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IK Multimedia Updates Control for iLoud Precision Monitors

IK Multimedia’s X-Monitor control application updates Precision's calibration, response customization and speaker emulation capabilities.

IK Multimedia's X-Monitor control application with iLoud Precision Monitors.
IK Multimedia’s X-Monitor control application with iLoud Precision Monitors.

New York, NY (November 15, 2022)—IK Multimedia has launched X-Monitor, a control application for iLoud Precision studio monitors that enables voicing selection and extended acoustic adjustments. The free application can be used for ARC calibration, saving custom user settings, adopting speaker emulations or optimizing performance in different environments.

iLoud Precision Studio Monitors feature built-in ARC calibration, tuning themselves to the acoustic environment with the included Mems measurement microphone. X-Monitor provides users with step-by-step instructions and visual feedback on the calibration progress and final results.

Elsewhere in the software on its Contour page, users can adjust specific frequency ranges, with or without ARC, to suit their needs and tastes. These settings are stored inside iLoud Precision and then recalled automatically the next time the speaker is turned on. Once a favorite profile is loaded, XMonitor is then only needed to change settings.

IK Multimedia Goes Pro with iLoud Precision Studio Monitors

One of the bigger selling points for iLoud Precision Monitors is their ability to emulate the frequency and phase response of other studio monitors, allowing users to a mix on different reference systems using just one pair of speakers. X-Monitor eases the accessibility of those emulations, allowing users to audition more than 20 iconic speaker emulations or reset iLoud Precision to its own native voices.

Recognizing that sometimes getting to the controls on the back of a monitor can be difficult, X-Monitor can access those same controls remotely, both for individual speakers or linked pairs. From the software, users can adjust the low-frequency extension, low, high and mid frequency contours, standby timer setting, precise speaker delay and more. X-Monitor’s user interface includes a virtual version of the iLoud Precision Remote Control (sold separately). Registered owners of iLoud Precision studio monitors can download the X-Monitor software for free from their IK User Area.