., was presented with The Samuel L.Warner Memorial Medal Award for outstanding achievement in themotion-imaging industry on Friday, October 25, 2002, at the DoubletreeHotel in Pasadena, Calif., during the 144th SMPTE TechnicalConference.

The Samuel L. Warner Memorial Medal Award is given in recognition ofoutstanding contributions in the design and development of new andimproved methods and/or apparatus for sound-for-film motion pictures.As one of the primary designers of Dolby Digital and Dolby E codingtechnologies, Todd was honored for his substantial contributions in thedevelopment of multichannel film sound, his efforts to bring discretemultichannel audio to the consumer and his involvement in theACATS/ATSC effort to set the DTV standard for the U.S.

For more, visit SMPTE online at