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New Products January 2016

iZotope Ozone 7 Mastering Tools

Vintage-Inspired Processors

Ozone 7 brings a new set of features aimed at professionals looking to add precise final touches to any audio production. Processors include a Vintage Limiter, Vintage Tape (Advanced only), Vintage Compressor, Vintage EQ and a Dynamic EQ. Also included is a Maximizer with a new IRC IV mode that increases perceived loudness without negative artifacts and new export options including MP3 and AAC encode formats. Ozone 7 runs as a stand-alone application or as a plug-in in your audio editing software. Ozone 7 Advanced includes 10 additional component plug-ins providing direct access to individual Ozone modules in your host. The software comes in two versions: Ozone 7 ($249) and Ozone 7 Advanced ($499).

PreSonus SL-Dante-MIX Option Card

Networking for Mixers and Loudspeakers

PreSonus has shipped the SL-Dante-MIX option card for StudioLive AI mixers ($599.95). Dante-enabled StudioLive Active Integration mixers allow users to create a complete, networked audio system with any Dante-enabled audio device, using a standard 1 GB Ethernet switch and Audinate’s Dante digital-media networking technology, which also includes Dante Virtual Sound Card for Mac and Windows. The Dante option is also now available for the WorxAudio TrueLine powered line arrays and WaveSeries loudspeakers with PDA1000 and PDA2000 amplifiers.

Sonifex AVN-GMCS Grandmaster Clock

Sync for Ravenna Networks

The new Sonifex AVN-GMCS grandmaster clock ($1,995) is used to synchronize all the nodes within a Ravenna network. Ravenna (of which AES67 is a subset) allows for the distribution of audio across a network. The AVN-GMCS uses a combination of a GPS receiver, a PLL (phase lock loop) and a specialist onboard clock device to create the precise, low-jitter clock signals required to drive the physical transceiver’s time-stamping circuitry, also providing holdover if the GPS signal is lost. The specialist onboard clock is available in three different types: TCXO (Temp controlled), OXCO (Oven controlled) and CSAC (Chip scale caesium atomic clock), which provide between 1 part per million and 0.00050 parts per million accuracy if the GPS signal should be temporarily lost. The unit has a front panel power button and dual power connectors—an IEC mains input and a 12VDC input, which allows the AVN-GMCS to be used for both studio and mobile installations.

Genelec 1236 Smart Active Monitor

Class-D Power, Dual-Woofer Design

Genelec’s flagship 1236 system and accompanying RAM-XL Remote Amplifier Module ($40,000 to $45,000/each) is a new design based on the high-efficiency proprietary double-18-inch bass driver design of the company’s 1036 monitor. The 1236’s frequency response extends from 17 Hz to 26 kHz, and is capable of delivering 130 dB SPL at 1 meter through a combination of modern digital signal processing and efficient Class-D amplifiers. The 37.75×46.5x 25.625-inch (HxWxD) enclosure features two 18-inch high-linearity woofers, with two Genelec proprietary high-efficiency 5-inch midrange drivers, as well as a 2-inch high-compression tweeter, mounted in a very large Directivity Control Waveguide (DCW) enclosure.  

Universal Audio UAD Software Version 8.4

New Plug-ins and More

The UAD Version 8.4 upgrade from Universal Audio for UAD hardware and Apollo Interfaces features four exclusive new plug-ins—including the Eventide H910 Harmonizer, Marshall Bluesbreaker 1962 and Silver Jubilee 2555 amplifiers—and UA’s own Oxide Tape Recorder ($399 for all or $199 upgrade price for current owners of the Marshall Plexi Super Lead Plug-In). The H910 Harmonizer plug-in models the H910’s entire analog/digital circuit, including its custom-built A/D converter. The Marshall Bluesbreaker features three different virtual microphone combinations—FET, Valve and Dynamic. Developed by Softube, the Marshall Silver Jubilee 2555 plug-in offers a three-mode preamp section and dynamic distortion. The Oxide Tape Recorder plug-in provides the warmth, color and punchy low-end response of large-format analog tape machines.

Barefoot MicroMain26 Monitor

Four Listening Modes, 3-D Printed Waveguide

The MicroMain26 ($12,495 a pair) is a 4-way active system with six drive units spanning 30 Hz to 45 kHz housed in sealed enclosures. The MM26’s 2.5-inch aluminum-cone midrange is housed in a cutting-edge 3-D-printed waveguide enclosure while the 5.25-inch woofers promise exemplary upper bass and lower midrange detail. The 1-inch ring radiator tweeter is powered at 180 watts and features an advanced geometry motor and rear waveguide chamber. The MM26 provides four modes: a revealing “Flat” response, a warmer “Hi-Fi” setting, an “Old School” setting that emulates the sound of the NS10M near-field, and a “Cube” setting that emulates the mid-centric sound of classic mix cubes.

