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Sonible Metering Bundle – Product of the Week

Sonible has released a pair of metering plug-ins— True:Balance and True:Level—that you can purchase in a bundle or separately.

The Sonible Metering Bundle includes True:Balance (left) and True:Level.
The Sonible Metering Bundle includes True:Balance (left) and True:Level.

New York, NY (December 2, 2022)—Sonible has released a pair of metering plug-ins that you can purchase in a bundle or separately. The two are called True:Balance and True:Level, and the former is a spectrum analyzer, while the latter is a loudness, dynamics and true peak meter. Both are compatible with Mac and Windows.


Sonible designed this plug-in to let you compare your mix’s spectral balance and stereo width against genre-based reference curves and from the curves of up to eight reference audio files of your choice that you load in.

The Spectrum Display graphically shows how the source audio compares to the reference or references. As your song plays, True:Balance lets you activate as many of the reference tracks as you’d like and displays their curves simultaneously as color-coded lines.

If you press the Balance Check button, True:Balance will give you text-based advice on how much you need to boost or cut in the lows, midrange and highs to conform your audio to the reference range. Numerical readouts of the average level of each of the three bands are shown above the Spectrum Display.

Lower down in the GUI you’ll find the Channel Data Section indicators, which show the stereo width and correlation of each of the three ranges. Press the Mono Check button, and the plug-in tells you if you need to adjust the width of the lows and whether there are overall correlation issues.

The plug-in also features an Output Meter showing Peak and RMS values. If you want more information on the levels, open the other plug-in in the Metering Bundle, True:Level.

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This plug-in features numerical and visual readouts of LUFS (switchable between integrated, short term and momentary readings), Dynamics (dynamic range), Loudness Range and True Peak levels.

You can set a Loudness Reference target from a comprehensive list that includes Spotify, Tidal, Apple Music, YouTube, AES/EBU Streaming and many others. In addition, True:Level lets you choose a genre-based Dynamics Reference and upload up to eight reference tracks for comparison.

One way to check your audio against the reference is with a feature called the Loudness and Dynamics Crosshairs, which shows you when the integrated loudness and dynamics of your track are within range of the reference. Pressing the Level Check button provides specific suggestions in text form for how to get a mix or master into the reference range.

The Output Meter uses bar graph displays to show RMS and True Peak levels, and the small numbers at the top reflect peak-hold values.

You can purchase the Metering Bundle for $69, which is an excellent value considering that True:Balance and True:Level are also sold separately for $49 each.