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Track Sheet, February 2009

Read Mix Report on New Recording Sessions Across the United States

The main tracking room of American Sound Recording, Bakersfield, Calif.

American Sound Recording (Bakersfield, CA) offers three Pro Tools-based recording studios within a 10,000-square-foot facility. Though Bakersfield is, in its way, a pretty famous music town, the challenges of keeping a multiroom commercial facility going in a non-major market have forced the owners to be creative — in ways that benefit local artists and school kids. “One of the unique services is what we call ‘Recording Star Parties,’” says owner Josh Graham. “Kids or adults can bring their friends to a two-hour party, where they record to backing tracks, dress up, take pictures. We also give music lessons, sell music accessories and hold Songwriter Open-Mic nights — all in an effort to encourage growth in music and the arts in Bakersfield. However, we are not just a novelty or kids thing. Studio A has a 1,500-square-foot tracking room with walnut floors, rock walls and four iso booths. We have a great selection of gear, mics, plug-ins, et cetera. I believe we have some unique ideas that have helped us survive.”…Metalworks Studios (Toronto, Canada) celebrated 30 years in the business. Originally founded as a workspace for metal band Triumph, the facility now includes six recording, mastering and DVD-authoring rooms that have served artists from David Bowie to NSync to Feist and others…Prairie Sun Studios (Cotati, CA) hosted some international artists, in addition to the facility’s usual parade of regional musicians. French group Babx mixed with engineer Oz Fritz in Studio A. Fritz also mixed the band Cloudmachine, who hail from the Netherlands…Clatter&Din (Seattle) added two Russ Berger-designed surround studios and a new tracking booth. At press time, the new rooms were about to go online.

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