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Daily News Archives for June


Weeks of June 1-14

Apogee Appoints Arbiter Group plc To Distribute In UK,Ireland
Apogee Electronics (Santa Monica, Calif.), the internationallyrecognized manufacturer of digital audio equipment, has appointedHendon, UK-based Arbiter Group plc to distribute Apogee’s expandingline of digital audio conversion systems and accessories in the UnitedKingdom and the Republic of Ireland.
“Arbiter Group is the largest distributor of music and audio equipmentin Europe,” said Apogee’s co-founder and CEO Betty Bennett, “and theyhave a very strong professional audio division. The British market is asophisticated and knowledgeable one, and it’s important that ourdistributor fully understands the products and can help dealersrecognize Apogee’s unique benefits. We are confident that Arbiter willbe a strong partner in this area and will significantly strengthen ourposition in the UK and Ireland. In addition, Arbiter already handlesSteinberg, which is particularly appropriate in view of our strongcollaboration with Steinberg on the NativeTools package.” NativeToolscombines Apogee high-resolution A/D and D/A converters with Steinberg’sNuendo software to create a complete solution in one box.
For more, visit Apogee online at

Henninger Vision, DTS Entertainment Release 5.1 SamplerDisc
Henninger Vision, one of the nation’s leading providers of newmedia, Internet and interactive services and solutions, and supplier ofsurround music in the DVD-Audio format, has completed an exclusiveDVD-Audio sampler disc for DTS Entertainment. Created to demonstratethe high-resolution sound quality of this new DVD format, the samplerdisc features distinctive 5.1 remixes of various titles by legendaryartists such as Olivia Newton John, Les Brown and his Band of Renown,the Fabulous Thunderbirds, Paul Gilbert, the Gluey Brothers, DavidAlan, Toy Matinee, Steve Stevens and Tchaikovsky.
“The 5.1 surround experience has already dramatically enhanced millionsof home theater living rooms,” said Tom McCarthy, Henninger’sdirector of DVD services. “This 5.1 music remix for DTS Entertainmentwas a great project to be a part of. The artists’ amazingcompositions ‘come to life’ like never before.”
“Much of the success of the DVD-Video format is directly tied to theability to deliver a theater-like experience via high-quality 5.1surround soundtracks,” explained David DelGrosso, VP of marketing forDTS Entertainment. “But ‘home theater’ is only the ‘tipof the iceberg’ for 5.1 surround, as the new DVD-Audio formatbegins to pave the way for a similar market explosion for the recordindustry. And, working with the creative and technical expertise of theHenninger Vision team helped make this all possible. We look forward toworking with them on other similar projects in the future.”
This new DVD-Audio sampler offers 5.1 music tracks inAdvanced-Resolution MLP, plus DTS 96kHz/24-bit tracks (as well as2-channel stereo tracks) of these popular artists; the disc iscompatible with all DVD-Audio and DVD-Video players. The disc is beingmade available to select retailers who choose to demonstrate theexceptional sound quality of the DVD-Audio format.
For more about the sampler disc, check out Henninger Vision online or DTS Entertainment at

ATC Announces Production of HyperSonic Sound System
American Technology Corporation (San Diego, Calif.) announced factoryproduction of the first commercial units of its HyperSonic Sound (HSS)system, which creates highly directional sound using the airitself.
The first HSS production model, PB1200, is a dual-emitter, digitalplayback version, which is fully self-contained in a compact enclosure.Other models are planned for introduction over the next several monthsbased on customer application and requirements.
“HSS is an exciting audio innovation that is shaping the future ofsound,” said Terry Conrad, president of ATC. “Our proprietaryproduction methods have now made HSS economical, and it will becomeeven more economical as unit volumes and applications expand.”
The wide range of applications was a result from recent improvementsmade by ATC in the sound quality and output level of HSS. The design ofthe current production HSS model has resulted in a system optimized forlow distortion and smooth frequency response.
“Orders from existing ATC customers and licensees have already absorbedour full production capabilities through this fall,” said Bob Todrank,VP of business development of ATC. “Initial applications for HSSinclude point-of-purchase displays, kiosks, retail store advertising,museum guides and exhibit booth sound.”
The HSS systems being produced for ATC by HST Inc., its manufacturingpartner, meet all appropriate government regulatory requirements andwill carry the UL and CE labels, indicating that all safetyrequirements have been met. The FDA also has issued a “clearance tomarket” to ATC for HSS, as it pertains to ultrasonic devices for otherthan medical applications.
For more information, visit

APRS Launches UK Post-Production Guide
The Audio Post-Production Studio sector of the APRS launched aspecialist handbook called Audio Post UK, which focuses on audiopost-production facilities and services provided in the UK. Thehandbook is targeted at producers and audio post supervisors involvedin commercials, film and TV production throughout the world.
Over recent years, UK’s audio post facilities have acquired areputation for excellence for such high-profile movies as the series,Harry Potter, The Mummy 2, James Bond and TombRaider.
Supported by the DTI through Trade Partners UK, Audio Post UKintroduces overseas clients to the benefits of bringing their projectsto the post-production community in the UK.
Dennis Weinreich, chairman of APPS, the APRS’ audio post-productionstudio sector, explained: “Our goal is attracting additional audiopost-production work from overseas-produced films, especially thosethat are shot in the UK that might otherwise conduct their audiopost-production at home.”
For more, visit

Spectrasonics Intros Stylus
Sound developer Spectrasonics introduced its Groove Control VirtualInstrument — Stylus Vinyl Groove Module.
Stylus is a new type of software plug-in instrument that integrates amassive core library of thousands of groove elements, loops and sampleswith a powerful user interface to create original grooves. Stylus canbe used as a native plug-in instrument in hosts like Logic, DigitalPerformer, Cubase VST, Nuendo and Pro Tools; no sampler isnecessary.
Stylus features include:
•  A massive core library of nearly 3 gigabytes
•  All-new remix groove library created by acclaimed producerEric Persing
•  Over 1,000 turntable tricks, skips, stops, beat-jugglingand scratch FX
•  Over 100 live percussion loops can be added to anygroove
•  Elastic tempo, pitch, pattern and feel with GrooveControl
•  Real-time groove jamming at any tempo with Groovemenus
•  Built-in Groove auditioning system and near-instantaneousload times
•  A drum sample library featuring thousands of samples
•  Easy to use, built-in patch-management system
•  Sample-accurate timing
•  Fully programmable
•  Total recall with sequence
•  Multimode resonant filters for each sample, plus masterfilters
•  Three envelopes for pitch, filter and amplitude
•  Matrix-style modulation routing, two LFOs
•  Independent parameter control of each sample
•  Powered by custom 32-bit UVI engine
•  Cross platform and plug-in compatibility
Price: $299 MAS, RTAS and VST.
System recommendations: 192MB RAM, 3GB free hard disk space. MAC: OS 8or higher, 300MHz G3 or better CPU, and MAS, RTAS or VST 2.0 host. PC:Windows 98, 300MHz Pentium or better CPU, sound card and VST 2.0host.
For more information, visit Spectrasonics at

Euphonix System 5-M Console Installed in Hit Factory’s New 96KDigital Studio
New York’s Hit Factory has announced the opening of its new 24/96kStudio 5. The room features the Euphonix System 5-M console with 100channels of 24/96k audio and a 48-channel Euphonix R-1 digitalrecorder.
Troy Germano, CEO of the Hit Factory, stated, “We wanted to offer theabsolute purest digital environment to our clients in Studio 5. While48k audio has been a staple for several years, it’s time for us to stepup to the 96k standard, so we replaced the Sony Oxford 24/48k consolewith the Euphonix System 5-M. We believe clients that are familiar withlarge-frame consoles will make the transition to an all-digital studioseamlessly with the Euphonix System 5-M.”
The Hit Factory in New York has catered to some of the world’s premiereartists, and its studios are the birthplace of many seminal albums.Stevie Wonder’s Songs in the Key of Life, Bruce Springsteen’sBorn in the USA, John Lennon’s Double Fantasy and PaulSimon’s Graceland were all created at the Hit Factory. Topartists such as Nelly, Destiny’s Child, Michael Jackson, Britney Spearsand U2 have also visited the studios for their recordings.
“It’s great to be partnering with New York’s premiere music studio,”said Andrew Wild, VP of marketing at Euphonix. “We believe the EuphonixSystem 5-M is the only choice for high-end digital music recording andmixing and are pleased that Hit Factory feel the same. We are lookingforward to some great-sounding records.”
For more on the Euphonix System 5-M, visit

