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Synchronicity-Music Adds Blue Sky Monitoring

Synchronicity-Music Inc.—a hard disk recording-based project-type facility, located in a comfortable homey atmosphere—offers services such as music composition

Synchronicity-Music Inc.—a hard disk recording-basedproject-type facility, located in a comfortable homeyatmosphere—offers services such as music composition andrecording and audio for television, film and commercials. The studiorecently purchased Blue Sky Sky System One 2.1 speakers from RSPE, aHollywood-based pro audio resource.

“I’ve never encountered a speaker in this price range orhigher, in many cases, that covers the entire spectrum so fully and sosmoothly,” said Graham Ward, owner and producer at Synchronicity-Music.Ward, also a drummer who has worked with such artists as Paul McCartneyand Tom Jones, as well as a mainstream session musician in London forsome 25 years, said that the types of music that have passed throughSynchronicity-Music have varied: Collaborating with music colleaguesMike “Smidi” Smith and Brian Steckler, Ward and Synchronicity-Musichave created and produced theme music for the Fox network’sNascar broadcasts, as well as worked with artists on Sony Records,Capitol Records, Atlantic Records and J Records, including recenttracks for O-Town and Play. The studio has also done audio-for-videowork for cable television companies including Showtime, MTV andVH1.

“What we’re getting is a tremendously broad range of projects,from urban music that requires low frequencies to perform well, totelevision, in which an entire frequency spectrum has to be compressedinto a smaller dynamic range, but still sound good,” Ward said. “TheBlue Sky 2.1 system was the only speaker system that could cover thiswide a range of projects and give us clear, clean and accuratemonitoring. They do it with no ear fatigue and, remarkably, they soundas good and are as accurate at either high or low volumes.”

For more information on Synchronicity-Music, call 818/505-5522.Check out the Blue Sky Systems at