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Riptide’s Got the Makings of a Classic

Riptide has acquired the copyright to “You’ve Got the Makings of a Lover,” a song that was recently sampled by Migos for the single “BBO.”

Culver City, CA (August 29, 2018)—Creative rights management company Riptide Music Group has acquired the copyright to the classic song “You’ve Got the Makings of a Lover,” originally recorded in 1963 by The Festivals. The song was recently sampled by Grammy Award-nominated group Migos for their song “BBO.”

Written by Earl Moss, the song was originally released by Smash Records, an American label founded in 1961 as a subsidiary of Mercury Records, and was produced by Spectra Productions. The Festivals—comprising singers Vaughn Price, Earl Moss, Woody Price and Leon Thomas, all of whom were based in Texas—debuted on Smash Records with “I’ll Always Love You” in the fall of 1966. The group’s momentum increased in the spring of 1967 when Smash released “You’ve Got the Makings of a Lover,” a soulfully rendered composition that highlights the quartet’s shimmering vocal blend.

Sly, Slick & Wicked from Los Angeles reworked the song in the 1990s; that version inspired many to seek out the original. The tune was next covered by Mayer Hawthorne, in 2011, and released on Stones Throw Records. Most recently the song was sampled by Migos.

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Keatly Haldeman, CEO of Riptide, a company focused on the synchronization of music with advertising, movie trailers, TV, film, video games and multimedia productions, said, “Back in the early 1960s, Earl Moss wrote a truly iconic-sounding song, and we can’t wait to expose this gem to a new generation. With the Festivals, Sly, Slick & Wicked, Mayer Hawthorne and Migos covers, ‘You’ve Got the Makings of a Lover’ has significance throughout six decades of musical history. We’re honored to have the opportunity to play a part in the cultural phenomenon that is Migos. This is going to be fun.”

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