Dolby to Offer Surround Sound Services
Dolby Laboratories has launched a comprehensive range of services tohelp broadcast, post, music and DVD facilities deliver their productsin surround sound and the new formats for DVD and Digital TV.
The Surround Sound Services team will provide technical assistance andoperational advice to prepare a facility for the industry-standardformats Dolby Surround, Dolby Digital and Dolby E. Typical topics,according to Dolby, include studio monitoring configuration andcalibration, encoding and meta data creation.
“With the success of surround sound on DVD and television, more andmore facilities are being asked to deliver in Dolby surround soundformats,” said Andrea Borgato, multichannel audio consultant at DolbyLaboratories. “We can help a facility set up their equipment andstudios for surround sound work, and advise on recording and encodingtechniques.”
Among the first clients for this new service was Italy-based music andpost facility Marinastudios. General manager Cristiano Solari said,”Dolby provided us with comprehensive training for delivering mixes inDolby Digital, Dolby E and Dolby Surround, plus advice on monitoring,mixing and encoding. As a result, we can be confident that a mix thatsounds great in the studio will sound great when it reaches theaudience at home, too.” Other clients have included post-productionfacilities Home, Lipsync, Stream and Transworld International, andbroadcasters RAI and BSkyB.
For more, visit Dolby online at

Napster Seeks Bankruptcy, Part of Bertelsmann Deal
NEW YORK (Reuters) – Napster Inc. said on Monday it filed forbankruptcy protection, as German media giant Bertelsmann AG prepares totake over what remains of the once dominant Internet music-swappingservice.
The filing is part of the survival plan for three-year-old Napster,which became one of the Internet’s hottest properties by lettingmillions of people swap music online for free.
“They’re still not dead,” said P.J. McNealy, research director atGartner/G2, a San Jose, Calif.-based technology research firm. “Napsterwill continue to hope that at some point down the road, it can leveragewhatever value its brand still has left.”
At its peak, Napster attracted nearly 60 million users. The musicquickly died, though, as five big record labels sued the company formusic piracy. Napster has been offline since July.
“It still holds a sense of promise of being a universal jukebox,” saidSteve Jones, who heads the communications department at the Universityof Illinois at Chicago.
Closely held Napster, based in Redwood City, Calif., listed $7.9million in assets and about $101 million of debts as of April 30, inpapers filed with its voluntary Chapter 11 petition at the U.S.Bankruptcy Court in Delaware.
“Today’s filing marks a new beginning for Napster,” chief executiveKonrad Hilbers, who joined the company from Bertelsmann last July, saidin a press statement. “The demand for an Internet-based musicfile-sharing community that benefits artists and consumers is as strongas ever.”
A Napster spokeswoman declined to say when the company expects toemerge from bankruptcy. Napster’s lawyers did not immediately returncalls seeking comment.

2002 TEC Awards Nominees Announced
The Mix Foundation for Excellence in Audio (Emeryville, Calif.) hasannounced the nominees for the 18th Annual Technical Excellence &Creativity Awards, which honor outstanding technical and creativeachievement in professional audio recording and sound production. Theawards ceremony will be presented Monday evening, October 7, 2002, atthe Wilshire Grand Hotel in downtown Los Angeles.
Nominations in 24 categories comprising 17 areas of technicalachievement in product design and seven categories of creativeachievement in audio production were made by a select panel of 112audio industry professionals. Winners will be chosen by the 42,000BPA-qualified Mix subscribers who cast the ballots that will beincluded in the August issue of the magazine.
The nominated products and projects represent the greatest advances inproduction/performance tools and the achievements of engineers,producers, designers and technicians who define the highest standard ofexcellence in professional audio. Notable among this year’s nomineesare the top five choices for Outstanding Record Production/Album, whichoffers a widely varied sampling of musical genres and illustrate thenominating panel’s collective ear for superior production quality overpopular preferences of style.
This year, recognition for production facility design has been broughtback to the TEC Awards in the category of Outstanding Studio DesignProject. Honoring studio architects, acousticians and studio owners,the award recognizes those whose outstanding work is evidenced inexceptionally designed facilities completed in the nominationeligibility period of March 2001 to February 2002.
Lifetime achievement awards will go to legendary recordingengineer/producer Geoff Emerick and musician/composer Robbie Robertson.Emerick, best known for the sonic artistry he gave to the production ofmany of The Beatles’ greatest recordings, will be inducted into the TECAwards Hall of Fame. Robertson, renowned as a driving force behindseminal rock group The Band, will receive the prestigious Les PaulAward, presented each year for the creative application of music andaudio technology.
For more, visit the TEC Awards online at

MacPherson to Ship New Subwoofer
MacPherson Inc. (Skokie, Ill.), manufacturers of high-performanceprofessional loudspeaker systems, is now shipping the KS115Subwoofer.
Following the critically acclaimed launch of the Scholar 118 Subwoofer,the KS115 offers a high level of bass articulation and musicality in asmaller cabinet.
The KS115 uses a 15-inch, 1,000-watt woofer, which has been optimizedfor sonic quality, high-SPL output and durability. An innovative voicecoil and magnet design virtually eliminates the over-excursion andpower-compression problems often seen in subwoofers. And, like theScholar 118, extensive electronic manipulation is not necessary toachieve optimal reproduction; all that’s needed are the standardhighpass and lowpass functions provided by an electroniccross-over.
The KS115 can be used singularly or in horizontal or vertical arrays.Space-friendly, its ultra-compact, low-profile design makes the KS115usable for a wide variety of fixed or portable applications. With anoverall height of less than 18 inches, cabinets can easily be usedunder portable staging or integrated into architectural designs,theatrical sets and trade show exhibits.
The cabinets weight less than 73 pounds each, allowing for easytransport and maneuver. Also featured are the built-in thermoplasticskid rails, which protect the cabinet’s finish and provides ahigh-impedance interface between each cabinet and adjacentsurfaces.
For more on the KS115 Subwoofer, visit

Music Industry Unveils New Piracy-Proof Format: A Black, PlasticDisc with Grooves on It
by Urban Reflex (a wonderful parodistic news service from theUUK–Ed.)
Music bosses have unveiled a revolutionary new recording format thatthey hope will help win the war on illegal file sharing which isthought to be costing the industry millions of dollars in lostrevenue.
Nicknamed the “Record,” the new format takes the form of a black, vinyldisc measuring 12 inches in diameter, which must be played on aspecially designed “turntable.”
“We can state with absolute certainty that no computer in the world canaccess the data on this disc,” said spokesman Brett Campbell. MORE

