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Symetrix Upgrades Symnet Designer Software

Symetrix (Mountlake Terrace, Wash.) recently upgraded its SymNet modular audio mixing, routing and digital signal-processing system to Version 3.0, its

Symetrix (Mountlake Terrace, Wash.) recently upgraded its SymNetmodular audio mixing, routing and digital signal-processing system toVersion 3.0, its fourth upgrade since the product was introduced inAugust 2001.

SymNet Designer 3.0 software, a PC-based package that allowsCAD-style “drag-and-drop” control over audio-processing modules, nowincorporates a new category titled Control Modules. By selecting andcombining the 50 tools included in the new module, users can exercise agreater degree of logical control over the system involvingprogramming, simple or complex decision-making, and processingsequential, triggered events.

“This is a quantum leap forward in terms of the power, flexibilityand capabilities of this system,” stated Jim Latimer, director of salesfor Symetrix. “It gives our users a clear advantage in designingsystems that will be more accommodating to the needs of their clients,as well as integrating more readily into third-party hardware.”

Dynamics processors such as automatic gain controllers orcompressor/limiters can generate control signals based on audio input,which can then be sent to VCAs watching over groups of audio signals.Also new are capabilities for Supermodules, which appear asuser-definable processing objects but have multiple functions nestedinside. Supermodules now support audio or control signal inputs andoutputs, and can be protected with a password. In addition, a graphicalcontrol screen has been added that accompanies the module during importor export between designs.

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