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Infrasonic Reorganizes

Infrasonic Sound Recording Inc. studio manager Eric Palmquist has purchased and acquired the brand's recording facility.

Los Angeles, CA (April 4, 2013)—Infrasonic Sound Recording Inc. studio manager Eric Palmquist has purchased and acquired the brand’s recording facility.

The 16/24 track studio will remain in the El Sereno neighborhood of Los Angeles. Infrasonic Mastering, which relocated to its custom-built mastering suites in Echo Park last spring, will continue to operate under the direction of co-owners Pete Lyman (who also serves as the studio’s principal mastering engineer) and Jeff Ehrenberg.

Established in 2004, Infrasonic was initially built from the ground up by its owners in what was once a motorcycle paint shop. Clients including The Mars Volta and No Age put the studio on the map, while Lyman built the reputation of Infrasonic Mastering, studying under engineer Richard Simpson. Since its inception, Infrasonic expanded its staff-including Grammy Award-winning mastering engineer John Greenham—and nearly doubled its client roster, setting the plan in motion for additional growth.

“We have been focusing on the expansion of Infrasonic Mastering, thanks to the increase in vinyl sales over the past three years and the rapid growth of our audio mastering services,” says Lyman. “In 2012, we relocated to our new Echo Park studio at 1176 Sunset Blvd, and brought on new staff to meet the demands of a bigger client roster.”

Lyman continues, “This year, we’re including Infrasonic Studios in our development plans. Eric Palmquist has served as our studio manager for three years. Now, as both the owner and operator of the studio, he’ll bring new ideas to the table for our growing company.”

Palmquist, who will operate under the banner Palmquist Studios at Infrasonic Sound, is best known for his work on the albums Leave No Trace from Fool’s Gold; 119, Trash Talk’s 2012 release via Odd Future Recordings; and Life Sux by Wavves (one of Rolling Stone‘s Top 50 of 2011).

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