Dee Dee Ramone, Rock Singer and Artist, Dies at 49
LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – Dee Dee Ramone, the rock singer, artist andauthor who co-founded influential 1970s punk rock band The Ramones andwent on to become a rap singer and a painter, has died, his agent saidon Thursday.
Ramone, 49, was found dead on Wednesday night at his home in LosAngeles by his wife. The cause has not yet been determined, and anautopsy will be conducted, Chris Maggiore of Los Angeles-based talentagency Artists Worldwide told Reuters.
His death follows that of lead singer and band co-founder Joey Ramone,who died in April 2001 of lymphoma, also at age 49.
Ramone, born Douglas Colvin in Virginia in September 1952, grew up inBerlin with his military family, returning to the U.S. in his teenageyears. He co-founded The Ramones in 1974 and played bass with the banduntil 1989.
Known for its chants of “Hey! Ho! Let’s go!” and playing in jeans andleather jackets, the band has been called an influence on a number ofmodern recording artists, including top acts like U2, Pearl Jam and theRed Hot Chili Peppers.
The band’s songs were not tame, with titles like “The KKK Took My BabyAway,” “Blitzkrieg Bop” and “Pet Sematary.” Their first record, the1976 The Ramones, is now considered one of punk rock’s seminalalbums.
After leaving the band, Ramone pursued a short career as a rapper underthe name Dee Dee King, with little success.
In addition to his solo musical career, he moved on to writing andpainting. Maggiore said Ramone had just finished writing his fifthbook, which follows such titles as Lobotomy: Surviving theRamones and Chelsea Horror Hotel.
During the 1980s, a number of The Ramones cleaned up from drug andalcohol addictions.
“He was sober for I don’t know how many years,” Maggiore said. Ramoneproduced a hand-written fan magazine called Takin’ Dope thatcame out irregularly, with the last one being in December.
Maggiore said a benefit is being planned.
The band was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame last March. Aspokesman for the bandmembers said they had not prepared a statementyet.
Ramone is survived by his wife, the former Barbara Zampini.

Mackie Announces D8B Sales Promotion
Mackie Designs Inc. (Woodinville, Wash.) announced a special salesoffer for customers who purchase a Mackie Digital 8 Bus console betweenJune 1, 2002, and September 30, 2002. Mackie’s “d8bonanza” provides newD8B customers with more than $4,000 worth of free plug-in cards,software and factory rebates. Also, if a customer purchases an HDR24/96Hard Disk Recorder at the same time as the D8B promotion, they willreceive a factory rebate for three free OPT-8 I/O cards.
In addition to receiving the gift pack, customers will be entered intoa sweepstakes to win a one-on-one mix session with Keith Olsen,six-time Grammy Award-winning producer, at the Mackie studio.
A complete list of dealers participating in this promotion is availableat

Blu-Ray Disc Specifications Announced
Nine leading companies announced that they will begin disclosing thespecifications for the Blu-Ray Disc, a next-generation, large-capacity,optical-disc, video-recording format, on June 14, 2002.
The disc enables the recording, rewriting and playback of up to 27 GBof data on a single-sided, single-layer, 12cm CD/DVD-sized disc using a405nm blue-violet laser. The disc can also record over two hours ofdigital high-definition video and more than 13 hours of standard TVbroadcasting.
The companies involved are: Hitachi, LG Electronics, MatsushitaElectric Industrial, Pioneer, Royal Philips Electronics, SamsungElectronics, Sharp Corporation, Sony Corporation and ThomsonMultimedia.
As reported in May, Blu-Ray Disc’s main specifications include:23.3/25/27GB recording capacity, 36Mbps high-speed data-transfer rate,phase-change recording format, MPEG-2 video-recording format, and AC3and MPEG-1, Layer 2 audio-recording format.
Inquiries regarding the disclosure of specification should be directedto

CreamWare Celebrates Anniversary with Product Special
To celebrate its 10-year anniversary, CreamWare is offering tworecording packages at reduced prices.
Anniversary bundle 1 includes Luna II EXtreme I/O, Luna II EX recordingcard plus ADAT/Z-Link expansion, A16 Ultra 16-channel AD/DA converterand OptiMaster Intelligent Mastering Processor plug-in.
Anniversary bundle 2 includes Luna II analog breakout, Luna IIDSP-based recording card, Luna 24/96 I/O Box with eight additionalexternal analog I/Os and OptiMaster Intelligent Mastering Processorplug-in.
The anniversary bundles are intended to be complete solutions for24-bit/96kHz recording on a PC or Mac. Both offer a multitude ofhigh-quality I/Os, such as: Luna II EXtreme I/O, which offers 36 inputsand outputs, of which 18 analog I/Os can operate simultaneously at 24bits/96 kHz, and Luna II Analog Breakout, which has 12 inputs andoutputs, of which 10 analog I/Os can operate simultaneously at 24bits/96 kHz.
The bundles contain an extensive software package of DSP-supportedeffects (including the MasterVerb reverb) and mixers. In addition, thebundles include the OptiMaster DSP plug-in, which puts professionalfinal mixes easily within reach. And with the new 3.1 software, bothsystems are easily controlled directly from within any softwaresequencer.
The anniversary bundles are available now at CreamWare dealers. Theoffers apply until August 31, 2002. Luna II Extreme I/O, $1,598 (normallist $2,439); Luna II Analog Breakout, $798 (normal list,$1,143).
For more information, visit CreamWare online at

The Ambassador Turns To Soundcraft
The 40-channel Soundcraft K2 and SM12 consoles were recently installedat The Ambassador, a large live performance venue built into a formerbowling alley in a northern St. Louis suburb shopping center. Localdealer Sound & Lighting Systems provided the sale.
The 1,200-capacity venue, which is owned by international cateringbusiness entrepreneur Craig Spruill, specializes in hosting prominentR&B, funk and blues artists from the ’60s, ’70s and’80s, including recent performers like The Barkays, Dazz Band andShirley Brown.
Randy Anderson and Dimitrius Blanton of St. Louis-based Picture PerfectSound are called upon to run The Ambassador’s system for mostconcerts. Anderson, who primarily mixes FOH, noted, “The K2’seight stereo effects returns—four on faders and four onpots—give me a lot of flexibility and make the board feel evenlarger than its 40-channel frame size. Really, for quality and featuresversus cost, Soundcraft boards can’t be beat, and the K2 is a goodexample of that.”
Blanton, who typically mans the monitor rig, adds, “The SM12’snoise floor is really low, and the completely active parametric EQ oneach channel is wonderful for monitors. I also love the LEDs on eachinput strip as well as the console’s mute groups. And, like theK2, the club really appreciated its affordable price.”
The K2 is set up in a traditional FOH position along with theclub’s lighting controls, while the SM12 is located “stage right.”The two desks are part of a system-wide upgrade that will soon alsoinclude Crown Macro-Tech amplifiers driving proprietary custom-builtSound & Lighting Systems cabinets utilizing JBL components.
For more on these consoles, visit Soundcraft online at

Euphonix TransferStation Teams Up with Steinberg’sNuendo
Announced at this year’s AES Munich, Euphonix has begun shipping anupdated version of TransferStation, a hardware and software option forits R-1 multitrack digital recorder. TransferStation is now bundledwith Steinberg’s Nuendo Media Production System for audio editingand processing.
The TransferStation translates R-1-formatted files to theindustry-standard AES31 file format, retaining all edits, crossfadesand vital time-stamped information within a multitrack session. Thisoffers enhanced compatibility with current and future digital audioworkstations. The product includes a rackmount Windows-based computer,eight Kingston-style removable drive bays, the R-1 software package andSteinberg’s Nuendo software. Backups can be done either onto anoptional built-in LTO tape drive with a 200GB capacity or onto anetworked file server.
Martin Kloiber, executive VP of technology at Euphonix, stated, “TheTransferStation really opens up the world for high-end recording.Euphonix is dedicated to integrating our products with other industrystandards. Users need to have a clear and easy way to move projectsbetween systems. By including Nuendo software with the TransferStation,we are helping to start that process and hope others willfollow.”
Steve Garth, CEO of Steinberg North America, added, “In uniting theTransferStation and Nuendo, Euphonix is embracing a philosophy that isalso core to us at Steinberg: Open-system architecture enablesintegration and a more efficient workflow. Combining high-end audiotools such as the R-1, TransferStation and Nuendo bring the audioprofessional the flexibility to work as they want and not as thetechnology dictates.”
TransferStation has already been used on two important projects.Archiving rare Bob Marley multitrack analog audio tapes for UniversalMusic (see Mix June 2002, issue for more), and during therecording and editing of Korn’s upcoming albumUntouchables. Engineer Frank Filipetti and producer MichaelBeinhorn used the R-1 during recording and mixing and Nuendo forediting.
For more, visit or

