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Viral Music for Change

Read Mix article on Express Peace Something You Wanted to Hear Album That Will Raise Money for Charities

Express Peace‘s first viral CD, Something You Wanted to Hear, brings with it a lofty goal: giving a minimum of $1 million to established charities by January 1, 2010, to help end human trafficking (through the Salvation Army’s Anti-Human-Trafficking division) and to feed impoverished children (Feed the Children) around the world; the rest of the profits will be used to expand the band’s campaign.

Here’s how it works: A physical CD lands in a listener’s hands for free, given to him or her by a friend or colleague. Express Peace asks that users who enjoy the music go online and buy the album or a single or two, and then pass the CD to someone else. The band is also offering promotional copies online so fans can buy 10 or more CDs at a discounted price to help spread more viral CDs around.

“I thought this would be a good way to demonstrate that you don’t have to be an activist to change the world; you don’t have to give your whole life to it — few people can,” said the project’s Derrick Davis. “But what my music is doing is showing that everyone can do something with what they have, to help bring hope into the world. If you like the album, cool, buy it online and help us change the world for the better; if you don’t like it, then give the promotional CD to someone else and at least tell someone to read about our goal to help end slavery and feed impoverished people.”

The album, available on CD/DVD 5.1 combo, is also available on iTunes, Rhapsody and other sites in a variety of formats and can be purchased through those channels.