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Middle Atlantic Cable-Management Accessories

Middle Atlantic Products will introduce four cable-management accessories at NSCA 2004

Middle Atlantic Products will introduce four cable-managementaccessories at NSCA 2004 (booth #1405): the new Brush Grommet Panel,Protective Grommet, Vertical Lacer Strips and Horizontal LacerBars.

Now available are five new Vertical Lacer Strips. These perforatedsteel lacer strips mount vertically to rack-rail brackets and includeample holes for cable ties. The LACE-44LP and LACE-37LP measure3-and-a-half inches wide and come with 44 and 37 space heights,respectively, and offer numerous bridge lances for hook and loop cablefasteners and cable ties. In addition, other lacer strips in 1-inch and2-inch widths are available with a new 37-space height, complementingthe existing 44-space version. Each of the vertical lacer strips arepre-packaged in quantities of six per package.

Expanding Middle Atlantic Products’ lineup of Horizontal LacerBars are new L-shaped lacer bars with a 2, 4 and 6-inch offset. TheL-shaped bar is optimized to handle cable management in jobs of allsizes. The LBP-2A, LBP-4A and LBP-6A have a 2, 4 and 6-inch offset,respectively, and feature generous cable tie slots and a specialcoating to protect cable. Measuring 19 inches in panel width, theTIA/EIA Compliant Horizontal Lacer Bars are sold in packs of 10.

The company’s GR-30 Protective Grommet provides installerswith enhanced protection of the cable installed within an enclosuresystem. The 30-foot-long black grommeting material can easily be cut tosize and fits knockouts in all company enclosures.

The BR1 Brush Grommet Panel is a 1 3/4-inch one-rackspace panel witha built-in cable-management tray. When used with any Middle AtlanticProducts worksurface, the BR1 provides a clean and organizedcable-entry method.

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