Full Compass President Receives “Entrepreneurial Woman of theYear” Award
Full Compass System’s (Milwaukee, Wis.) president Susan Lipp wasawarded “Entrepreneurial Woman of the Year” by the National Associationof Women Business Owners of Wisconsin (NAWBO).
The award is given to the woman business owner who contributes to thecommunity, overcomes adversity, maintains company growth and profit.There are over 136,000 women-owned businesses in the state ofWisconsin, of which 40 top performers were nominated for thisprestigious award. Lipp gave an inspired speech, recounting herpersonal history and the history of Full Compass, ending with atestimonial to her and husband Jonathan’s 24-year marriage andpartnership in life and business. She received several standingovations for her commitment to promoting women in business, andprofessed her desire to continue supporting charitable and communityorganizations through personal and corporate philanthropy. Lippcurrently serves on nine non-profit boards, as well as maintaining abusy schedule at Full Compass.
For more, visit

Musictech College Installs Blue Sky 5.1 Monitors
Musictech College (Saint Paul, Minn.), which is accredited to bestowA.A.S. degrees in music and recording technology, recently moved intonew quarters in the former Science Museum. In the process, therecording technology department built nine new studios, including adefinitive high-end 5.1 surround studio equipped with Blue Sky 5.1monitors.
“We’re serious about surround, and that’s why we chose theBlue Sky 5.1 monitors,” stated Scott Jarrett, head of the RecordingTechnology Department at Musictech College. “We have a very strongcommitment to 5.1 surround audio education. Our intent is to be theNumber One educational facility in this regard. The Blue Sky monitorswere the perfect way to reinforce that commitment. Plus, we happen toalso think they sound great.”
Jarrett noted that he regards the Blue Sky 5.1 system’scross-overs as “the most transparent in the business, whetheryou’re monitoring in stereo or surround. The detail and accuracyare absolutely astonishing. They have spoiled me for mixing andmonitoring on anything else.”
For more information on Blue Sky 5.1 monitors, visit

JBL Releases Sound Reinforcement Guide
John Eargle and Chris Foreman have introduced JBL Audio Engineeringfor Sound Reinforcement, a reference guide that covers basicinformation to the latest technology of line arrays and digital signalprocessing. Sections include audio basics, components, system designand various applications. The book, which is distributed by Hal LeonardCorporation, is now available.
“When JBL asked us to write a comprehensive book on modern soundsystems, Chris and I were honored and daunted,” stated author Eargle.”In fairly short order, we had outlined the structure and chapterheadings, then with help from many people, this very extensive book waswritten and refined. In the end, I was amazed that we held it down to450 pages.”
“Following in the footsteps of classic audio books by Don Davis andGary Davis, we feel this reference work by Chris and John will becomethe new standard for audio professionals, educators and enthusiasts,”stated Michael MacDonald, president of JBL Professional. “John andChris have over 70 years of audio experience between them. They passalong their knowledge in a way that is very deep and technical, butstill readable and easy to understand.”
The 29-chapter book falls into four broad sections. Section one,”Fundamentals,” discusses the basics of acoustics, psycho-acoustics,electrical concepts and digital processing. Section two, “SystemComponents,” is concerned with the equipment used, includingmicrophones, consoles, amplifiers, signal processing and loudspeakers,as well as computer-based system control. Section three, “SystemDesign,” is about the technical and practical sides of system design.System layout, specifications, analysis and design are covered as wellas how to develop comprehensive customer-based analysis of their goalsand expectations. “Applications,” section four, ties it all togetherwith detailed descriptions of several types of sound systems for tour,houses of worship, auditoriums, sports facilities, etc. Six appendicesfollow this chapter.
John Eargle is senior director of product development and applicationfor JBL Professional. He is the author of several books on audio andrecording. Eargle received a Grammy Award in 2001 and a Scientific andTechnical Award in 2002 from the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts andSciences.
Chris Foreman is VP of marketing for electronic contracting. He hasover 30 years of experience in pro audio as a sound contractor,consultant and manufacturer. He is widely published and a former editorof Sound & Communications magazine.
JBL Audio Engineering for Sound Reinforcement is available atmusic and bookstores nationwide, or through Music Dispatch(800/637-2852;

Deluxe Laboratories Expands Euphonix Presence
Toronto-based Deluxe Laboratories has ordered two System 5-P consolesfor its TV post-production rooms, bringing their total number ofEuphonix System 5 Consoles to five.
The company installed the first Euphonix System 5-F digital filmconsole in 1999, and returned two years later in 2001 to install twomore System 5-F consoles. Rich Nevens, executive VP of U.S. sales atEuphonix, said, “We have a very strong relationship with Deluxe, andhave worked together very closely to support their post-productionrequirements. They have been very successful with their current threefilm consoles and expect to continue this success with the System 5s inthe TV post rooms.”
Tom Allwood, executive VP and general manager of post-production atDeluxe Laboratories, stated, “After the tremendous success we’ve hadwith our previous three Euphonix System 5 consoles, it was the rightchoice to continue with Euphonix for the television post-productionrooms. The new consoles can also double for film pre-dubbing, whichcould really pay off in a time crunch or when projects overlap. TheSystem 5 consoles provide an excellent facility solution for Deluxe.Our clients love the console’s versatility, flexibility and pure soundquality, and happy clients is good business.”
The two System 5-P post-production consoles are set up with identicalspecs to make it extremely easy to work on a project in either room.The two 40-fader, 82-channel System 5-P post consoles are set to goonline at Deluxe Laboratories on July 15, 2002.
Deluxe has had great success mixing films with the System 5-F digitalfilm console. Some of the films dubbed at Deluxe include Ararat,American Psycho 2, Dracula 2:Ascension, Dungeons &Dragons, Hedwig & The Angry Inch, ProjectGreenlight and Say Nothing.
For more information on the Euphonix System 5-P, visit the companyonline at Deluxe Laboratories, 424 AdelaideSt E, Toronto, ON M5A 1N4; 416/364-4321.

Macworld Early-Bird Registration Offer
Attendees who register for Macworld Conference & Expo in New Yorkby June 17 can take advantage of early-bird pricing. Macworld NY willbe held July 15-19, 2002, at the Javitz Center in New York City.
Visit Macworld to register early at″.

Music Industry Says Worldwide Piracy Up Sharply
WASHINGTON (Reuters) — Sales of bootlegged music grew by nearly 50%worldwide last year, an industry group said on Tuesday, as piratesseized on a new recordable CD format to churn out 1.9 billion illegallyduplicated units in 2001.
While the U.S. music industry worries most about lost sales fromindividuals downloading songs from the Internet, there is a biggerthreat globally from unauthorized copying of CDs and cassettes, saidthe International Federation of the Phonographic Industry, orIFPI.
These illegal CDs and cassettes now account for two out of every fiveunits sold worldwide, the group said, with piracy levels rising as highas 90% in countries like China.
Technology for recordable CDs, which are known as CD-Rs, have loweredthe barriers to entry for pirates, the group said, making duplicatingequipment cheaper and more portable. CD-Rs accounted for nearlyone-quarter of pirated music sales last year, up from 9% the yearearlier, the group said.
Most pirates operate sophisticated, international networks that takeadvantage of lax copyright-protection laws in countries such asIndonesia and Paraguay to manufacture and distribute their products,said Jay Berman, IFPI chairman and chief executive.
“Piracy on a global basis is for the most part a highly organizedactivity,” Berman said at a press conference. “It takes a high level ofsophistication to produce a disc at a plant in Malaysia and to findthat disc in Brazil.”
As former hotbeds such as Bulgaria and Ukraine crack down, piratessimply pack up and move to countries like Russia that have scantprotections for copyright holders, he said.
Many governments need to beef up their copyright laws so police canseize pirated CDs and prosecute manufacturers, he said.
Certain countries should also regulate CD-manufacturing plants to limitabuses, said Neil Turkewitz, a VP with the RIAA.
Governments should require makers of blank CD-Rs to be licensed andprint a unique tracking code on each disc they make, Turkewitz said,while duplicators should be required to verify that their customershold the copyrights for music they want duplicated.
Berman said the recording industry was not trying to outlaw blankCDs.
“A blank CD-R by itself is a totally benign and legal product,” hesaid.

