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Symetrix Upgrades SymNet Designer

Symetrix is shipping new upgrades to the SymNet Audio Matrix product line, including Version 4.0

Symetrix is shipping new upgrades to the SymNet Audio Matrix productline, including Version 4.0 of the SymNet Designer software applicationand new hardware.

New features in SymNet Designer 4.0 include a revamped systemarchitecture with 1,000 presets, dynamic feedback control with FeedbackFighter and notch filter modules, additional levels of security, powerfailure indicator and nine more matrix mixer modules, as well asimprovements in navigation, labeling, communication, graphics andfirmware.

SymNet now has digital I/O functionality due to the introduction ofDigI/O 12x12DSP. This new DSP device supports 12 channels (six pairs)of AES/EBU and Toslink digital audio formats in and out. In order tomaximize all 12 channels, an additional hardware piece, the HomerLinkbreakout, is coupled to the DigI/O 12x12DSP via standard CAT5 cable.This setup allows a digital console, for example, at the front-of-houselocation, to interface directly to a SymNet ring in a rack room up to100 meters away with extremely low latency.

“This is the fifth significant upgrade to the SymNet system sinceits introduction in late 2001,” commented Jim Latimer, director ofsales at Symetrix. “We’re constantly listening to consultants andsystem integrators from all over the world and doing our best toprovide the solutions they’re looking for. Our ongoing developmentinitiative is to focus on making this system as powerful, flexible andintuitive as it can be.”

Firmware upgrades are included in the Designer application releaseand are executed from the SymNet Designer environment. Site filescreated in previous versions of SymNet Designer are compatible with thenew version and can be loaded directly into upgraded hardware. Softwareupgrades and additional information are available as free downloadsfrom the SymNet page on For more sound reinforcementproduct news, visit