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MakeMusic! Releases Finale 2004

MakeMusic! has released Finale 2004 music-notation software for Windows.

New features in 2004 include: Human Playback, which plays back yourmusic as the user has written it; FinaleScript, which uses English tocreate scripts of Finale commands to modify multiple filesautomatically; a free version of SmartMusic Software Synthesizer;SmartMusic SoundFont, the same professional-grade instrument soundsfound in the SmartMusic practice system; ability to create SmartMusicaccompaniments with advanced features for solo works, exercises,warm-ups, etc.; Save as Audio File to record onto an audio CD; andSmart Page Turns, which aligns individual parts for natural pageturns.

“We have worked closely with the world’s best engraversand publishers,” stated John Paulson, MakeMusic!’s president.“The power of FinaleScript, the new note-entry design and theease-of-use features such as Smart Page Turns will make their work muchmore efficient. Similarly, we have worked closely with educators. Thebuilt-in synthesizer, great sounds and Human Playback will inspirestudents when they listen to their assignments created with Finale. TheSave as Audio File feature will let students share their music withfriends and family and enable teachers to keep a record of eachstudent’s progress.”

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