Bertelsmann Acquires Zomba Music Division
On June 11, 2002, the Zomba Music Group (Britney Spears, BackstreetBoys, Black Crowes and many other groups), an independent music label,announced that it has applied its long-standing option withBertelsmann’s music division, BMG Music, to acquire the remainingshares of Zomba that Bertelsmann doesn’t currently own.
The business relationship between Zomba and Bertelsmann date back tothe mid-1980s. In 1991, BMG acquired a 25% stake in Zomba’smusic-publishing division; in 1996, it acquired a 20% stake in Zomba’srecord division. Since 1996, Zomba has had an option that requiredBertelsmann to acquire the remaining stake in both Zomba’s record andmusic-publishing divisions, which will expire in December 2002.
Zomba’s chairman and chief executive, Clive Calder, stated in arelease: “With its outstanding executives and creative talent, Zombashould add a lot of value to Bertelsmann’s music division, BMG. Whilethe exercise of this option will undoubtedly be a surprise to many inthe music industry, this is a natural culmination of many years ofclose business ties and a complex series of agreements negotiated 12years ago.”
The transaction is expected to close later this year. Both companieshave agreed to not comment further on the pending acquisition due tothe ongoing legal and regulatory processes involved.

Weeks of June 15-30

Sound Art Canada Tacks on Touring Tasks

Sound Art Canada has established a new division for servicingnational and international touring artists. Dubbed “Sound Art Touring,”the new division utilizes the company’s cross-Canada resources tocreate customized sound systems for major recording artists in NorthAmerica and abroad.

Based out of Toronto, the Touring Division is managed by concertsound veterans Jon Erickson and Jeff Berryman, formerly of JasonSound.

For more information, visit

Warner Music Group To Lower Price of DVD-Audio Titles 35 Percent- Matching CDs

Sources inside of Warner Music Group tell thatthey will soon drop the retail price of DVD-Audio titles (currently ashigh as $26) to between $16.99 to $18.99. This strategy is designed toget more consumers, especially those with DVD-Video players hooked upin a 5.1 home theater, to start buying DVD-Audio versions of new musicas opposed to the more technologically limited Compact Disc.

Read the entire story at

Pro Production 2003 Dates Announced

Timeless Communications Inc. has announced Pro Production 2003, “TheLive Event Marketplace,” which will take place January 10-12, 2003, atthe San Diego Convention Center in San Diego, Calif. Building upon thehighly successful inaugural show last year, Pro Production 2003 willoffer expanded educational opportunities and social functions inaddition to the trade show portion of the event.

Pro Production 2003 brings together live event productionprofessionals who coordinate, produce and manage major concert tours,sporting events, political conventions, touring Broadway shows, largecorporate meetings and trade show exhibits. Suppliers and purchasers ofservices and products used in these environments are also invited toattend. Over 1,600 attendees from 33 states and 10 foreign countrieswere on hand for the inaugural Pro Production convention in January2002.

Pro Production 2003 will commence on Thursday, January 9, at theannual Rick O’Brien Golf Tournament, which will be held at SanDiego’s Riverwalk Golf Course. O’Brien, a highly respectedproduction manager, passed away suddenly several years ago. He leftbehind three small children. A portion of the proceeds from the annualgolf tournament are donated to the Rick O’Brien Children’sEducational Fund; last year’s tournament raised $1,500 for thefund.

Along with the golf tournament, an “early bird” reception/cruise,from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m., will be available to all full conference badgeholders. Individual tickets for this event are also available.

Continuing in the same vein as last year’s conference, the ParnelliAwards are scheduled for Friday, January 10. This year’s expandedawards ceremony will include not only the Lifetime Achievement Awardbut also an additional 15 awards. The Lifetime Achievement Award isdetermined by the Advisory Board; other award winners will bedetermined by a vote of Pro Lights & Staging News andFront of House magazine readers. Other award categories are:Lighting Designer of the Year, FOH Mixer of the Year, Set Designer ofthe Year, Monitor Mixer of the Year, Scenic Design Firm of the Year,Production of the Year, Lighting Company of the Year, Sound Company ofthe Year, Production Manager of the Year, Tour Manager of the Year,Staging Company of the Year, Transportation Company of the Year, VideoRental Company of the Year, Video Director of the Year and Road Dog ofthe Year.

On Saturday, January 11, Pro Lights & Staging News’editor Bruce Jordahl will head up the “Industry Jam.” Last year’sjam hosted over 20 industry players and singers onstage, representingsuch companies as All Access, High End Systems, CWP, Mobolazer, andmany others. This year’s jam promises to be even better with afireworks display concluding the evening’s festivities.

Pro Production 2003 has expanded its seminar series. Tentativelyscheduled seminars include: “Is Your Venue Ready For the Show?,””Moving Your Mid-size Production House to the Next Level,” “From theTD’s Perspective: The Live Broadcast Event,” “Keeping Up withTechnology,” “Lighting Designer’s Project Analysis,” and manyothers.

Registration for the event will be available starting July 1, onlineat Questions on exhibitingor attending can be answered by dialing toll-free 866/PRO-2003.

SOS Management Upgrades with Pro Tools Addition

New York City-based SOS Management, a division of Sound On SoundRecording Inc., has just purchased Digidesign’s Pro Tools|HDHigh-Definition Audio Production Workstation for editing and recording.The portable system will be accessible to all four of Sound On Sound’srecording studios, as well as be available on a rental basis throughSOS Management. The system has the capacity and power to completelarge projects quickly, efficiently and with unprecedented sonicfidelity. It is operated by Britt Meyer, whose credits include MelissaEtheridge, Aimee Mann and the late John Phillips, as well as on TheLate Show with David Letterman.

Incorporating a new, advanced hardware architecture, Pro Tools|HDfeatures more DSP power than before, support for increased sample rates(up to 192 kHz), high-resolution audio interfaces and peripheraloptions, higher track count and I/O capacity, expanded routingflexibility, and much more.

SOS Management’s Pro Tools|HD is configured with five processingcards, 48 inputs and 72 outputs. Although few users are likely to tapthe system’s HD capabilities right now, its increased processing poweris an immediate advantage. “People aren’t recording at 96- or 192kHzsample rates yet, but Pro Tool|HD’s revamped analog-to-digital anddigital-to-analog converters produce superior sound than the originalPro Tools at 44.1 or 48 kHz,” noted COO Christopher Bubacz.

SOS Management’s system also features a ProControl surface with an8-fader interface. Fader and send levels, pan position, scrub/shuttle,transport control, edit tools/modes, plug-in access and editing are allavailable from the ProControl surface. Control room and studiomonitoring of stereo or surround sound Pro Tools mixes are alsoaccessible from ProControl.

Customers who rent the Pro Tools|HD system through SOS Managementcan also obtain Brit Meyer’s skills. “Although equipment rentalcompanies have kept current by having Pro Tools|HD in theirinventories, they don’t supply any talent with their systems,” Bubaczsaid. “We take the unique approach of offering both the system and thetalent. Britt is an experienced Pro Tools operator with top-notchcredits who can edit, record and troubleshoot the system.”