Fluid Audio F5 and F8 Monitors

Active Close-field Studio Speakers

The F5 and FX8 monitors from Fluid audio feature bi-amped, Class-A/B power and included isolation pads. The F5 ($399.99 a pair) offers 5-inch low-frequency drivers with composite paper cones and a 1-inch treaded silk-dome high-frequency driver. The front-ported cabinet is magnetically shielded and has XLR balanced, ¼-inch balanced and RCA unbalanced inputs. The FX8 ($349.99 each) is bi-amped at 130 watts and features an 8-inch low-frequency and 1.2-inch treaded silk-dome drivers. Like the F5, the FX8 features a fader volume control on front baffle and an amplifier standby mode that powers down the amp when no input signal is detected.

Softube Fix Flanger and Doubler Plug-in

Processor Emulates Classic Hardware Design

Created by Softube from the mind of original hardware designer Paul Wolff comes the new Fix Flanger and Doubler ($149). The plug-in package provides hands-on flanging with unique stereo widening methods, as well as vocal doubling with lush chorus and rich textures. The plug-in offers classic auto-sweep flanging, VSO flange control, with servo motor bounce emulation and ‘Auto Double’ with accurate flange effect cancellation for natural-sounding doubler effects. 

WorxAudio TrueLine XQ10 Subwoofer

Easy-to-Transport Extended Bass System

The TrueLine XQ10-P features four direct-radiating, 10-inch, 500-watt cone drivers with 2.5-inch voice coils in a tuned enclosure. This enclosure is made from highly braced, tour-tested, 15-ply Baltic Birch with 18mm thick baffle board construction that provides unsurpassed rigidity and strength. The XQ10 subwoofer is available in both touring and install configurations: XQ10i-P (install—powered), XQ10i-BA (install—biamped), XQ10T-P (touring—powered), and XQ10 (passive). The powered versions include WorxAudio’s acclaimed PDA-2000 power amplifier, which is available with Dante and AVB audio networking options, onboard DSP, and WorxAudio’s AllControl software integration. The PDA-2000A and PDA-2000D are 2,000W, 4-channel amplifiers (500W per channel 1,000W peak) with internal DSP. The PDA-2000A includes the AVB card, while the PDA-2000D incorporates the Dante card. Networking provisions of the PDA-2000D include onboard etherCON. Units are priced per configuration.

Martin Audio MA5.0Q Amplifier

Lightweight, 4-Channel Power

The MA5.0Q amplifier from Martin Audio ($TBA) delivers features four channels in a single rackspace, up to 5,000 watts switch-mode power supply, and patented amplifier output filters with ripple cancellation network. The amp is optimized for 4Ω loads, ideally matching real-world scenarios in targeted applications. Other features include AC protection, a clip limiter, short-circuit protection, thermal protection, temperature control, a continuous variable speed fan, and front to rear airflow. The MA5.0Q is targeted for stage monitoring; hotels, restaurants and bars; visitor attractions; houses of worship; auditoriums; educational facilities; live sound and night clubs. 

Bose Panaray Series IV Loudspeakers

Easily Installable Line Arrays

All Bose Professional Panaray installed sound-reinforcement loudspeakers feature full-range driver arrays, rear-threaded inserts with industry-standard mounting, and side-threaded inserts and an optional U-Bracket to make installations simple, fast and cost-effective. Drivers are set at precise angles to provide wide, even coverage, reducing the number of loudspeakers required for many installations.  The lightweight Panaray 802 Series IV loudspeaker features a wide 120×100-degree (VxH) Articulated Array design with a 52Hz low-frequency response, eliminating the need for subwoofers. The smaller Panaray 402 Series IV indoor/outdoor installed sound-reinforcement loudspeaker features a wide 120×60-degree (VxH) Bose Articulated Array design, while the 73Hz low-frequency response covers the entire vocal range.

Zoom F8 MultiTrack Field Recorder

Eight Preamps, iOS Control

Designed for filmmakers and sound designers, the F8 recorder from Zoom ($999.99) is equipped with eight XLR/TRS combo inputs using Zoom’s low noise (-127 dBu EIN) and high input gain (up to 75 dB) preamps. The unit records at up to 24-bit/192kHz resolution, weighs just more than 2 pounds and features timecode sync and dual SD Card slots, each compatible with SD/SDHC/SDXC cards of up to 512 GB. Also included is wireless Bluetooth control and the Zoom F8 Control app, providing remote control of the F8 from your iOS device and offering transport controls, level monitoring and metadata editing.