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New Products October 2016

Drawmer CPA-50 Amplifier

Affordable Power Designed for Auratone Cubes

The CPA-50 from Drawmer ($450) is a Class-D amplifier that delivers 25-watts RMS per channel into 8 ohms (50W RMS per channel into 4 ohms) and offers features including thermal overload and power up/power down protection and fault indication. In addition to working in stereo, the CPA-50 can function as a 100W RMS into 8 ohms Monoblock (set via internal jumpers), which allows the system to operate in bi-amped or bridged modes.

A-Designs Mix Factory

Analog Summing With Attitude

From the minds of producer/engineer/mixer Tony Shepperd and designer Paul Wolff, A-Designs’ new Mix Factory ($2,750) accommodates up to 16 audio channels, which come into the device on two D-Sub inputs and sum to stereo XLR outputs. All 16 channels feature a continuous gain control, pan pot with center detent, and mute that doubles as a multi-function LED indicator. Each of the two 8-channel groups on the Mix Factory has an insert for a compressor or EQ, and there is also a master insert for all 16 channels, along with three mute buttons for each insert. Other features include custom-made Cinemag output transformers and the ability to link 64 or more channels.

Lauten LA-120 and LA-220 Microphones

New Small- and Large-Diaphragm Models

The LA-120 ($349 a pair) and LA-220 ($249) microphones from Lauten offer a range of features at an affordable price. The LA-120 is a small-diaphragm FET condenser that has interchangeable cardioid and omni capsules, ultra-low-noise JFET amplifier, lowpass filter (switchable between 10 kHz and 15 kHz) and highpass filter (switchable between 50 Hz and 150 Hz). The LA-120 ships in a wooden box and includes the capsules and stand mounts. The phantom-powered LA-220 features a fixed cardioid polar pattern, 120Hz highpass, and 12kHz lowpass filters, and includes a shock-mount.

Sanken CU-51 Microphone

Cardioid Condenser With Dual-Capsule Design

The CU-51 from Sanken ($2,090 plus mounting options) has a unique dual-capsule design that provides an exacting cardioid pattern and promises the ability to maintain uniform response in both on-axis and off-axis positions. The CU-51’s double capsule has one diaphragm optimized for low frequencies, while the other captures the higher frequencies. To achieve this overall wide dynamic response, the capsules are individually positioned within the body of the microphone. The unique capsule mounting arrangement guarantees phase coherency between the two capsules. The PPS (Polyphenylene) membranes are immune to the effects of humidity and temperature change, resulting in consistent response regardless of the recording environment.

Pro Sound Effects Chicago Ambisonics

14GB Collection of Ambient Urban Spaces

Chicago Ambisonics ($79 lifetime license) from Pro Sound Effects includes software that allows sound editors and mixers to point “virtual microphones” in any direction with a variety of polar patterns for greater control and creativity. The 24-bit/96kHz broadcast WAV library includes 35 immersive Ambisonic recordings with average recording length of 6 minutes; SurroundZone2 software by TSL Products; 32-bit and 64-bit AAX, VST and AU compatibility; 100-percent royalty-free license with single-user and multi-user options; and a free sampler available for download.

Antelope Orion32+ Modeled EQs

Vintage Emulations of Hardware Classics

Antelope Audio has launched four new classic hardware-based vintage EQs, designed expressly for its best-in-class Orion32+ Thunderbolt interface (free to existing/new users). VEQ-1A models the EQP-1A, a legendary 60-year-old passive tube EQ. Unlike the original, the VEQ-1A can be used in stereo-link mode to reproduce a tight stereo image. The VMEQ-5 features two peak bands and a dip control. The VEQ-55 EQ can emphasize details in the mix while adding body and sheen to instruments like guitar, bass or drums. And the BAE 1073 models the classic Neve 1073, promising an instantly recognizable warm and punchy sound.

PreSonus Convology Vintage Reverbs

Add-on Library for Studio One

The new Convology Vintage Reverbs collection from PreSonus ($79.95, all three) features 36 reverb effects that have been modeled from many hard-to-find plate reverbs, spring reverbs and digital reverb processors. The Vintage Reverbs library combines three collections, which are also available individually: Vintage Digital Reverbs ($29.95), Vintage Plate Reverbs ($34.95), and Vintage Spring Reverbs ($39.95). All sounds were sampled at 24-bit/96kHz resolution. The Convology Vintage Digital Reverbs collection conjures the sounds of early 1980s EMT digital reverbs such as the EMT 245 and EMT 248. The Vintage Plate Reverb collection covers such classics as the Ecoplate, and EMT 140 and 240, while the Vintage Spring Reverbs collection brings back the sound of 26 famous spring reverbs, sampled in England, Scotland, Canada, the Netherlands, New Zealand, and the U.S.

Eiosis e2deesser

Versatile Sibilance Killer

The e2deesser from Eiosis ($149) promises power and reliability required for the most demanding mixing and post-production engineers. The simple interface features two main parameters: Auto and Smooth. Auto adjusts the frequency response of the sibilants, dynamically and intelligently, while Smooth brings a gentle and natural smoothing saturation to remove peakiness and high amplitudes from the sibilants. For advanced users, the equalizer allows precise adjustment of the sibilant and voiced sound. You can notch unpleasant resonances in the sibilants, add some Air on the voiced signal only, or gently boost high frequencies to balance midrange-heavy sibilance.

New Sound Reinforcement Products

CAD Audio StageSelect 1600 Series Wireless System

Affordable Bundle Brings High-Dollar Features

The StageSelect system from CAD Audio ($399 MSRP) includes the WX1600 Handheld System with the acclaimed CADLive D90 capsule and the WX1610 Bodypack System featuring the Equitek E19 Broadcast and Production miniature condenser ear-worn mic, Cardioid Lav and Guitar Cable. Features include frequency-agile UHF operation for maximum operating range, along with CAD ScanLink technology to precisely scan, select and link to the optimum channel in any RF environment. The system also includes True Diversity operation to minimize multipath interference, along with CADLock Automatic Tone Encoded Squelch, which eliminates unauthorized transmissions in the signal path. Optimized XLR and ¼-inch TRS outputs on the WX1600 receiver provide greater user flexibility. Audio performance has been optimized with a dynamic range greater than 110 dB.

MIPRO 7 Series Rechargeable Transmitters

ACC-Compliant Units Recharge in 20 Minutes

The new ACT-70HC UHF Rechargeable Handheld Microphone ($570) and ACT-70TC UHF Rechargeable Miniature Bodypack ($540) transmitters from MIPRO operate at 72MHz bandwidth with a frequency range that extends from 482 to 554 MHz. The ICR 18500 rechargeable lithium battery powers the handheld transmitter, resulting in versatile and extended-operation characteristics. The battery provides 20-minute fast-charge capability that delivers up to 1-hour of operation and a minimum of 13 hours of operation with a full 4-hour charge. The result is class leading operational flexibility.