For more information on SOS Management, visit its Website at or SOS Management at

Walters-Storyk Design Group Europe Tapped For DJ Studio

Western Europe’s notorious professional house DJ/producer/remixersDJ Antoine and DJ Mad Mark have picked WSDG-E, the Walters-StorykDesign Group (Europe), to build their new recording studio in Sissach,Switzerland. Currently under construction, the facility is scheduled tobe online by the end of June.

“Due to tight timing and move-in restrictions, the full acousticaldesign, including sound isolation, and heavy construction phases werecompleted only two weeks after the contract was signed,” said WSDG-Egeneral manager Dirk Noy.

“Ergonomic design was our main concern in terms of accessing ourgear,” commented DJ Mad Mark. “The WSDG-E team has transformed thespace into a fully functional mixing room/production suite complementedby an adjoining machine room, storage area and lobby.”

Primarily comprised of MIDI-based production gear augmented bymodern and vintage synthesizers, the studio houses two paralleled,fully loaded Yamaha 02R consoles, and is outfitted with Genelec andYamaha NS-10 loudspeakers.

Celebrating its 33rd anniversary, the Walters-Storyk Design Group(, headquartered in New York and Europe, has designed over1,400 media production facilities in the U.S., the Far East, Europe andSouth America. Recent projects include: Tim Mosley’s new TimbalandStudios in Virginia Beach; Brooklyn Recording, a new 4,500-square-foot,two-room recording studio in Brooklyn’s elegant Cobble Hillneighborhood; film composer Carter Burwell’s Tribeca New York studio;and Thirteen/WNET (New York) new 5.1 audio suite.

Mad Mark and DJ Antoine credits include remixes for such world starsas Mary J. Blige, Spike and Robin S.

TerraSonde Intros New Mic System

TerraSonde (Boulder, Colo.) has announced its new PrecisionMicrophone System and Precision Microphone System LN (Low-Noise), whichwill hit the market on June 21. These new additions to the TerraSondeproduct line offer a higher degree of precision to Audio Toolbox users.The new systems bring the Audio Toolbox to ANSI Type-1 standards,allowing for more precise measurement capabilities.

The Precision Microphone System and Precision Microphone System LNeach provide a 1-inch TerraSonde Precision Microphone and abattery-powered TerraSonde preamplifier that are designed to interfacedirectly with the Audio Toolbox and Audio Toolbox Plus via any standardXLR cable. The systems function without change using up to 250 feet ofcable for added flexibility. The microphone and preamplifier areconnected with an included 6-foot cable.

Specs include:
• Self-noise at 20 dBA (14 dBA LN)
• Frequency response: 10 Hz to 20 kHz, +/-0.7 dB
• Long-term stability: >250 years/dB
• Influence of humidity: <+/-0.1dB (non-condensing) at 55degrees C, 95%
• Response characteristic: free field, 0 degrees
• Temperature coefficient: -10 degrees C to +50 degrees C: 0.01dB/degrees
• Preamplifier gain: switch selectable, 20 dB, 30 dB, 40 dB
• Fully balanced output
• Power: two standard 9-volt alkaline batteries
• Mic/preamp connection: 6-inch cable included
• Toolbox interface: up to 250 inches with standard XLR cable

The Precision Microphone System has a MSRP of $1,150; the PrecisionMicrophone System LN lists at $2,100. For an additional $535,TerraSonde will calibrate and certify all components to Type-1standards.

Visit, or call 888/433-2821 for moreinformation or to place an order.

Here Ye, Here Ye, Loft Marketing Announces Focus Groups

Loft Marketing is seeking people involved with sound reinforcementand recording for a series of focus groups in Los Angeles the week ofJune 24. Qualified end-users will receive $50 for the two-hour studywhere they will be asked about their equipment, likes and dislikes, andgeneral opinions about their craft. The dates and times of the focusgroups are:

Tuesday, June 25, 3 p.m. to 5 p.m., Santa Monica
    Subject: Recording monitors and recording–prolevel. They will discuss current recording and recording monitortechnologies. Qualifications: Experience with 8-plus-channel analog ordigital recording. Use or ownership of monitors such as Genelec, KRK,JBL, LSR and others in the $1,000 to $2,500 price range.

Tuesday, June 25, 6 p.m. to 8 p.m., Santa Monica
    Subject: Hobbyist and home recording. LoftMarketing will discuss home and hobbyist recording products andmethods, and recording monitor and signal processing. Use or ownershipof monitors from Alesis, Yamaha, Event, M-Audio or similar monitors inthe less than $500 range.

Wednesday, June 26, 6 p.m. to 8 p.m., Encino
    Subject: Live sound for small and mid-sized events.Target participants is band sound mixers, club audio engineers, smallsound system rental/providers to discuss speakers and relatedtechnologies for live applications. Use or ownership of sound systemswith brands such as EAW, Electro Voice, JBL, Peavey and Yamaha.

If you are interested and qualified, please e-mail: [email protected].

Rolling Stones Are Satisfied with SACD

The entire Rolling Stones’ catalog, originally released in the’60s and early ‘70s on ABKCO/London Records (ABKCO/Decca in therest of the world) has been meticulously restored and will bere-released on a series of dual-layer, hybrid Super Audio discs underthe banner ABKCO’s The Rolling Stones Remastered.Twenty-two albums, including Let It Bleed, Out of OurHeads, December’s Children, Beggars Banquet,12×5 and The Rolling Stones, Now!, are part of the mostcomprehensive single artist re-issue series ever undertaken. Each dischas been encoded with two layers: One containing a normal CD program,and the other with a Super Audio CD program of the same repertoire. Theidea is to provide complete backward and forward compatibility for theconsumer, as the albums are playable on both SACD-compatible machinesas well as standard CD players.

Each dual-layer disc was remastered using Sony’s Direct StreamDigital process resulting in brilliant fidelity in both standard orSACD formats. “Over the years, we have had many requests to re-issuethese titles using the latest digital re-mastering techniques,”remarked ABKCO’s Jody Klein, who noted that the albums were firstreleased in the CD format in 1986. Klein, who supervised thedevelopment of ABKCO’s The Rolling Stones RemasteredSeries, stated, “Improvements in technology had only been incrementalsince then, so we didn’t feel there was a compelling reason to goback to the market with these classic albums, until now.” Klein citesDSD mastering, which samples the original audio signal 2,822,400 timesper second, 64 times faster than standard CD encoding, as one of themain catalysts for the series. “DSD more accurately reflects the sonicquality of analog than any other medium, so the depth one hears onthese discs in standard or SACD playback is quite amazing.”

The restoration process for The Rolling Stones RemasteredSeries started with hundreds of hours of painstaking research on bothsides of the Atlantic to determine the analog sources most true to theoriginal studio recordings. Final mastering for all albums wascompleted under the direction of Bob Ludwig, who commented, “Whilethree generations of music fans, myself included, are all quitefamiliar with the Stones’ material, DSD has afforded us theopportunity to showcase both their brilliance and rough edges all overagain in a meaningful way.”

A release date was not provided.

Copyright Office Halves ‘Webcasting’ Rates

WASHINGTON (Reuters) — The U.S. Copyright Office on Thursday cut inhalf the proposed per-song rate Internet broadcasters must paymusicians and recording companies for the use of their material.

Capping a contentious process that lasted nearly a year, theCopyright Office said, “‘Webcasters,’ who stream radio-style musicprograms over the Internet, must pay 0.07 cent per listener per song tothe owners of sound recordings.”

The decision cut in half a proposed rate set of 0.14 cent perlistener per song set by an arbitration panel in February, bringing itin-line with the rate commercial radio stations must pay to rebroadcasttheir over-the-air programs online.

