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Lexicon 960L Helps Le Mobile Remote Recording Studio

Guy Charbonneau, owner of Le Mobile Remote Recording Studio, has used the Lexicon 960L multichannel digital effects system to bring a cinematic aspect to his recordings of live concerts and theatrical events.

“I’ll run a stereo guitar part through the 960L, which gives it a true, discrete surround effect,” Charbonneau explains. “At the same time, its reverb really warms up the sound. On the Loggins & Messina [concert] DVD, I used the 960L for ambience in the interviews, as well as in the opening of the show.” Charbonneau is also using the 960L on mixes for upcoming Coachella Music Festival cinema and DVD releases, which Le Mobile has recorded for the past five years. “The surround sound field on that project really benefits from the 960L,” he notes. “The 960L lets you do things that you can’t do using just reverbs and delays.”

For a live theatrical performance of The Ten Commandments at the Kodak Theater in Los Angeles, Charbonneau says, “We processed the stereo sound effects through the 960L in surround, which opened up the sound tremendously. The 960L expands what the notion of location recording can be.”

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