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Shure Names New Executive VP

Shure Incorporated promoted Christine Schyvinck to executive VP of Operations

Shure Incorporated promoted Christine Schyvinck to executive VP ofOperations, where she will be responsible for the management of globalmanufacturing, corporate quality, materials, and process and toolengineering divisions.

“Under Chris’ leadership, there have been significantimprovements throughout her areas of responsibility,” said SandyLaMantia, president of Shure. “These include changes in oursupply base and significant cost savings, as well as improvements inon-time delivery and overall product quality.”

Schyvinck joined Shure in 1989 as an engineer in the corporatequality Division. After several promotions, she was transferred to thenewly created process engineering department, and in ’97, becamethe manager of this department; a year later, she was promoted to VP ofcorporate quality. In 2000, her responsibilities were expanded and sheadvanced to the position of VP of operations.

“Having been with Shure for nearly 15 years, Chris knows howessential it is for us to maintain the highest levels of quality in allaspects of the manufacturing process,” added LaMantia. “Inthis role, she will ensure that all of our products live up to thereputation we have established as the most rugged and reliable in theindustry.”

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