Webcasters had protested that the arbitration panel’s rate wouldforce many of them out of business, while recording companies and somemusicians had initially sought a higher rate.

Universal Studios Phones Rane

Technomedia Solutions was recently commissioned to join John Meyerand Kevin Mayfield of Universal Studios Florida to upgrade the ETAdventure exhibit in Orlando.

John Miceli, president of Technomedia, co-founder and longtimepresident of Soundelux Showorks, was the original sound designer forthe attraction 12 years ago. Meyer and Scott Mosteller, VP ofproduction for Technomedia, spent several days resequencing, balancingand equalizing the attraction to bring it back to its original magicalquality. During the process, they decided to replace all of theoverhead music EQs for added DSP flexibility and high-end sonicquality. They chose the new Rane RPM 88 DSP processor with Drag Netsoftware. According to Universal Studios, Florida, the music thatbefore sounded flat, distant and with artifacts actually jumped out ofthe speakers now with a new clarity and fullness that makes the12-year-old soundtrack sound brand new.

The attraction’s renovation included sound, lighting, characters,scenes and programming. It was completed and open in time for the 20thanniversary of the release of Steven Spielberg’s classic film ETin late March.

For more on the Rane RPM 88 DSP processor, click on

Propellerhead Reason 2.0 Released

Propellerhead Software, the Swedish company behind acclaimedproducts such as Reason, Recycle! and ReBirth, announced the release ofReason 2.0, an upgrade to its popular flagship music softwareprogram.

Reason, available for both Windows and Mac platforms, emulates arack of electronic synthesizers, samplers, drum machines, FXs andsequencers. Reason 2.0 fully supports both Windows XP and Mac OS X. MacOS X support includes Core Audio, Aqua GUI and any MIDI interfacesrecognized by Mac OS X.

Reason 2.0 will be available worldwide on June 18, 2002, for $399.Existing registered owners can upgrade for $89 through their localdistributor. This major upgrade comes on three CDs and has been testedby 3,000 registered users in a special compatibility-testing program.Reason is distributed in the U.S. by Midiman/M-Audio, 800/969-6434,

THX Goes the Indie Route

THX (San Rafael, Calif.), formerly a division of Lucasfilm Ltd.,announced that it has been spun off as an independent company, THX Ltd.Lucasfilm will remain as an investor in the newly formed, privatelyheld company, along with other corporate and private investors. Theformation of THX Ltd. will allow the company to expand into marketsoutside of Lucasfilm’s core areas of expertise.

To better serve its current markets and position the company forgrowth in new areas, THX Ltd. also announced a reorganization of itsprograms and services into five key areas: THX Studio, THX Cinema, THXHome, THX Mobile and THX Games. In the professional arena, THX willcontinue to expand its list of licensees in the newly established THXDigital Cinema Certification Program as it develops new standards andcriteria for the next generation of THX theaters. The THX DigitalCinema Program establishes performance and quality levels for digitalsystems and individual digital cinema components, including projectorsand servers.

For studios and filmmakers, THX Studio provides comprehensivequality assurance and mastering programs for theatrical film anddigital releases. THX Cinema works with the exhibition andpost-production communities around the world to deliver the ultimatecinema experience by designing and building certified theaters thatadhere to comprehensive and proprietary THX standards. THX Home allowsconsumers to replicate the theater experience at home throughTHX-certified home theater and multimedia products. THX performance isalso available in automotive entertainment systems through THX Mobile,and for computer games and game consoles through THX Games.

“As a separate company, THX is better positioned to grow ourexisting markets as well as new areas where our expertise in qualitysound and picture presentation can be applied,” said Mike Hewitt,acting general manager at THX Ltd. “One of these exciting new areas isthe Digital Cinema initiative, which now falls under the THX Cinemaumbrella.”

For more, visit THX online at

Sonic Foundry Offers Fleetwood Drum Sounds

Sonic Foundry (Madison, Wisc.) announced today the exclusive releaseof Mick Fleetwood: Total Drumming, a “Loops for ACID” librarycontaining more than 800 audio samples created by Fleetwood Mac drummerMick Fleetwood.

The new loops, according to the company, can be used to createroyalty-free music with Sonic Foundry’s ACID loop-based music-creationtool. The Fleetwood loops, formatted as ACID-based .WAV files, areperfectly suited for use in ACID, as well as many otheraudio-production tools that support loop-based music construction.

Mick Fleetwood commented, “There’s nothing that equates to thecreative thrill of making music and the collaborative process. Throughthis library, I’m now able to share my drums with music producers andfans worldwide. I’m proud to be part of the cutting edge in musictechnology.”

The price for Mick Fleetwood: Total Drumming is $59.95, and isavailable immediately. Additionally, Sonic Foundry is offering, whilesupplies last, a Signature Series product that includes a personallysigned copy of Mick Fleetwood: Total Drumming, a booklet that includessession photographs, production notes by Mick Fleetwood and key membersof his production team, and a pair of Mick Fleetwood imprintedsignature series drum sticks (price: $99.95; available only from SonicFoundry).

For audio samples and product information, visit or call SonicFoundry at 800/577-6642. For additional information on Mick Fleetwood,visit

Studio Mega Orders “Extra-Large” XL Console

Studio Mega (Suresnes, France) announced that it has ordered thelargest XL 9000 K SuperAnalogue Series Console in Europe. The96-channel console, supplied in a four-wing configuration, will bedelivered in August to be installed in Studio A, a 30-square-footcontrol room and the premier studio in Mega’s four-room, all-SSLfacility.

The studio holds an international client roster including LennyKravitz, Celine Dion, Sting, Roger Waters, Bryan Adams and Elton John,coupled with movie credits encompassing many box office hits such asthe musical comedies Ten Commandments and Romeo andJuliet.

Last year, Thierry Rogen, manager of Studio Mega, was convincedthat, with two MT Plus digital multitrack consoles and a second SSL9080 J Series installed in Studio B, his clients could enjoy the bestof both the analog and digital worlds. When he saw the XL, “It reallywas love at first sight,” he said.

“The new K Series computer, which we enjoy in our MT Plus studios,is a familiar and much appreciated asset, and the sound quality of the9K is an industry benchmark,” said Rogen. “To improve on this was afantastic feat from SSL’s engineering team, but I had no doubtthat they would succeed. As for the innovative 5.1 mixing tools,that’s the icing on the cake!”

Studio Mega opened 15 years ago as a two-studio facility in aconverted concrete bunker on the edge of the Bois de Boulogne. In 1996,the studio moved to its current location, which offered more space.Studio A, for example, has a large 53.3-square-foot live room, capableof accommodating 70 musicians. Now, with the arrival of his XL, Rogenasserted, “In offering our clients the choice of recording and mixingin analog or digital environments, Studio Mega maintains its uniqueposition in the premier league of world-class studios.”

For more, visit or

SSL Adds New VP to Its Staff

Solid State Logic has appointed Steve Zaretsky to the position ofVP, Broadcast for the East Coast. In this position, he will beresponsible for all broadcast customers within the region.

“Steve is joining our team at a time when the future of ourbroadcast business looks very bright,” said Rick Plushner, president ofSSL North America. “Looking at the business ahead, we are fortunate tohave a strong industry veteran like Steve in this vital broadcastposition.”

Zaretsky has held positions with New England Digital, OtariCorporation and Euphonix. Most recently, Zaretsky worked in theequipment finance business, specializing in the pro audio and videomarketplace.

For more, visit Solid Stage Logic on the Web

D.A.S., Sennheiser Part Ways

D.A.S. Audio (Valencia, Spain) has expanded its Miami office’s salesresponsibilities from only handling Canada and South America, toinclude all U.S. sales and service, as of July 1, 2002. The Miamioffice is located at 6970 N.W. 50th St., Miami, Florida 33166, and canbe contacted at 305/436-0521 or by fax at 305/436-0528. For the pastfive-and-a-half years, Sennheiser (Old Lyme, Conn.) handled the U.S.territory.

