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Poetic License: The Engineer

Recording Engineer Michael Golub Writes a Poem About Engineering in Mix magazine January 2012 Issue

In a dim-lit domain, a bethroned Captain Kirk /
Probes his soul and his brain, alone in his work. /
Faders at attention, LED’s wink in space /
They beg for invention O divine state of grace. /
He moves with great deft, and aligns the foundation /
Knobs turn right and left to define the sound nation. /
Thunder doth grow in a Marshall’s amp roar /
Drums strike a fierce blow like the hammer of Thor. /
His hands do a dance, his phasers on stun /
O greatest romance—damn this is fun! /
The mix sanctified, like a blended elixir /
“I am I cried” said the engineer mixer. /
The whirring drives play like crimson & clover /
The producer arrives saying, “Can we start over?”

Michael Golub, a 30-year recording engineer in New York City, continues to provide us with the results of his audio muse. Enjoy!