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Gepco X-Band Cable

Gepco International’ X-Band analog audio cable is available in single, 4, 8, 12 and 16-pair versions

Gepco International’ X-Band analog audio cable is available insingle, 4, 8, 12 and 16-pair versions, and is an ultraflexible,sonically transparent, low-noise and durable balanced audio cable foruse in critical studio applications or live sound venues.

The X-Band Series of analog audio cables features a no-compromisedesign and its unique construction makes it extremely flexible, flaccidand will not retain kinks and bends when flexed, while stillmaintaining ease of termination.

Features include finely stranded oxygen-free conductors; reducedhigh-frequency absorption; special foam dielectric allows for easycutting and stripping with minimal wickback when soldering; 95% braidshield (the durable shield will not open through repeated flexing andcompromise); excellent RF and EMI rejection (in conjunction withconsistent and tight twisting of balanced pairs); quick groundtermination with drain wire and easy-to-trim braid; new G-Flexultra-flexible jacket; and pairs on multi-pair are color stripped andprinted for easy ID and attractive appearance when visible afterinstallation.

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