“So much of our recent success owes much to the hard work of JeffAlexander and the Sennheiser team. They have been great to work with,and we have a lot to thank them for,” noted Robert Giner, director ofmarketing for D.A.S.

“D.A.S. Audio is one of the most respected loudspeaker names in theworld,” said Jeff Alexander, director of distributed brands atSennheiser Electronic Corporation. “It’s been a terrific experiencerepresenting their product lines.”

Visit D.A.S. on the Web at

French CBC Radio Rents Out Rooms

Since April, six out of the 34 studios of the CBC French radionetwork (Montreal) are available for rental, including famousStudio 12, which features computer-controlled variable acoustics. Untilnow, these specialized studios were used only for CBC’s productionneeds.

Studio 12 was built in 1973 at the same time as the 23-storyMontreal CBC Tower. At the time a live-to-2-track facility, Studio 12closed in 1997 for 18 months to be fully renovated and modernized, a$2.5 million investment that transformed Studio 12 into astate-of-the-art multitrack studio.

Studio 12 is equipped with a variable-acoustics system that permitsmodulation of the room’s acoustical properties according to eachproduction’s specific needs. A computer-controlled array of mobilepanels allows the room’s reverberation time to be adjusted and recalledfrom anywhere between 0.5 seconds to 1.7 seconds. The system wasdesigned and developed by CBC engineers.

“Studio 12’s variable acoustics allow us to record ensembles of allstyles and sizes,” commented Hendrick Hassert, who is responsible forstudio rentals and customer service. “We alternate sessions in jazz,chamber music, rock and pop. We even record full symphony orchestrasfor film music, and in each case, it is a thrill for both the musiciansand the engineer!”

“Studio 12 was only used 60 percent of the time,” added Pierre LeLann, director of business development. “It was thus logical to allowaccess to private productions and put the down time to good use.”

CBC is Canada’s national public radio and TV broadcaster consistingof two radio networks and one TV network in English (CBC) and theequivalent in French (Radio-Canada).

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, 1400 René LévesqueBlvd. East, Suite 813, Monteal, Quebec  H2L 2M2; 514/597-5345 or514/951-4821; fax 514/597-7479;

West L.A. Musics Present Pro Tools Seminars

West L.A. Music invites interested parties to learn about theDigidesign’s Pro Tools at the Apple Education Center, located at 2401Colorado Ave., Suite 325, Santa Monica, CA. Seating is limited, andreservations are required at

Here is a list of seminars available:

• Introduction to Pro Tools, featuring M Box and Digi 001,hosted on July 25, 7 p.m. to 9 p.m., is tailored for songwriters,composers, musicians, DJs, hobbyists, educators, church musicdirectors, home studio owners and anyone considering a digitalrecording system. Digidesign factory experts and West L.A. Music’sMark Spiwak will present a complete overview of the recording processfeaturing Digidesign’s M Box and 001 recording systems. Eachattendee will receive a certificate for a free personal consultationwith West L.A. Music’s trained product specialists.

• Pro Tools HD, on July 11, from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m., is forrecord company executives, songwriters, producers, engineers, film andTV professionals, studio owners, educators, and anyone who wants tolearn about Digidesign’s most advanced system or upgrade to thelatest version of Pro Tools. Digidesign Pro Tools experts and West L.A.Music’s George Adjieff will focus on the latest features ofDigidesign’s new HD release, including enhanced DSP power, highersample rate support, new high-resolution audio interfaces and syncdevices, abundant track count and I/O capacity, extensive routingflexibility, as well as an explanation regarding the hardware andsoftware components needed for stellar sound quality. Attendees willreceive a free analysis of your proposed system design so your systemwill work properly the first time.

• Pro Tools Control Surfaces, Plug-Ins & Surround Mixing,held on August 8, from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. Attendees should include ProTools owners, producers and engineers, studio owners, post-productionfacility owners and broadcast company owners. Digidesign productspecialists and West L.A. Music’s Joe Taupier will explain andcompare Pro Tools control surfaces including ProControl, Control 24 andEdit Pack. Discover new and advanced features of Pro Tools HD. Learnthe secrets of automation, surround sound monitoring, accessingplug-ins from each control surface, using joysticks with Edit Pack forsurround sound panning, plus shortcuts and power user tips. Apresentation of third-party software plug-ins will include NativeInstruments Battery, B4 and Pro 52; Waves Platinum Bundle, Masters andRestoration; IK Multimedia Sample Tank and Amplitude; and SpectrasonicsStylus.

Tributes Flow in for Who Bassist John Entwistle

LONDON (Reuters) — Tributes flowed in on Friday for John Entwistle,bass guitarist with rock group The Who, who died of a suspected heartattack on Thursday. The group was about to begin a North American tourwhen Entwistle was found dead in a Las Vegas hotel. “The entire Whofamily is terribly saddened by John’s passing,” said manager BillCurbishley. “Our deepest sympathies go out to his family, friends andthe millions of Who fans the world over,” he said in a statement.

Fellow Who members Pete Townshend and Roger Daltrey were said to betoo upset to comment, but they posted a message to their friend,affectionately called “the Ox.”

“The Ox has left the building–we’ve lost another great friend.Thanks for your support and love. Pete and Roger,” they wrote onTownshend’s Website ( Bill Wyman of the RollingStones, another bassist, called Entwistle “a great friend for manyyears–the quietest man in private but the loudest onstage! He wasunique and irreplaceable–I am shocked and devastated,” he said.

Fan sites also carried many tributes; changedits front page in Entwistle’s honor. “Dear John, Thank you for all thewonderful music and wonderful times. You will live forever in ourhearts and our minds. Sincerely, Scott C. Smith,” the page read.

Entwistle’s family said his death had left “an irreplaceable void,”and thanked fans and friends for their support. “We, his family, aredeeply grateful for the many tributes and messages of condolence thatwe have received,” they said. “He will be mourned deeply by his familyand many friends… it is a terrible loss to all who knew him and hismany, many fans,” the family said in a statement.

Founders, CEO Regain Control of Audio Precision

Nearly two years after selling the company to a small group ofprivate investors, two Audio Precision Inc. (Beaverton, Ore.) foundersand the current CEO are reinvesting in the company. With this move,founder Bruce Hofer gains a majority share and becomes chairman of theboard. Robert Wright, founder and a principal engineer at AudioPrecision, as well as Alan Miksch, CEO, have also acquired shares.

Hofer said in a release that since the sale in 2000, Audio Precisionhas seen too much emphasis on short-term performance and too littleconsideration for longer-range strategic issues facing the company.”Profitablity is important to any business,” said Hofer, “but we mustalso remain responsive to changing technologies and market conditions.Offering reliable, high-quality products at an attractive price withunrivaled customer and technical support is what made Audio Precisionthe market leader. We intend to grow the company based on thatapproach.”

In addition to the buy-back of majority control, plans are in place,according to the release, to strengthen Audio Precision’s board ofdirectors with senior people in the industry. “We plan to build on ourleadership in the business and accelerate growth,” said Miksch. “Wewant to grow sales strategically and that will require a wider outsideperspective from industry experts around the world. We are currentlydiscussing board participation with influential market leaders in Asiaand Europe. They will add an invaluable dimension to our board.”

Audio Precision was founded in 1984 by four engineers and managerswho first met at Tektronix Inc. The decision to sell the audio test andmeasurement company in September 2000 was made when one of the founderschose to retire. After the sale, Hofer stayed on as the company’stemporary president and CEO. Miksch was brought onboard as CEO in March2001 to accommodate Hofer’s desire to return to a more technicalrole.

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