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The Sound of The Suburbs

Scotts Valley, CA (February 23, 2011)--Engineer Mark Lawson used Universal Audio hardware to help create the Arcade Fire's Grammy-winning The Suburbs.

Scotts Valley, CA (February 23, 2011)–Engineer Mark Lawson used Universal Audio hardware to help create the Arcade Fire’s Grammy-winning The Suburbs.

The Universal Audio 1176LN classic limiting amplifier and the 2-610 dual channel tube preamplifier played a part in Arcade Fire’s sound. “I’ve been using 1176s since day one in the studio. I’ve used the 2-610 in combination with an 1176 to record all kinds of projects–since the beginning of time,” commented Lawson.

“We also have a vintage UA 2100 sidecar. I used the sidecar to record a variety of things. Each channel has a 1108 preamp, a limited EQ–broad stroke treble and bass–section, a very slow optical limiter and a large square metal fader. Every time the lights would flash on the limiters, I would smile and hope for the best. It was tricky to monitor sometimes in the makeshift DIY spaces. The title track, ‘Suburbs,’ with the dueling drum kits, was recorded with that sidecar.”

Lawson relied heavily on the 2-610 for recording. “Much like the 2100, I find that with the 2-610, it just does what it does instantly. You don’t have to futz about with it. It sounds really clean and clear. It sort of has a warm overtone kind of thing that can be enjoyable sometimes. It just sort of works every time. I don’t have to second-guess. I just plug in the mic, and I know it’s going to be a nice, full sound that’s going to be totally useable.”

Arcade Fire’s album, The Suburbs, was released to critical acclaim before going on to claim the Album of the Year title at last week’s 2010 Grammy Awards. Arcade Fire, based in Montreal, Canada, is fronted by the husband and wife duo of Win Butler and Regine Chassagne.

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