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What’s Your Story, Jory?


Owner/engineer/mixer Jory Prum (right) at the three-LCD Master Control. Above: the tracking room with rotatable panels

photo:Tanya Constantine

Perceiving a need for a dedicated game audio facility in the San Francisco Bay Area, engineer/mixer Jory Prum opened the aptly titled, a full-service sound design, recording and mixing suite capable of handling everything from band projects to “anything in 5.1.” “When people need to record dialog or Foley, they go to facilities equipped to do film or music, working with people who maybe don’t understand how to record 25,000 dialog lines at a time. That’s something I do on a daily basis.”

Up and running since September 2004, the 12×13 control room features a Pro Tools 5.1 Mix Quad system centered on a three-LCD “cockpit” and a THX CC4 controller. The core system works with a Minnetonka SurCode PL2 encoder for recording 5.1 streams.

The 17×13 tracking room, designed by Performance Media Industries, features Hear Technologies’ Hear Back personal monitoring system and is fitted with 80 MSR StudioPanel acoustic treatments, 64 of which are paired so that they can rotate to alter the sound of the room. “With video games, there’s no telling what you’re going to need at any time,” Prum explains. “The panels are mounted back-to-back with the absorber on one side and the diffuser on the other. So for most cases, you can just checkerboard them. It ends up making the room very dynamic; you can pretty much do anything in here.”

The most recent “anythings” to come out of studio.jory include music for Psychonauts, an indie video game by Double Fine Productions; Kotor 2 and Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith from LucasArts; and music projects for Bay Area acts Jeff Titus, Jeff Irving and The Wanton.

With the Game Developer Conference and Electronic Entertainment Expo both around the corner (at press time), Prum says his gaming work is steadily picking up speed. He adds, “I’m excited to provide important new services to game audio producers and developers in the Bay Area.”