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Huart and Hammack Release Home Recording Guide

Warren Huart has published 'Home Studio Recording, The Complete Guide' with co-author Jerry Hammack.

Home Studio Recording, The Complete Guide

Los Angeles, CA (February 15, 2023)—Warren Huart, known for his Produce Like a Pro channel on YouTube, has published Home Studio Recording, The Complete Guide with co-author Jerry Hammack.

Three years in the making, Home Studio Recording is a 450-page compendium of practical, applicable information that covers studio archetypes, home studio creation and optimization, the stages of production (preproduction, recording, mixing, mastering and release), the gear and techniques needed at each stage, and the roles of producers and engineers, plus legal and distribution considerations at the release stage.

A producer, engineer and musician, Huart has long shared his knowledge through his YouTube channel, which has nearly 700,000 subscribers, as well as his online Produce Like a Pro Academy and Pro Mix Academy. Hammack is also a producer, mixer and recording artist and is known for writing The Beatles Recording Reference Manuals.

The Road to Produce Like A Pro

“Together, we spent three years ensuring that Home Studio Recording, The Complete Guide truly is complete and accessible for engineers and producers of any skill and knowledge level,” said Huart. “We included information based on our combined experience and perspectives and insights gathered from Produce Like a Pro interviews and conversations with hundreds of the best producers and engineers in the world. In a single volume, we cover everything that every recording text talks about and more, modernized, with real world context.”

Home Studio Recording, The Complete Guide is available now via and Amazon.