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MOTU PCIe-424 Now Shipping

MOTU has unveiled a new PCI Express version of the PCI-424 card, allowing users of MOTU’s flagship PCI-based recording system for Mac and PC to take full advantage of today’s fastest PCIe-equipped Macs and PCs. PCI Express is the latest high-speed expansion slot technology found in many high-performance PC desktops and the latest-generation Power Mac G5 towers from Apple.

The new PCIe-424 card is now available for purchase as part of a 2408mk3, HD192 or 24I/O core system from authorized MOTU resellers. Customers can specifically ask for the PCIe (PCI Express) version of the 424 core system they would like to purchase.

MOTU users who currently own a PCI-324 or 424 core system and wish to purchase a PCIe-424 card to run their core system on a PCIe-equipped computer can order the PCIe-424 card directly from the “Upgrades” tab at

The earlier PCI-X (3.3-volt) version of the PCI-424 card is also still available for purchase. This card is suitable for older computers that have 3.3-volt PCI-X slots.

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