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IK Multimedia’s VocaLive App for iPad Now Available on iTunes

IK Multimedia’s VocaLive, the company’s performing and recording vocal processor for iOS, is now available as an iPad app for download from the iTunes App Store for $19.99.

IK Multimedia’s VocaLive for iPad

VocaLive for iPad adds a fourth effect slot to the signal processing chain, and two of those effect slots can hold the specific “vocal effects” compared to just one vocal effect per chain on the iPhone version. The preset browser is also available in the main window of the interface. Using a new bank button, the Favorites section has been expanded from 4 to 40 in the iPad version. The Favorites section puts presets in the bottom panel on large, accessible buttons for immediate loading of the artist’s most-used settings.

For the best quality, VocaLive can be used onstage or any mobile studio location with IK’s iRig Mic ($59.99, excluding taxes), a handheld condenser microphone for the iPad. The iRig Mic’s dual mini-jack connector allows real-time monitoring on headphones, speakers, mixers and P.A. systems. VocaLive and iRig MIC together let the user make audio recordings and performances anywhere on the iPad.

VocaLive can also be used to record quick ideas using the built-in iPad mic or with earbuds that have a built-in mic.

VocaLive iPad app with iRig Mic

VocaLive for iPad’s included audio recorder can be expanded to an 8-track mobile studio with easy-to-use volume, pan, insert effects and two send levels for each track along with a full-featured master effects section with Reverb, Chorus and Delay for track sends, and a global parametric EQ and compressor for final mastering. The “Apply FX” feature can subtly or radically change the sound of recorded vocals and instruments without having to re-record them.

VocaLive has a suite of 12 real-time vocal effects, which can be combined into a chain of four processors and saved as presets. A collection of 50 factory presets is included. User presets can be stored, and the number of presets is limited only by the available memory of the iPad itself.

A free, expandable version is also available that allows the user to purchase the individual effects inside the app. Vocal Effects cost $4.99 each, and Studio Effects cost $2.99 each. The 8-Track Recorder for both the free and full versions costs $14.99.

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